OLTL Update Tuesday 4/30/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/30/02

By Beth

Carlotta is very happy that things are working out for Cristian. She's not happy to hear that he's planning to take Jen to Las Vegas; she doesn't want him to waste money on what she considers a frivolous trip. He insists he works hard for his money and needs time with Jen. Natalie stops by the diner to thank Cristian for being so nice to her. He's really the only friend she has. She meets his mother, who won't let up about how she helped Al deceive her son, saying that maybe Viki's influence will help her do the right thing in the future.

R.J. is going to speak to Keri's criminology class about his past, so he stops by her office first, bringing today's mail to her. He's shocked to learn it's an account delinquency notice for over $50,000. Does she want him to use his connections to fix it for her? She explains that her credit card was stolen when she was in grad school, and the thief managed to run up a huge debt before the card was cancelled. She's spoken with the issuer several times, and she thinks it's been taken care of now. This should be the last notice. R.J. is concerned about what she'll think of him after hearing him speak to her class, but she assures him that she wants everyone to know how he managed to turn his life around. She's proud of him. R.J. is touched by her words. He asks how to make Antonio trust him as well. Keri gets a call from Carlotta, who wants to read Antonio's paper. Keri leaves it on the desk for her to pick up any time. She heads for the classroom, and R.J. stays behind a moment, taking time to put the delinquency notice in the same envelope as Antonio's paper.

Cristian goes to get some class notes for Natalie, and while he's gone, a woman tells her little girl she's going to leave her there because she's such a bad girl. The woman walks out, leaving her daughter crying after her. Natalie goes to console her, stressing that she's a very good girl, and intends to take her to find her mother. Before they can leave, the woman comes back, scolding her daughter even more. Natalie tells her off for her verbal abuse, but the woman says to mind her own business. Cristian witnesses the incident and compliments Natalie on sticking up for the little girl.

After class, Keri remarks on how intense it all was. Her father really bared his soul in there. She notices that the envelope is gone; Carlotta must have come by during class. Back at the diner, Carlotta settles down in a booth to read Antonio's award-winning paper. She opens the envelope and removes the letter addressed to Keri. Falling into R.J.'s trap, she innocently looks at the letter. Keri owes $52,127.17 on her credit card!

Hank, Antonio, Jessica, and Seth are on a stakeout about half a block from Roxy's house. Jessica answers her phone and tells Roxy she'll be there soon, and yes, she has the money. When Jessica gets to the house, Roxy jokes about the money and wants to see the check, but Jessica has a favor to ask first. A local news station wants to do a story on them, and a camera crew is on the way there now. She wants Roxy to wear a microphone so they'll be ready by the time the news team arrives. Roxy turns on her and doesn't want to do it until she can make herself more presentable, but Antonio calls and tells Jessica to get out of there because Allison is on her way. Jessica claims the call was from the crew; they got lost, so she wants to go flag them down. She finally manages to put the microphone on her birth mother before heading back to the van where the others are waiting.

Roxy is stunned to see Allison at the door, demanding her half of the money. She refuses to give her one cent. Allison tries to explain that everything that happened was all part of the plan, but Roxy isn't buying it. She refuses to take the fall for running Seth and Jessica off the road. Allison admits she's the one who did it. She grabs Roxy and threatens to do the same to her. This time, however, she'll make sure the victim is really dead. Roxy pushes her away and says to stop messing with her microphone. She mentions the news story but Allison realizes it's a set up. Outside, Hank, Antonio, and Jessica exit the van, having heard all they need to hear.

After a night of passion with Ben, Niki realizes she has to be more careful. She has to get rid of Ben before he catches on. He wakes up and tells her she was amazing. The problem is that something was missing; her body was there but her heart wasn't. She should trust him with what she's thinking and feeling, and she shouldn't worry about losing him, because that will never happen. They agree to spend the day in the hotel room. When he goes to take a shower, she calls for room service. She drugs his coffee and calls Jordan to tell her it's time. Ben emerges from the shower and pours more coffee; he just can't stay awake. He lies down and is asleep within seconds. Niki leaves just as Jordan arrives. She hands over the room key and goes downstairs to tell Renee she lost her key. As Jordan is setting the stage inside, Niki returns with Renee.

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