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One Life to Live Update Friday 5/10/01

By Beth

Jen is dazzled by the hotel room in Las Vegas. Cristian has another surprise for her. While they were apart, he made some computer images of her, which she mistakenly thinks he drew. They decide to hang out in the room instead of gambling.

At the Llanview airport, Al is frustrated because his flight to Las Vegas has been delayed. He's worried about what could happen between Jen and Cristian before he gets there to "save" her. Nearby, Natalie calls Seth to tell him she's booked a flight to Detroit. Seth tells her not to bother; they already found Corinne and she said Rex is going to school abroad. Corinne wouldn't give them any details because she doesn't want them to find Rex. They decide to try to figure something out back in Llanview. When Natalie hangs up, she sees Al and confronts him about his reason for being at the airport. She knows exactly what he's up to. He lies about meeting a friend from Canada, and accosts a young woman to pretend to be that friend. Natalie knows better, and watches while they go separate ways, with Al heading for a departure gate. She tries to warn Cristian and Jen, but the hotel operator won't disturb them. Not knowing what else to do, she buys a ticket and boards the same flight as Al, and ends up in the seat directly behind him.

Jessica approaches Rex as he nears the house. He assumes she's a tutor hired by Corinne, but he's not interested. Corinne comes out and Rex tells her to fire the tutor, since she's the one who hired her. He storms into the house, and Corinne thanks Jessica for not revealing her true identity. She claims he doesn't need to have his whole world turned upside down. Jessica thinks he has the right to know his own sister. She won't answer Jessica's question about why she didn't take Natalie when she took Rex. She's sure that Roxy tried to get her hands on both Jessica's and Natalie's money, and Jessica confirms that, but adds that it didn't work. Jessica still thinks Rex should know the truth, but she admits she's certainly not better off for it.

While Jessica and Corinne are arguing, Rex listens from inside. He goes to a drawer in the living room and takes out some newspaper clippings. Corinne comes back inside and catches him with the articles. He knew she was hiding something. Now he knows he has a rich sister. He's going to hitch a ride to Llanview to find his "real" family. Corinne protests and forbids him from going, but it doesn't do any good. She warns him it will end badly, but he's going to take his chances.

Jessica returns to the diner, where Seth is waiting. She doesn't know what she's going to do about this; she wants to talk to her mother about it. Maybe Rex is better off not knowing.

Gabrielle decides it's time to be completely honest with Bo about everything that's been happening. He's skeptical about her ability to go through with it, and asks her to start by explaining her relationship with Todd. He becomes angry when she mentions blackmail, and he's ready to arrest him, but she explains that she was the one doing the blackmailing. She relates how she came to meet David Vickers and eventually end up on the docks where she overheard his conversation with Todd. She admits that Blair's baby didn't die after all, and is actually raising him, not knowing that Jack is her biological son. Bo is stunned; he can't believe what he's hearing. She explains why Alex was in town, and her own part in convincing Blair that she (Gabrielle) was the one who donated her bone marrow to Jack. She realizes Bo is both furious and disappointed, and instead of answering her question as to whether she's lost his friendship, he walks out.

Todd is still at the hospital. He's trying to make airline reservations for his entire family. Sam barges in and hears him mention two children and assumes he's trying to take them away from Blair. Todd congratulates Sam on his big victory; he's finally managed to make Todd lose his family. Now he's going away until he can come up with a plan. Feeling self-important, Sam calls to give Blair the "good" news but she isn't home. Todd leaves and Sam calls him a coward for running.

Alex thinks it's destiny that brought her in contact with Blair. She had assumed Blair knew all about her "selfless act" and is surprised to learn she has no idea. When Starr hears the name "Alex," she blurts out something about her being the bone marrow lady. Blair asks how she knows about that and reminds her that they're not supposed to have any more secrets or lies between them. Starr admits that all she knows is that it has something to do with plastics. Blair corrects her and Alex tells her that she saved her life. Starr may have some of her genes and grow up to be a real beauty. Starr adamantly tells her that her mother is very beautiful and her father is very handsome and that's where she got her looks. Alex points out that she got her personality from them as well. She asks whether Jack should be traveling so soon after his procedure, which puzzles Blair. She tells Suzanne to take the kids for a few minutes, then asks Alex what she knows about Jack. Alex always thought she had a right to know, so she admits that Todd brought her to Llanview because of her bone marrow. Blair thinks that's crazy, since Jack is adopted. She's sorry Alex's time was wasted. Alex counters that it wasn't a waste of time because she did save a life. Then, remembering Todd's insistence that Blair can never know, she simply says that she saved her own life by coming to Llanview since it got her out of a disastrous marriage. She turns to leave and bumps the site where the needle went in, which is still quite tender. Blair thinks it's odd that she's in more pain than Gabrielle, who actually gave the donation. Then she remembers that a blood test is given to screen potential donors, but Alex won't stay long enough to try to explain that. She leaves to board the flight to Fairbanks, and Blair realizes she was lying. She calls Sam and tells him to meet her at the house.

Max is looking for Al at the hospital, but Claire tells him that no one is scheduled to see him today. After his showdown with Todd, Sam runs into Max and starts badgering him about his part in lying to Jen, but Max points out Jen's stupidity in being willing to marry someone she didn't love. Sam storms off. Remembering his earlier conversation with Natalie, Max realizes Al has lied and is probably following Jen to Las Vegas. He calls his son's credit card company, pretending to be Al, and learns that he just bought a ticket to Las Vegas.

Todd waits for Blair at the airport, but she's already gone home. Blair looks at the family portrait and realizes the truth. She sends Suzanne and the kids upstairs, and the doorbell rings. Sam asks what's going on, and she says he already knows because he knows the truth. Now, so does she.

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