OLTL Update Wednesday 5/8/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/8/02

By Beth

Troy tells Nora he wants to make love, and she says she's ready as well. She leads him upstairs to her bedroom, where he remembers the first time he ever saw her, at the reading of Colin's will. Fate drew them together. Slowly, they kiss, then lie down on the bed. Suddenly Nora stops. She's not ready after all. Troy understands; he doesn't want to rush her. He thinks her hesitation is because of Sam, but she says that relationship is over and they're both moving on. It isn't about Troy's sexual relationship with Lindsay, either. Troy guesses the truth: whenever he touches her, she still sees Colin's face. Nora explains that she didn't want it to be this way, but he's right. Intellectually, she knows he isn't Colin; she just wishes the rest of her knew that too. Troy hates Colin for what he did to Nora but can't change the fact that they're identical twins. She doesn't know whether time will change her perception of him, but he can't do anything to help. Troy feels he has no choice but to end it now. He thinks he's falling in love with her, but unlike his brother, he's not obsessed with her. He doesn't want to be in limbo for what could be the rest of his life, so the best thing to do is end it before they get hurt any more. It hurts him to know that she sees Colin's face instead of his own. He can't settle for being her friend or a casual date. They might have had something wonderful, but now they'll never know. Sadly, he leaves her there alone.

Alex decides she doesn't need to go to Alaska at all. Otherwise, events wouldn't have conspired to keep her in Llanview. She was meant to be here, where the love of her life is. She makes a phone call and is annoyed to learn the man isn't around. She decides to track him down on her own, using her skills as a former federal agent. Eventually she knocks on a door and is unhappy when Gabrielle answers. She came back to Llanview for Bo.

At the student union, Keri warns Cristian not let Jen or himself get behind in their classwork while they're out of town. When Cristian leaves, Keri sees R.J. and talks to him about the debt she doesn't really owe, and Carlotta's apparent cold attitude toward her earlier. Deciding it was probably her imagination, she says she's not going to worry about it.

Natalie gets upset as she thinks about Rex. Cristian sees her and comforts her as she cries, firmly believing that nobody has ever wanted her. Al watches from around the corner and feels vindicated; he knew he was right about that guy. He watches as Natalie leaves and Jen joins Cristian. Determined to tell Jen she's being played for a fool, he starts their way but is stopped by his parents. They want to talk to him now, and they don't care that it isn't a good time. They explain that Max bought the mill house and wants Al to live there with him. Al doesn't like the idea but wants to get away, so he agrees. Max realizes that was too easy, so he stops him.

By this time, Jen is gone and Natalie is talking to Cristian again. Natalie explains it's been more than ten years since she's seen Rex. She wishes Cristian a good time in Las Vegas and gives him some money to bet for her. Still watching, Al makes some excuses about being in a hurry, and Max and Gabrielle leave. Cristian gives Natalie a goodbye kiss on the cheek before he leaves as well. Al storms over to Natalie and accuses her of seeing Cristian behind Jen's back. She turns to leave and he grabs her, saying he won't let Cristian hurt Jen. Natalie retorts that they're on their way to Las Vegas, not realizing she shouldn't have revealed that fact.

Max comes back to look for Al again and asks Natalie where his class meets. Natalie informs him the class isn't meeting today. Max realizes something's up, since it was one of his son's excuses for being in such a hurry. Natalie doesn't really know where he went, but he took off to protect Jen. He probably followed them to Las Vegas.

Jen and Cristian are waiting for their flight when Al comes rushing over to them, begging Jen not to go. Jen won't listen and tells him to go home. They go toward the gate, and Al runs back to buy a plane ticket.

Antonio defends Keri to his mother, who shows him the bill she found. While Carlotta rants on and on about Keri's spending habits, Antonio continues to defend her, claiming that everyone has credit card debt. Keri returns from campus sooner than expected but doesn't hear their argument. Antonio gets rid of Carlotta and asks Keri whether she's sure about their fancy date tonight. Keri assures him she can afford it; she's never been in financial trouble in her life.

At the hospital, Todd promises to destroy the incriminating photos of Nigel, as well as the negatives. As Sam figures out the secret of Jack's heritage, Blair comes in. He tells her there's something she needs to know about Jack. He found Nellie, and there's a problem. Todd arrives just in time and claims a social worker is looking for Blair. She goes to check on that, and Sam tells Todd he knows his secret. Todd warns him to drop it and mind his own business, but Sam won't let it go. He knows that Alex didn't give birth to Jack, as Todd more recently claimed. It's all a hoax, and Blair is Jack's real mother. Todd laughs, saying Sam's lost his mind, but Sam knows the truth. There's only one way that Alex could have been a donor match for both Starr and Jack, and that's if they're biological siblings. He spoke to Paloma, and she confirmed that Blair's baby didn't really die. Todd must have sold the baby, thinking it was Max's. Only a monster would do that. Todd finally confesses; he did what he had to do. There was no way he was raising Max's kid. He knows he screwed up, and he tried to make it up to Blair. Sam insists she deserves to know the truth. Todd threatens to kill Sam if he ever says one word to her about this. Blair rejoins them and reports there was no social worker looking for her. She demands to know what Todd and Sam were fighting about. Sam warns Todd to tell her now or else he'll do it.


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