OLTL Update Monday 4/29/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 4/29/02

By Beth

Natalie is unconscious as a result of Al's violent outburst. Cristian revives her, then carries her into his loft and gives her a bag of ice for her head. She explains that she came back to see whether she'd left her wallet at the loft. She can't believe Al wants to move into a neighboring loft. Cristian is adamant that nothing will come between him and Jen again. He doesn't blame her for the trouble he and Jen had earlier. Chad comes looking for Natalie; he found her wallet. He apologizes for giving her a hard time about her mother, explaining to Cristian his belief that she was coming onto him. He leaves, and Natalie is still somewhat shaky from being knocked out. She's also frustrated at Viki's treatment of her. Cristian tries to reassure her; it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of her as long as she knows herself.

Ben catches "Viki" with the keys to his office and the hospital medicine cabinet, but she claims she was bringing them to him. To keep him from checking the supply, she tells him she's reserved a room at the Palace for tonight. He kisses her, very pleased that she finally wants to be alone with him.

At the Palace, Niki calls Jordan and gives her an update on the situation. She's going to drug Ben's wine, then call her back to come get in bed with him. Jordan doesn't really want to know all the details, but she's prepared to do the job. A knock at the door sends Niki into a tailspin, who thinks Ben is early and she isn't ready for him yet. It's actually Rae, who found out she was there and wanted to see how she's doing. "Viki" explains that she's planning a romantic evening with Ben, and that they haven't had sex since Rae hypnotized her. Rae surmises that she's surpressing her sexual self as a reaction to Niki, whom Viki sees as sexually amoral. "Viki" agrees, and when Rae asks how things are going with Natalie, she says things are so much better than they were. After getting rid of Rae, Niki drugs a glass of wine. She uses her finger to stir it and stops herself before licking the drugged wine off her finger. Ben arrives and she hands him the wine, but he doesn't want it. He's much more interested in making love with his wife. After repeated attempts to get him to take a drink, she finally gives up and gives in to the moment. She tears at his clothes and falls onto the bed with him.

Gabrielle, Nigel, and Dr. Shiller are frantic about Alex's latest disappearance. The doctor is especially worried about anyone finding out what he's doing. Gabrielle sends Nigel out the back to look for Alex.

Nora comes to Troy's rescue as Alex is making a play for him. Although Nora has no kind words to say about her, Alex insists they've been friends for years. Troy is expecially amused to hear about Nora's participation in her Egyptian-themed wedding. As Troy tries to get rid of Alex, Nigel finds her and tells her it's time. Alex again mentions that she's going to save a life. Nora asks Nigel to explain what she's doing in Llanview, and makes up an excuse about a parasite. Troy asks Nora whether she's jealous, and she tells him in no uncertain terms that Alex is dangerous. She can't really be saving someone's life; the only life she cares about is her own. Nora does remember that she saved Starr's life years ago. Maintaining that she's definitely not jealous, she kisses Troy.

Outside the treatment room, Todd is on the phone with Starr, who asks about Alex, bone marrow, and saving Jack's life. Todd promises to explain everything later, but Starr can't mention this to her mother. Starr thinks he's lying and that there's something wrong with Jack, but he promises that nothing bad will ever happen to Starr or her baby brother. Starr realizes that they should have left Llanview by now, and he says they're at the airport.

Todd hands over the money to Alex, who won't go through with the procedure without it. The doctor takes Jack, explaining that there's always a possibility that he'll reject the bone marrow. Fortunately the odds are overwhelmingly in his favor, and they'll know by morning. Clearly touched by Todd's love for his son, Gabrielle tells him about how she kept Al's secret for him, but she coulen't keep the truth from coming out in the end. Todd stresses that nothing is going to take his family away from him.

Sam continues to look into Jack's adoption. He finds Nellie at her apartment and insists that she sign papers to make the adoption legal. When she mentions wanting to consult with Todd first, Sam says they have to keep it between the two of them. She reluctantly allows him to come inside, and once there, he becomes extremely nosy. Nervous at first, Nellie eventually tells him he's asking a lot of questions. She signs the papers, but Sam points out that her signature doesn't match an earlier one. If she can't satisfactorily explain that, he'll bring the police into the matter. When she asks for another copy of the papers to try to match the signature, he reminds her that selling her baby is a felony. Finally, she gives in. She's not that baby's mother; it's just a role she was hired to play. Sam leaves, determined to find out who Jack's mother really is.

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