OLTL Update Thursday 4/25/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/25/02

By Laura

‘Viki’ informs Ben that it was her idea to allow Jordan into the house in order to apologize. He tells Jordan that he’s still not hiring her, and she apologizes and leaves. Once she’s gone, Ben asks Viki why she told Asa that Ben wasn’t interested in getting to know him better. She answers that Asa was being rude to her so she simply lost patience and that she will apologize to him the next time she sees him. Renee calls Ben and asks him to come over right away. When he obliges, Niki calls Jordan and asks her to meet her at Break Bar. 

Shawna and Molly tease Al by putting on a show as Al and Jen. Rae breaks it up and once alone, gives Al her card, suggesting that he may need someone to talk to. She also tries to get him to realize that he and Jen are over. He insists that it would have worked and that he doesn’t need a psychologist. After she leaves, he rips up the card. 

Cristian comforts a distraught Natalie. She explains that she is upset because everyone hates her, even her own mother, and that she ruins everyone’s lives. She insists that she’s not worth loving and Cristian tries to convince her that she’s wrong. Jen opens the door, sees them, and lashes out at Natalie, accusing her of going after Cristian. After Natalie leaves, Cristian tells Jen that he didn’t even know about her recent fight with Natalie and that she had just been venting about her mother. Jen is convinced that Natalie is interested in Cristian, and demands to know what happened when Jessica walked in on them. After defending Natalie, and insisting that the incident was not a big deal, he admits that they kissed and that clothes were unbuttoned but never off. He swears that it only happened because they were both hurting. Jen agrees that it’s no big deal and leaves to visit her mother. Al walks by Cristian in the hallway and informs him that he’s there to check out the loft next door because it’s for rent. 

Natalie chats with Chad at the Break Bar when Al enters. She admits to Chad that she and Al haven’t exactly been getting along lately. When Natalie leaves the room and Niki comes in, she orders a scotch from Chad, hits on him, and offers him an internship at the Banner. When she walks away to wait for Jordan, and Natalie comes back, he tells her that her mother just hit on him. She denies even the possibility of it happening, and then admits that she doesn’t know Viki very well. Natalie says hello to Viki, but the response is less than pleasant as Niki snaps at her. 

Asa knocks on Bo’s door, prepared to see his son. Alex romanticizes that he’s there to rescue her, and her marrow. The doctor refuses to test her because she’s not a willing party, but Todd is determined to change that. He orders Gabrielle to get rid of Asa. When Asa sees Gabrielle and the doctor, he thinks she is having a ‘love fest’ in Bo’s home while he’s out of town. She covers by saying the doctor is there about Al’s paralysis, to make sure that Al is completely healed. He hears a noise from the balcony, made by Alex, so Nigel comes out in an attempt to hide her. At first Asa is appalled to think that Gabrielle has seduced Nigel too, but they claim that he’s there because Gabrielle is trying to hire him out from under Asa. 

Asa suspects that Gabrielle is wearing Alex’s perfume and assures her that she could never be Alex, because even she could never be that low. Alex overhears him vent his extremely negative feelings toward her, and she becomes distraught. Asa and Nigel return to the mansion. Alex claims that what she wants more than anything in the world is respect and admiration. Todd assures her that she’ll get it if she saves Jack’s life. She agrees, with an added bonus of one million dollars. The doctor reminds Todd that she may not be a match. Todd pulls Gabrielle outside to remind her that Alex can’t let Blair know, while inside the apartment Alex calls Blair and tells her everything. 

Kerri insists that Shawna is lying about her father and defends him to a suspicious Antonio. Antonio claims that he believes R.J. is innocent. Once Kerri leaves the room, however, he admits that he knows R.J. was involved in Shawna’s accusations against Kerri, but states that he won’t make an issue out of it because he loves Kerri and doesn’t want to hurt her. While Kerri thanks Antonio for trying so hard to get along with her father, R.J. secretly vows to break them up.

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