OLTL Update Wednesday 4/24/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/24/02

By Beth

Todd calls Gabrielle from the hospital and says he and the doctor will be right there. Nigel realizes that Alex is gone, and they panic. Frantically trying to think like Alex, they guess that she probably headed straight for Asa's mansion.

Alex rings the doorbell at the mansion, then fantasizes two very different scenarios about her first meeting with Asa since St. Blazes. Inside, Renee doesn't understand why she's been summoned to Asa's mansion. He accuses her of stabbing him in the back by trying to turn his own son against him. She doesn't know what he's talking about, so he continues. He went to Crossroads to talk to Ben last night and Viki told him her husband didn't want anything to do with him. Renee points out that doesn't sound like Ben at all; for that matter, it doesn't sound like Viki either. Asa won't listen. He knows Renee, and this had to be her doing. Outside, Alex sprays some of her trademark perfume on while waiting for someone to answer the door. She rings the doorbell again, and suddenly Nigel grabs her from behind. They struggle, and he drags her away from the door before anyone sees them. In Nigel's absence, Asa goes to answer the door. No one is there when he gets there, but he sniffs the air as if he detects something.

Niki is trying to fake a cold, and Viki warns her it won't work. For one thing, Ben is a doctor. For another, he won't be put off forever. Niki counters that he won't be around forever. Ben comes in and asks who won't be around forever. She claims she was thinking about Asa and how important it is for them to reconcile. Despite her "cold," Ben wishes she had been in bed last night. It seems there's a problem every night, and he misses her. He gets a call from Renee asking him to get to the mansion right away, so he takes off. Then Niki calls Jordan and asks her to come over.

Asa is leaving the mansion, and when he opens the door, Ben is looking at him. Asa doesn't know what Ben is selling, but he's not buying. He's going to see Bo, his loyal son. He leaves, to Ben's bewilderment. Renee explains what happened, and Ben is even more puzzled. Viki didn't mention anything like that to him.

Rae calls to check on Viki, and Niki tells her everything is fine. Jordan's arrival cuts the call short. She doesn't understand why she was asked to come to Llanfair; their business is finished, and Ben is the poster boy for fidelity. Niki tells her they just didn't set the right trap, but they're going to try again. Ben comes home and demands to know why that woman is there.

Natalie asks Chad whether Seth and Jessica were in class, and he says hardly anyone was there. He still can't believe what he heard about Al's wedding. Shawna joins them and points out that Natalie knew all along that Al could walk. Chad doesn't believe her until Natalie confirms it. Shawna figures that Natalie kept Al's secret so that she could have Cristian. Natalie insists they're just friends and tells Shawna to get a life, then leaves. Shawna wants to know what it is about the Vega guys that makes girls break the rules. Antonio is at the student union to give Rae some flowers to thank her for standing by Keri. He overhears Shawna and asks how she'd feel about a slander suit, because that's what will happen if she doesn't shut up about Keri. Chad is tired of dealing with Shawna and walks away. She laughs at Antonio; the hotshot detective doesn't have a clue about what really happened. R.J. was the one who paid her to lie.

Keri asks R.J. whether what Shawna said is true. Did he try to ruin her reputation so that she'd have to leave Llanview and Antonio? R.J. is hurt that she asked but he understands. He wishes he could erase his ugly past, but he can't, so instead he looks forward to a future as a man worthy of her respect. Keri is sorry she asked him about it; she knew he could never do that. It's just that she still doesn't know him very well. He points out that she really doesn't know Antonio that well either. After some moments of indecision, Keri tells her father she does trust him. When she steps away for a moment, Antonio arrives. He confronts R.J. and says he had a hunch, but now he knows that R.J. was behind Shawna's little stunt. Keri finds them arguing and asks what's going on. R.J. insists that Antonio tell her.

Todd arrives at Bo's and says that the doctor is on his way. Gabrielle is obviously a nervous wreck, and Todd realizes that Alex got away. He is livid. This is a matter of life and death: his son's life and Gabrielle's death. Just in time, Nigel brings Alex back in handcuffs. She demands to know what's going on, and when Todd's explanation doesn't satisfy her, she starts screaming. Dr. Shiller arrives ready to draw blood. When Alex realizes she's supposed to be the donor, she refuses. Todd explains that his son, who isn't even a year old, has the same disease that Starr had. Alex is sympathetic but says there's no way she's ever going through that again. Todd points out that he has a lot of money, which is something she's fond of. He also knows where to find Jeb, and he can tell him where to find Alex. She's stuck, and nobody can help her. Suddenly they hear Asa at the door, looking for Bo.

Jen and Cristian get up late. They missed Rae's class, and Jen laughs because she can't go anywhere; all she has to wear is her wedding gown. Cristian goes to Sam's to pick up some clothes for her. He stops by the student union and talks to Rae, who assures him they can make up the test they missed. She found out about the wedding fiasco from Renee, and she can't believe Natalie helped Al deceive everyone. Cristian thinks they should go easy on Natalie; she's had a hard life and she really came through in the end.

Jen answers the door to Natalie and invites her in. She thanks her for finding out about Al and telling Cristian in time to stop the wedding, but Natalie admits that she's known about Al's ability to walk for quite some time. Jen is furious; Natalie almost let her marry Al and ruin her life. Natalie points out that Jen should have fought for Cristian. If anyone ever loved her the way Cristian loves Jen, there's no way she would ever marry someone else. Jen throws Natalie out and tells her that nobody wants her around. Thinking about hearing Viki say she hates her, Natalie is standing outside the door crying when Cristian comes home.


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