OLTL Update Friday 4/26/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 4/26/01

By Laura

Nikki continues to be rude and mean-spirited toward Natalie. When she questions her mother's behavior, Nikki insults her, and Natalie leaves. Then Nikki discusses her plans with Jordan, claiming that Ben is only in love with her money. Jordan disagrees, but is willing to help. Chad follows an again devastated Natalie, and then she suddenly leaves, realizing that she has lost her wallet.  

Troy is concerned when Nora hands him a restraining order in an envelope. She stumbles through her explanation that it is the stamp on the envelope that she means to give him. The stamp, though rare and valuable, is only an excuse for her to ask him out for dinner. She admits that she bought a stamp-collecting book to learn more about it, and Troy, and also admits that she can't cook. She intends to order in for and he approves, adding that he'll bring the wine. She accidentally agrees to join Troy in a 50-mile bike ride in a Marathon for AIDS before dinner.  

Ben asks Sam about Jack's adoption and the likelihood of the need for him and Vicki to take the kids again for a while. They agree that both Blair and Todd are good parents and Sam vows to get to the bottom of the adoption, in order to legalize it. Then he goes to the prison, to provide moral support for Jen, and Ben runs into Nora on his way out. Ben accuses Nora of hurting Sam and she reminds him that their break-up was Sam's decision. He is less than concerned when she adds that she's hurting too. She defends Troy when Ben blames him and accuses him of manipulating Nora. Troy overhears and confronts Ben, who willingly leaves. Troy thanks her, apologizes, and offers to cancel their date but she refuses the offer. They finalize plans and part.  

Gabrielle promises Todd that she will not allow Alex to speak to Blair. Results come back indicating that Alex's bone marrow is a perfect match. Alex informs a worried Todd that she was speaking to their voice mail, not to Blair directly. He erases it but not before Starr has the opportunity to hear it. Todd agrees not to publish Nigel's pictures. It's time to prep Alex for the transplant, and she is instructed to change into a hospital gown. One sight of the gown, and Alex wanders off in an attempt to find the 'celebrity' hospital gowns. Nigel and Gabrielle notice her missing and panic. Alex wanders into Troy's office, reminds him who she is, and flirts with him. She explains that she's at the hospital to save a child's life. Meanwhile, Starr calls her father to ask him what bone marrow is. He assures her that Jack is fine, and asks if she has told her mother. She tells him no, but informs him that Blair is coming.  

Jen tells her mother that she called off the wedding with Al. She responds by giving Jen a hard time about choosing the horrible Cristian over the saintly Al. Even when Jen explains that Al lied to her about his paralysis, Lindsay defends him, understanding that people do crazy things out of love, and begs Jen to give Al another chance. Jen compares Al to Troy and Sam arrives in time to see Lindsay get upset. She blames him for allowing Jen to do this, and he responds that it's all about Troy with her. Then he admits that Nora and Troy are dating. She continues to get upset so he leaves her behind, and assures Jen that he is there for her no matter what. Lindsay plans revenge on all who have hurt her.  

Cristian accuses Al of stalking Jen and Al comments that he is going to live there whether or not Cristian likes it, because Max owns the building. He punches Al but when he helps him up Al punches back, then strangles him. Natalie comes and verbally attempts to break up the fight. Al pushes Cristian into her, forcing her to lose consciousness, and then flees.  

Nikki looks to the medicine closet for something to use on Ben and finds a sedative. Then Ben finds her, holding his keys. 

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