OLTL Update Friday 5/3/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 5/3/01

By Laura

Jessica apologizes to Natalie for upsetting her, but still presses her to tell who Rex is. Natalie discloses that he's Jessica's brother. Then she explains that she's never mentioned him because he's dead. Then she adds that he's not dead, but dead to her. Jessica wants to know how Natalie lost track of Rex and she obliges, relaying the story: When Natalie was seven she was Rex's caretaker. Then one day, an aunt, Roxy's dead husband's sister, came to take Rex away to a better life, in Michigan. The aunt refused to take Natalie, stating that she didn't have enough room for the both of them. Natalie had encouraged her little brother to go, even if she couldn't. She would send letters but eventually started to get them back in the mail. Jessica decides that she wants to search for Rex. Seth agrees to go with her, but Natalie doesn't want to.

Ben visits Allison at the prison. He pretends to be Dave and says he turns into Dave when he gets upset, that he has something like split personalities, but that he can't show Dave to anybody but her. He asks if she hired Jordan to break up him and Vicki. She responds by asking if they've broken up. Visiting hours are over before Allison can give Ben a straight answer, but he's sure he's heard all that he needs to.

Roxy calls Nikki to request a monetary thank you for putting Allison in prison. Nikki agrees to meet her at the Break Bar within the hour. Nikki daydreams about the men that Ben could find her in bed with. Her thoughts travel from Seth to Chad to Cristian to Asa and the search continues because she realizes it needs to be believable. Jessica interrupts, seeking advice. In an attempt to get her daughters out of her home in order to launch her plans for Ben, she advises Jessica to search for her brother in Michigan. Then Natalie wants some motherly advice. Nikki tells Natalie to stop being so selfish and to go find her brother. Natalie figures out that her mother wants to get rid of her. As Natalie shouts about being hated so much that Vicki even hit on Chad, Ben walks in. Roxy, meanwhile, flirts with a disinterested Max.

Bo offers that Todd and Gabrielle's involvement is none of his business, unless it's illegal. She won't tell him how he's helping Todd, but hints that it's about Todd's children. He admits that he's worried about Gabrielle because Todd's dangerous. They discuss Al's faking the paralysis. Then they both admit to missing one another while Bo was out of town. Asa interrupts to tell Bo about the man that Gabrielle had in his home. When Asa compares Gabrielle to Lindsay, Bo makes him leave. Gabrielle admits to Bo that the doctor was at the home because of Todd and Jack. He orders her to be honest with him, and then warns her that he won't know her at all anymore if she insists on lying to him.

Suzanne tells Blair that she hasn't seen Jack or Todd. Blair calls Todd's office and gets Gabrielle who also states she hasn't seen them. Star tells her mother that Jack will be okay. While trying to cover her tracks without lying, Star inadvertently alarms her mother, making her think that Jack is sick again. She runs to the hospital, leaving Blair with Suzanne.

Alex sees Sam snooping and assumes he's a reporter. When he corrects her, stating that he is Todd's lawyer, she doesn't believe him and thinks that he's working undercover. After she leaves, Sam confronts Todd about Nelly. Todd sticks to his story that Nelly is crazy, and also a liar. Sam doesn't believe him. When Alex comes back, she tells Sam about the bone marrow transplant and how she saved Jack's life. Todd claims that both Alex and Nelly are crazy. Then he admits that Alex is telling the truth. Sam thinks that Alex is Jack's mother, and starts wondering whom the father is. As he yells at Todd for not telling Blair that Jack's sick, Blair enters, overhears, and worries.

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