OLTL Update Tuesday 5/14/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/14/02

By Beth

Regis Philbin introduces the show, preparing us for what's in store. Teddy Sears (Chad) is now in the opening credits.

After her outburst regarding Keri's fiscal irresponsibility, Carlotta turns away, but Keri stands up and denies that she owes any money. Antonio tries to intervene. Carlotta pulls out the bill from the collection agency, saying it was inside the envelope containing Antonio's paper. Antonio warns her to shut up and insists that Keri doesn't owe them an explanation. However, he would like to speak with her privately. Carlotta walks off, and Antonio and Keri talk about what just happened. If she isn't ready to talk about it yet, that's fine. If she needs his help, he's willing to do what he can. Keri insists that she isn't in debt and has no idea how Carlotta got her hands on that bill. She goes on to explain that her credit card was stolen, and no matter how many times she tries to straighten it all out, she still ends up with yet another bill from the collection agency. Antonio chuckles; he knew it has to be something like that. There's still the question of how Carlotta ended up with the bill. Keri remembers leaving R.J. alone in her office the last time she saw it. Angry, she goes to confront her father. Carlotta sees her rush out and makes more snide remarks. Antonio insists it wasn't Keri's fault, but since he doesn't try to explain what happened, she doesn't believe him. When he refuses to talk about it right now, she accuses him of being in denial and rants on and on about how love is blind. As their shouting match heats up, Tea walks in.

Chad goes to Hallowed Grounds coffee shop to meet R.J., who offers him a job at Capricorn. Chad wants to know whether he wants to hire him as a bartender or as a spy, because he doesn't want to spy on his daughter anymore. R.J. says it would be mostly bartending, but other needs may arise. Chad would get a very healthy pay increase over what he makes working for Max at Break Bar, but Chad turns him down and leaves the shop. Having overheard, Nora approaches R.J. to ask why he's having Keri watched. R.J. denies doing any such thing and claims that's more Lindsay's style. Has she heard from Lindsay lately? Nora doesn't expect to hear from her for many years. It's nice to see justice served. She talks about her life, then looks up and sees Troy at the counter. R.J. offers to kick him out but she doesn't want that. Using the excuse of getting a coffee refill, she goes over to Troy. They make small talk, then he leaves. After getting her refill, Nora calls Rae and says she needs help. Keri charges into the coffee shop and confronts R.J. about his part in making sure Carlotta saw the credit card bill.

Max's presence in Las Vegas makes Al nervous. Max knows why he's there and plans to take him home. Al refuses to go anywhere with him. Jen is going to marry Cristian unless he stops it. Max tells him to let them get married, but Al won't do that. Max wants to know what happens if he does manage to stop the wedding. Does he really think she'll run back to him?

Natalie pushes her way into the hotel room and insists she's not the person Jen should be worried about. Jen tries to drag her out of the room, refusing to listen to the woman she sees as her rival. Natalie explains that Al followed them to Las Vegas, and she followed him because she couldn't get hold of them in their room to warn them. All she could do was follow him. Jen grabs the phone and calls Max, thinking he's the one person who can tell her where Al is at the moment. Max lies, claiming that Al is with him at Break Bar. After hanging up, Jen tells Natalie what Max said and throws her out of the room.

Al is ecstatic, thinking Jen wants to see him. Max explains that he only covered for him so that Jen won't think he's stalking her. Unfortunately, Al's convinced she wants him. Max warns him to go home now. If he doesn't, Max will never be able to help him with Jen again. Al agrees to leave but says he won't be living with Max when he gets back. He wants him to stop trying to run his life. He always was a lousy father anyway, and Al doesn't want to have anything to do with him.

Roxy calls out to Cristian as he walks by, saying it must be Llanview week in Las Vegas. He doesn't know what she's talking about. It's supposed to be a secret, but she'll tell him. Cristian doesn't care about secrets, and he doesn't trust Roxy. She insists she wants to help, but for a price. Cristian refuses to play her little game, and walks away. He sees an Elvis impersonator and stops to put a coin in a slot machine. He hits the jackpot! Al is nearby, watching him.

Jen hears a knock at the door and assumes it's Cristian. She prepares for him by taking off the wrap over her nightgown before opening the door. Too late, she sees that it's Al.

Downstairs, Natalie finds Cristian and says she came to warn him about Al. Max carries a drink through the casino and wonders where he went wrong with his son. Roxy sees him pass by.

Ben interrupts Bo and Niki, and Bo tells him not to blow his top. "Viki" told him all about what happened earlier. Bo just wants to get it all out in the open and deal with it. Ben is confused, having no idea what Bo's talking about. Niki explains it had to so with his concern that Allison would get away with what she did to Seth and Jessica. This reminds Ben of something, and he rushes out but says he'll be right back. Bo tells Niki he didn't want her to stop him from talking to Ben, but she says she went overboard in describing what was wrong. She's confident they'll work it all out. She convinces Bo to leave, but only after promising to call him if she needs anything. Ben returns with today's copy of the Sun, in which Allison's sentencing is the front page story. Niki wants to talk to him about Bo, so that he doesn't get the wrong idea. Ben already knows Bo was just comforting her. He just wanted to know why she needed comforting in the first place. He completely trusts his wife. He goes off to answer the phone, and Niki shows disgust over the turn of events. However, she knows that Viki won't be out any time soon, since she'd never be able to stand knowing Niki's secret. Ben returns with news that he has to go to Crossroads, so after he leaves, Niki gives Lois and the cook the night off, and celebrates the opportunity to be alone and go wild. She cuts loose, wearing Niki-style clothing and cranking up the music to "It's Raining Men." As she dances and sings on a chair, she notices that Chad is in the room with her, looking totally shocked.

Todd is concerned about Blair's behavior. She's sitting alone, not talking or even acknowledging his presence. Finally, she slowly turns her head and tells him she was just thinking about their son--their biological son. Todd is nervous as she asks him whether he even cares why the baby--and what happened in Mexico--is on her mind. Todd is surprised, since this is the first time she's mentioned him lately. Blair says she thinks about him every single day, but it hurts too much to talk about him. She never got to hold him, or tell him she loved him. She did get to hear him cry, though. Todd continues to try to get her to leave with him. Blair says it must have been hard for him to tell her that her baby was dead. It must have been upsetting for him to have to deliver a baby he thought was Max's. He agrees that it bothered him, and Blair starts screaming at him. Just say it! She knows he lied about the baby being dead. Todd still tries to deny this, but Blair knows the truth. She's not the only one. David Vickers knows the truth. Gabrielle obviously does too. So does poor Paloma, who traveled all the way to Llanview to tell her what was going on. And so does Alex, who donated her bone marrow. Sam confirmed it. She cries and tells Todd to just admit it and be honest for one moment in his sorry life. She gets up in his face and orders him to tell her what he did. With no way out, Todd admits that she's right. He did everything she said he did. Still crying, Blair sits down. Todd tries to explain that he made it all right. After all, she's happy, and she has a family and everything she ever wanted. He tried to tell her the truth so many times but couldn't do it. She calls him a liar. Todd reminds his wife that she said she loved him and would forgive him for anything. The time has come. He asks her to forgive him now.

For the closing, after Eddie Alderson whispers that he sees dead people, Roy Thinnes (ex-Sloan Carpenter) holds up the cue cards on which the closing credits are written.

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