OLTL Update Thursday 5/2/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/2/02

By Laura

Max won't allow Al to rent the apartment next to Jen because he doesn't want Al to make the same mistakes that he's made. Al's comeback is that Max moved in with Gabrielle and Asa. Then he accuses his father or never having loved his mother, to which Max strongly argues against. Al vows to protect Jen from Cristian regardless.

Roxy comments that she feels like she's "losing Rex all over again." Jessica demands to know who Rex is, and whether or not he is her father. Roxy becomes angry and Seth defends Jessica, pointing the finger at Roxy's own actions. Roxy swears that as Jessica's mother and because of her illness, she deserved the money. Roxy says that Rex was her dog, and that he was better to her than anyone else had been. She then pushes them out of her home. Once outside, Seth commends Jessica for not seeking revenge on Roxy. Jessica can't get Rex out of her mind. Roxy rummages through her belongings to find a photograph.

Nikki states that Jordan is mistaken about her comment that it was Ben's wife who hired her as a private investigator. Jordan covers by adding that it must have been someone simply claiming to be his wife. Ben wants to know her name. Then he suspects Allison as the culprit and leaves to confront her. Meanwhile, Allison is given a quarter by the guard and instructed to call either a lawyer or a friend, so she reminisces about "Dave," the friend she used to have. Ben doesn't get too far before he comes back to tell Vicki that Allison is in jail for trying to kill Seth and Jessica. He leaves again to confront Allison and Nikki states that she's going to go see Jessica. Jordan tells Nikki that she's stuck with Ben but Nikki devises a new plan; she'll allow Ben to catch her cheating on him.

Natalie informs Jen that she witnessed the fight between Al and Cristian. She states that she came back to the apartment because she was searching for her lost wallet. Jen wants to know why Cristian never told her about Natalie. She insists that Natalie is playing him and asks him not to see her anymore, but he defends her. Meanwhile, Max blames Natalie for Al's predicament. She tells him that Al is going crazy, if he cares. Max gets indignant about the love that he has for all of his children. Then he interrupts Jen and Cristian and asks to speak to them. He apologizes for his son's actions and Cristian responds by asking for time off to go to Las Vegas. Max assures him that he has a job when he gets back, and also that he will not allow Al to move into the apartment next door. Al, spying, sees Cristian show the Las Vegas airplane tickets to Jen. Seth and Jessica come to the Break Bar and tell Natalie about Allison and Roxy. Then Jessica asks who Rex is and, out of shock, Natalie drops her books.

Sam enters Todd's office and, upon seeing Gabrielle, commands her to tell him where Todd is. She answers that he is in Texas. He replies that Blair said Todd never showed up in Texas. He accuses her of being a lousy liar but she sticks to the story. When Gabrielle threatens to call security, he leaves, but eavesdrops outside the door while she calls Todd.

The doctor tells Todd that the transplant has been successful so far and that Jack should make a full recovery. He hugs the doctor. Then Alex confronts him about having "second thoughts" about their deal. She wants appreciation; he writes her a check. She replies that a check is not acceptable because she needs cash. She also wants to stay in Llanview. He threatens her by claiming that he has Jeb Stewart's phone number on speed dial. On an airplane, Blair wonders aloud to Star why Todd never came to Texas. Todd goes to visit Jack, and tells his son that he doesn't deserve him or his sister and mother. After he's asked by the doctor to leave the room because visits need to be kept short, Gabrielle calls him to warn him about Sam. Sam, eavesdropping, overhears that Todd is at the hospital. Alex asks Todd to delete Jeb's phone number from his cell phone, and Sam sees him hand Alex more money. An employee enters the office and informs Gabrielle of Sam's eavesdropping. She runs toward the door, muttering that she must warn Todd, and runs straight into Bo.

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