OLTL Update Tuesday 5/7/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/7/02

By Beth

As Todd stops Blair from going through the door, Alex fixes her makeup and sprays perfume in anticipation of a date with Sam. Gabrielle and Nigel are searching the hospital for her, when Nigel smells her perfume and realizes she's nearby.

Todd tells his wife she'll regret it if she goes through that door. There's a reason for the hospital's anonymity policy. He does some fast talking to keep Blair from seeing Alex, but she's persistent. She gets by him and opens the door to thank the donor, only to see Gabrielle. At Todd's silent urging, Gabrielle "admits" to being Jack's bone marrow donor. Not wanting to believe it, Blair accuses her of lying. She wants to find Dr. Shiller and ask him the name of the real donor.

Having waylaid Alex, Nigel is struggling to keep her out of the room when she bites him. She eventually breaks through, but he manages to block her from opening the door. She hears Gabrielle taking credit for her "selfless act" and wants to set the record straight, but Nigel has one more trick up his sleeve. Showing her his index finger, he threatens to poke the exact spot where the needle went into her body. She can't bear the thought of that. She goes on to explain that despite all the good things she's done, she has no love in her life.

Blair still doesn't understand all the secrecy and demands an explanation. Todd reluctantly admits that he was keeping something from her. He didn't really send her to Texas to visit Kelly; he just wanted her out of town so that she wouldn't have to know about Jack's condition. This really upsets Blair; they could have lost Jack and she wouldn't have been there for him. Gabrielle tries to defend Todd. She says she insisted on being tested as a possible donor. She would've done it for anyone. Blair hugs her and thanks her for saving Jack's life, then goes to see her baby. Alex runs in shouting that she's the one who saved Blair's baby and won't let Gabrielle take the credit, but she's too late. Nigel runs in after her, explaining that he really tried to keep her away. Realizing that Blair is gone, Alex mentions her date with Sam, but Todd says he's gone as well. Besides, with all she has going for her, she should have her pick of available men. He hands her a first-class plane ticket to Fairbanks, noting that there are ten men there for every woman. He also gives her an "Alaskan Men" magazine, and Nigel peers at the cover and declares it an excellent choice. Being reminded of the oil men and fur coats, Alex agrees to go, and Todd sends Nigel to make sure she goes through with it.

Nigel phones Todd to report that Alex is on the plane. Unbeknownst to him, the flight was overbooked and a voucher for $400 is being offered to anyone willing to take a later flight. Alex enthusiastically accepts.

Keri and Antonio are at the diner to see about getting a table for her office. She's excited about tonight, since it's their three-month anniversary. In honor of the occasion, she made reservations at an expensive French restaurant. Carlotta and Cristian overhear, and Carlotta complains to her younger son about Keri's financial irresponsibility. They join Keri and Antonio, and Carlotta takes Keri to the back to look at the table. The Vega brothers talk about their relationships, and Keri returns to get Antonio and his tape measure. Carlotta is still angry about Keri's debt and won't return the bill to her, a decision Cristian doesn't approve of at all. Carlotta is afraid Keri is headed for bankruptcy and will end up dragging Antonio down with her. Keri is a compulsive spender, which is a serious problem. Keri comes back to get Cristian to help Antonio, then calls R.J. to find out whether the bank ever called her back. She's disappointed to hear that she didn't get any calls, but she'll deal with it and get it all straightened out.

Keri invites all the Vegas to the birthday party she's throwing for her father, and Carlotta makes a few pointed remarks about how much money she's spending. Cristian declines the invitation since he and Jen will be in Las Vegas. Keri laughs about going there a few years ago with some friends, and they lost all their money in ten minutes and just barely managed to get back home. Cristian heads out, and Keri is right behind him. Antonio confronts his mother about her attitude. Indignant, Carlotta says Keri is spending money like crazy and she's $50,000 in debt.

Troy answers his office phone, expecting Nora, and is unhappy to hear Lindsay's voice. She tells him she was almost killed by an inmate named Tillie. She's going to get Troy and Nora back for what they did to her if it's the last thing she ever does. She's going to survive her time at Statesville and not give up until she's avenged her wrongful imprisonment. She laughs at Troy for thinking he really has Nora now--Nora, who's never content to have just one man at her beck and call. Tired of her, Troy hangs up. Lindsay returns the phone to the guard, who asks whether there's anyone who can pull some strings for her. Lindsay can't think of anyone who would help. Too bad, because the prison is overcrowded and they're going to double up the inmates. When Tillie gets out of solitary, she's going to be somebody's cellmate--maybe Lindsay's. This frightens Lindsay, and the guard tells her that Tillie is a thug but Lindsay is smart and just has to think faster. She'd better watch her back, especially after lights out.

Nora and Sam continue their talk about Starr's bone marrow transplant. He thanks her for her help but says it's too complicated to explain. She's upset that he won't confide in her, so they rehash the events of the past few months. She still loves Sam, but not the way he wanted her to love him. They'll always be connected through Matthew. Sam realizes that all the years he spent pining away for her were a waste of time. Even so, he wouldn't have done anything differently. For her part, Nora does have some regrets, but Sam tells her that's all in the past, and she should put it behind her. They still care about each other, but in a different way.

Sam goes out the door and runs into Troy. He asks the doctor about the odds of two unrelated people matching the same bone marrow donor. According to Troy, it's just about impossible. Two siblings would have the best chance, but even that's very rare.

Nora changes for her date with Troy but realizes the linament oil she applied stinks. She doesn't have time for a shower before Troy walks in. She tells him to keep his distance, but he claims to like the smell. Playfully, they kiss, then Troy tells her he doesn't want to wait anymore. He wants to make love now.

Sam goes back to the hospital and calls Paloma, Blair's Mexican midwife. In broken English, Paloma tells him that the baby didn't die, and that he's in Llanview; Todd finally did the right thing. With this information, Sam realizes the truth. Jack is the baby Blair gave birth to in Mexico--the one Todd told her was dead. As soon as he figures it out, Blair walks up to him.

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