OLTL Update Monday 5/13/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 5/13/02

By Beth

The week begins with an introduction by Regis Philbin, who states that One Life to Live is making television history by being the first one-hour drama ever to do an entire week live. Also, the opening credits have been updated to include Ilene Kristen. The actors' name are now listed under their photos, some of which have also been updated.

Niki complains to herself about the temptation posed by Ben and his killer smile. It's enough to make a girl nuts! She learns from Lois that Bo is on his way over to speak with her. Ben joins her, and as he embraces her, she reaches over and intentionally knocks a vase to the floor as a distraction. He offers to clean it up but she wants to take care of it. Ben leaves, and Bo finds Niki holding pieces of the broken vase. She laments its loss, as it was a wedding gift to her and Clint. She knows all men have tempers, but Ben was just so angry; he was livid at the thought that Allison might get away with trying to kill Jessica and Seth. He's like Jekyll and Hyde! Bo comforts her.

After their expensive dinner at Chez Pierre, Keri and Antonio stop by the diner for dessert. Privately, Carlotta continues to complain to Antonio about his girlfriend's spending habits. A loud argument results, and when Keri rejoins them she asks for an explanation. Antonio claims they're just having a disagreement, and Carlotta walks away. Keri and Antonio take a booth, and she tells him how much she likes his mother. In fact, Carlotta reminds her of her own mother. Rae comes in to pick up an order, and Carlotta asks her opinion about people who don't honor their financial obligations. She claims to be concerned about a friend of hers who has a spending problem and a huge credit card bill. Rae advises her to speak to her friend, who may not even be aware she has a problem.

Antonio tries to give Keri some money to pay for his half of their dinner, but she refuses it. He notes that he should have been a lawyer, since that would have given him the money to give her the things she deserves. Keri points out that she has never had expensive things. His phone rings, and she takes the opportunity to talk to Rae. Carlotta excuses herself, and Keri and Rae talk about Keri's book, which she hasn't told Antonio about yet. Keri also tells Rae that the credit card fiasco still hasn't been cleared up, and Rae advises her to hire a lawyer. Ben comes in for takeout and talks to Rae, mentioning that Viki is still having a hard time dealing with her hatred for Natalie. Carlotta insists on giving Keri and Antonio's dessert on the house, which upsets Keri. Keri can't take her snide remarks anymore, and although she doesn't want to be rude, she asks Carlotta what it is with her and money. Carlotta says her conscience won't allow her to take Keri's money knowing that she needs it to pay off her $50,000 credit card bill. Antonio hides his face behind his hands.

Bo and Niki sit down, and he expresses surprise and concern over Ben's "explosions." He wants to stick around and talk to him, and although Niki tries to dissuade him, he insists. Besides, he came over because wanted to talk to both of them about Todd's latest scheme, which just may land him in prison. When he mentions Gabrielle's involvement, Niki resumes her prior rant about her, but Bo stresses that Todd is the bad guy--as usual. He just wants them to be prepared in case he shows up at Llanfair, since he could be dangerous. Niki dreads filling Ben in on this. She worries so about how he will react. She cries, and as Bo comforts her, Ben returns home.

At the casino, Jen and Cristian play the slots, winning a few dollars, while Al lurks behind the corner. Seeing a bride in a wedding gown, Jen comments that she would never play slots if she'd just gotten married. Cristian picks up a brochure and points out that the hotel has a chapel. As they laugh about some of the theme weddings available, Al moves closer. When they walk away, he picks up the brochure and starts to follow them. He's waylaid by Roxy, who looks beautiful. Calling him "Sweet Cheeks," she reminds him they've met before and asks whether Jessica came to town with him. Al retorts that she's not there and she certainly doesn't need Roxy. He accuses her of trying to run Jessica and Seth off the road, and her attempts to correct him fall on deaf ears, since he's been too wrapped up in his obsession with Jen to keep up with anyone else. Roxy tells him she saw him spying on Jen and Cristian. When he claims he's there with them and just trying to keep them from spending too much, she says she'll call and try to set up breakfast. He grabs her arm and gives her some spending money, with instructions to stay away from Jen and Cristian. By this time, Jen and Cristian are back in their room. While Jen sleeps, Cristian calls downstairs to find out about getting tickets for tonight's concert.

Money in hand, Roxy feels lucky until she runs into Natalie. Telling her about seeing her friend Al, Roxy says she thought Natalie would be in Llanview waiting for Rex. She's relieved to hear that Jessica's attempt to find him was a failure. Natalie walks away, followed by Roxy. They watch Al, who's on the phone, and they are all unaware that Cristian has just come downstairs. Al finally gets Cristian's room number and hangs up the phone. Natalie hears him say the room number and she runs to warn Cristian. She knocks on their door, and Jen is furious to see her there. She refuses to tell Natalie where to find Cristian. Al hides when he sees Cristian, who speaks to someone and then takes off in another direction, unaware that Roxy is following him. Al thinks the coast is clear and starts to go upstairs to find Jen. Fortunately, he's stopped by Max.

Sam rushes into the Mannings' home and finds Blair, who is very upset. She knows the truth. Todd told her that Nellie was trying to take Jack away from them and that they needed to get on a plane immediately. She believed him. Then she ran into Alex at the airport, and Alex kept talking about bone marrow, Jack, and Starr. Alex didn't come out and say it, but Blair knows that she must have been Jack's donor. The only way that would work is if he and Starr are biological siblings. That would mean that Jack is her own baby--the baby Todd told her died in Mexico. Sam confirms this and takes her into the other room to sit down. Blair realizes he knew, and that this was what he was trying to tell her earlier at the hospital. Sam tries to comfort her as she completely breaks down. He explains that Todd thought the baby was Max's, but Blair counters that she told him the truth eventually. Instead of confessing, Todd went out and hired Nellie. Although Sam tries to explain Todd's actions, he's not defending him; he thinks that what Todd did was deplorable. Blair asks him to see himself out. Alone, Blair picks up a family photo and clutches it to her chest, crying.

Todd bursts into Gabrielle's office, hoping she knows where Blair is. Gabrielle has no idea. She's packing up her desk, and she hands Todd her resignation, which he refuses to accept. She dreams of being respected as a person and as a style editor--not as a blackmailer. Closing the doors, Todd protests that he needs her. He reminds her that without her help, Blair might have found out the truth about Jack's parentage. He scoffs at Gabrielle's plea for him to tell his wife the truth. She slips and says she's already told Bo the truth. Although she tries to cover her mistake, Todd makes her tell him exactly what she's talking about, and she admits that Bo knows everything. Although she implores Todd to tell Blair the truth, he insists he has to continue lying. They have a screaming match as he orders her out of the office, and after she's gone, he tries to reach Blair on her cell phone. When she doesn't answer, he calls the house. Blair picks up the phone without speaking. Confused, Todd asks her why she's at the house, and she replies that she had to take care of something. He tells her he'll be right there, and she replies that she'll be waiting.

Todd comes home, calling out to Blair. He finds her sitting alone, completely silent. He asks what she's doing, but she doesn't reply at first. Slowly, she turns to him and says that she's thinking about their son--their biological son.

Before the final credits, Eddie Alderson (Matthew) shines a flashlight on his face and whispers, "I see dead people." Then Susan Batten (Luna) holds up cue cards containing the final credits, as all the extras mill about in the background at the casino.

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