OLTL Update Wednesday 5/1/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/1/02

By Beth

Allison threatens Roxy. If she doesn't agree to give her the money, she'll run her off the road, just like she did to Seth and Jessica. This time, though, she'll make sure her target is dead. She grabs Roxy, who pulls loose and tells her to leave her microphone alone. She explains that the local news is doing a story on her, but Allison realizes what's really going on. Knowing her confession is probably on tape, she tries to run, but when she opens the door, Hank, Antonio, Seth, and Jessica are standing outside. Antonio begins reading her rights, and her outbursts prompt a warning from Hank; it would be a good idea to take advantage of her right to remain silent. Roxy is confused and has to have things explained to her. Allison vows she won't go back to St. Anne's, and they agree. This time, she's going to prison. Allison grabs Roxy and claims to have a knife at her back. Antonio tries to talk her into giving up the knife. Roxy is scared, and so is Jessica, who orders Allison to let her go and tries to reason with Antonio. Suddenly Hank, Antonio, and Seth rush forward. Antonio grabs Roxy away from Allison's grasp, and Seth holds onto Allison. Roxy loses her temper when she finds out she was afraid of a pen.

Hank points out that he's ready to arrest Roxy for attempting to defraud Jessica, but Jessica decides to let it go. They explain that the story was a fake, and Jessica has no intentions of giving her any money. As Allison is led away, she says Roxy is a better con artist than she realized. Jessica stays to talk to Roxy. She knew they'd never have a mother/daughter relationship, but she had hoped for something. Obviously, that's not going to happen. Jessica is sad and tears up a little, and Roxy cries. She has nothing. It's like losing Rex all over again. Roxy immediately regrets letting that slip, and Jessica wants to know who Rex is.

At the police station, Antonio takes Allison's mug shots. She keeps saying, "You did a bad thing," seemingly to herself.

Jessica and Chad are at the student union, working on an assignment. They see Al come in and Chad asks how she's going to deal with him living down the hall from her and Cristian. This is the first she'd heard of it. She goes over to talk to Al and return the engagement ring. She asks whether he's really moving in, and he confirms that he is. She doesn't understand why he would want to see her and Cristian every day, and he becomes very belligerent. Jen stresses that she's not angry with him anymore; she just wants the best for him, and that includes finding someone else to love. She's surprised to learn that Cristian knew of his plans to move in, and the fight they had when Cris found out. Al remarks that obviously he's not the only one keeping secrets from her. Jen leaves to find her boyfriend, and Chad glares at Al, who confronts him and tells him to mind his own business. If he wants to live down the hall from Jen, nobody's going to stop him. Just in time, Max overhears his outburst and replies, "Except me."

Carlotta is complaining about Keri's excessive debt. She's heard about women who go on these shopping sprees and just can't stop. She's just sick about it. She hates to judge her, but it could turn into a catastrophe. She realizes she shouldn't have seen the letter from the collection agency, but since she did, she has to tell Antonio. Cristian warns her to stay out of it. Besides, Antonio may already know anyway. Carlotta agrees to keep quiet, but tells herself it's only for the time being.

Rae rushes to Keri's office with good, life-changing news. Keri's book is going to be published! Not only that, they sent a check for $5000. R.J. is happy for his daughter but thinks she should be getting more money. Keri and Rae explain that in academia, this is top dollar. Rae says there will also be a big party for her. She talks her into going to the Silver Moon boutique to find something to wear.

R.J. goes to the diner to talk to Carlotta but learns she's making lunch deliveries. He sees an order for the Silver Moon and gets a chuckle out of it, since that's where Keri is now. His plan is falling into place. He leaves, and Jen comes in to ask Cristian why he didn't tell her about Al's plans. He was just trying to protect her, but he agrees they should share everything from now on.

At the boutique, Rae tries to talk Keri into splurging. Carlotta arrives in time to overhear their conversation, staying outside out of sight.

Jordan apologizes to a drugged Ben for setting him up. She wishes she had a man like him. Hearing a noise at the door, she settles into bed with him. Just outside, Renee backs off from opening the door, asking "Viki" why she told Asa that Ben didn't want anything to do with him. Niki explains that Asa got it all wrong, and they laugh it off until Asa himself shows up, demanding the truth. Back inside the room, Ben is stirring; they're running out of time.

Niki suggests that they all go inside and settle this once and for all with Ben, but just as she opens the door, Renee pulls the door closed and takes the key, not wanting to bother Ben and Viki with this right now. Asa storms off, and Renee follows. Niki still needs a witness, so she grabs a maid to open the door.

Fully dressed, Ben is on the phone, calling security. He woke up and found Jordan in bed with him, and he wants her arrested. Niki talks him out of it, and Jordan is ready to talk. Ben accuses her of being a stalker, but she protests that she's definitely not. When he badgers her to start talking, she reveals that she's a private investigator, and his wife is the one who hired her.


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