OLTL Update Monday 5/6/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 5/6/02

By Beth

At the hospital, Blair demands to know what's going on with Jack. Todd admits the baby was sick before, but he's fine now. He didn't tell her because he didn't want her to worry. Dr. Shiller joins them and doesn't see any harm in telling her the truth now that the danger has passed. Before he can reveal the truth about Jack's condition, Todd interrupts and says he had another iron deficiency. Incredulous, Sam mentions Jack's bone marrow transplant. Todd finally admits that Jack had aplastic anemia. Blair is stunned. Todd takes her aside to talk privately. She's furious with him for keeping that from her. She doesn't understand how it could have happened. When Starr had it, they learned it's a very rare condition. It doesn't seem possible for Jack to have the same thing. He's adopted, not a blood relative. Todd puts it down to a medical coincidence, but Blair isn't convinced. Todd points out that it doesn't matter; they found a donor and Jack is cured. Blair marvels at how fast a donor was found. The doctor brings Jack to Blair, then is called away. Todd makes an excuse, then runs out, looking for Alex.

Bo asks Gabrielle for the truth about her association with Todd. He knows it's bad, and he cares about her. He doesn't believe her claim that it's strictly business, and warns her to get out as fast as she can. He'll help her, but if she won't be honest with him, she'll have to get out of his home and his life. If there's no trust between them, there's no friendship. Saddened, he leaves her alone in Todd's office. Gabrielle receives a call from Todd, ordering her to get to the hospital right away. They have to find Alex before Blair does. She tries to rush out but is waylaid by Max. He says that Al still wants to live in the loft by Jen and Cristian but he won't allow it. Instead, he's arranged to buy the mill house and hopes to talk Al into living there with him. He could use Gabrielle's help convincing Al to go along with that. She promises to try.

Troy carries Nora into her house on his back following the charity bike-a-thon. He sets her down, and she points out several places on her body that are sore and could use a kiss. He happily obliges. They joke about her participation in the event; limping, she dragged her bike to the finish line an hour and a half after everyone else finished. Troy gets called to the hospital, promising to come back later.

Sam goes to Nora's to ask what she knows about Alex. He's most interested in when she last saw Alex and whether the woman looked pregnant at the time. Nora laughs; Alex would never do that to her figure. As she talks about when Alex saved Todd's child's life, Sam can't believe she knows about that already. It soon becomes clear that they're talking about two different children, both with the same disease.

Ben hears Natalie accuse "Viki" of hitting on Chad, which she denies. Natalie honors his request to speak to his wife alone. He claims to know who hired the private investigator. It had to be Allison. He went to see her in jail, and part of the time she thought he was Dave. She denied hiring Jordan but she did admit to wanting them to break up. It doesn't matter, though; she's wasting her time, because nothing is going to come between them.

Roxy arrives at Llanfair to get money from Viki. Natalie tells her of Jessica's plans to find Rex, and Roxy is furious. She's afraid Jessica won't give her any money now. Natalie thought her sister deserved to know about her brother. Roxy begins insulting Natalie, as usual, and Jessica overhears and orders her to leave. She defends Natalie and tells Roxy she has no right to talk to her that way. She may have gotten away with it in the past, when Natalie was a helpless little girl, but she has a real family now, and she's not helpless. Roxy tries to defend her actions but Jessica won't listen. Instead, she gives her a little over $200 and tells her to buy a plane ticket and never come back. Roxy greedily takes the money but says she's sticking close by her long-lost daughter. Jessica opens the door to kick her out, and Bo is standing there. Roxy sees the commissioner and decides she'd better leave after all. Jessica directs Bo to where Ben and Viki are talking, and Natalie thanks her for sticking up for her. She steadfastly refuses to accompany her and Seth on their trip to Michigan to look for Rex. She also advises Jessica to think twice as to whether she really wants to do this, reminding her sister to think about what happened when she went looking for her biological mother.

Ben can't stay to talk, so Bo talks to "Viki" about Gabrielle. He just knows she and Todd are up to something. Niki insists that Gabrielle must be behind it. Todd hates her, and he wouldn't be involved with her if he felt he had a choice. As she begins an invective about the woman, Bo confesses that he was starting to like having her around. Niki puts her hands on his shoulders and advises him to get rid of her before it's too late. Now that he's had a chance to say what's on his mind, she also has something to tell him. She's been so upset recently. Touching Bo's hand, she tells him that things haven't been going well with Ben lately.

Alex goes all over the hospital to look for a full-length mirror. She stops by Troy's office and suggests a double date; she's going out with Sam Rappaport. Troy tells her a double date wouldn't be a good idea. She asks whether Sam is a good prospect, and Troy replies that he seems like a very nice man. That isn't what Alex is concerned about. She's more interested in his financial security. Troy tells her to draw her own conclusion about that; Sam is a successful lawyer. This makes her happy. She slinks out of Troy's office, telling herself that Sam is about to have a very lucky day.

Dr. Shiller takes Jack for more blood work, mentioning that the donor is in the next room. Blair wants to thank the donor, although the doctor discourages any contact between them. Todd arrives in time to stop his wife from opening the door. He himself open the door briefly and sees Alex. Blair and Todd argue but Blair insists she wants to thank the donor. She goes over to the door. Alex is doing her makeup, unaware of their presence on the other side of the door.

Lindsay is working alone in the laundry room, and Tillie and her cohorts come in. Tillie bullies Lindsay, who responds by insulting her. Tillie grabs a cloth and pulls it tight around Lindsay's neck, trying to strangle her. Guards break it up and Tillie again vows revenge. One of the guards tells Lindsay to work it out. If Lindsay gets killed on her watch, she'll likely lose her job. That's why she's doing her a favor. She advises her to find a reason to stay alive. Then she hands her a cell phone to call anyone she wants.

Troy answers his office phone, thinking the caller is Nora. Unfortunately, it's Lindsay.

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