OLTL Update Thursday 5/9/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/9/02

By Laura

Natalie sees a picture of Rex in Roxy's home, as well as an address book, and calls Jessica to give her the aunt's address. When Roxy comes in, Natalie tells her what she did. Roxy becomes upset but claims that she's fine while insulting and lashing out at Natalie. Natalie knows that there is more to the story but can't seem to remember it all. Roxy tells her to get a good look at her face because she's leaving and she'll never see it again. Natalie cries over Rex.

Seth suggests that perhaps Rex doesn't want Jessica in his life. Aunt Corrine tells Jessica that she recognizes her from the newspaper and knows what she wants. She refuses to let Jessica see Rex and then tells her that he is away at school. She throws them out of her home. Once outside, Seth encourages her to keep searching for her brother and then goes back to the diner in order to give her a few moments alone. She notices a postcard addressed to Rex and comes to the conclusion that Corrine is lying. Then she sees a boy, thinks he's Rex, and confronts him.

Nikki puts on act for Bo's sake implying that Ben is very angry and verbally abusive. Asa interrupts Bo's conversation with Nikki to ask him if he has kicked Gabrielle out of the home yet. Renee asks Nikki about Ben and she divulges that things aren't going as well as she would like them to. Bo defends Gabrielle, and Asa insists that she is trying to kill him by giving him a heart attack. He claims that she is doing this by using Alex's perfume to make Asa think that she is back in town. Bo agrees to check it out. Then Asa tells him that his brother Ben has been acting strange. Bo informs Nikki that he intends to come by Llanfair the following day so that he can have a discussion with Ben. After Bo leaves, Ben comes in and surprises Nikki with cruise tickets. She tells him that they can't go because of everything that's happening with her daughters. Ben agrees to cancel the tickets.

Alex tells Gabrielle that she is back in Llanview to regain Bo's affections and adds that Bo will love her despite of all her flaws. When she realizes that Gabrielle is interested in Bo, she informs her that Bo will never look twice at her because she tried to kill his father. Gabrielle reminds Alex that she once tried to kill Bo's girlfriend. They both agree that Bo is very forgiving but that he needs a woman who is completely honest with him. Alex comments that Gabrielle does not fit that description. Bo walks in, finds Alex there, and questions why she's there. Alex explains to Bo that she's back because she thinks that he is the right person for her. He assures her that it's never going to happen. He suggests that her being around is not a good idea and she agrees but ads that she'll think about him while she's on the plane. After Alex leaves, Gabrielle promises Bo that she will be completely honest with him from that point on.

Sam gives an ultimatum to Todd that either he tells the truth or Sam will. Sam informs Blair that Todd is lying and he confirms it, but insists that he speak to her privately. Sam argues but agrees when Todd says he can talk to Blair immediately afterward. Todd tells Blair that Nelly wants Jack back, in order to use him for television commercials. He tells her that the law is on Nelly's side and that he won't let anyone break up his family again. Todd insists that they need to leave town and instructs Blair to go out the back way and to go directly to the airport. Todd tells Sam that he divulged everything to Blair and that she now hates him. At the airport, Blair runs into Alex.

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