OLTL Update Tuesday 4/23/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/23/02

By Beth

Keri stops by Break Bar to talk to Max about the birthday party she's planning for R.J. While she's there, Shawna comes in to ask for a job. Seeing Keri, she throws a few digs about why the professor would be hanging out in a student bar. Sensing trouble, Max phones R.J., stressing that he should get over there right away. Max tells Shawna to look elsewhere for a job, but she doesn't want to. She knows she could bring in a lot of business; Chad can vouch for her popularity. Chad wisely signals to Max that hiring her would be a bad idea. Shawna points out that employees like Chad bring in the female crowd; with her looks, college men would also be flocking to the bar. Chad laughs quietly at her self-assessment/appraisal. Max continues to turn her down, and she blames it on Keri. It's Keri's fault that she needs a job anyway; her parents cut her off when they found out she's on academic probation. When Keri tries to leave, Shawna grabs her. R.J. arrives and tells her to stay away from his daughter. Max deftly takes Keri aside while her father deals with Shawna. Soon, Max and Chad both have to leave. Shawna claims she's not afraid of R.J. She's holding all the cards. If he doesn't tell Max to give her a job, she'll spill her guts about his plan to get Keri fired. R.J.'s threats don't seem to faze her. She starts to leave, and R.J. tells Keri he has to wash the Shawna off his hands. Shawna returns and tells Keri that she wasn't the one who came up with the plan to lie to the dean; that was dear daddy's doing. R.J. overhears, and as Shawna leaves, Keri looks at her father in shock.

Still at the airport in Santo Domingo, Allison is lying across some seats, trying to rest. She picks up a newspaper to put across her face, and she notices the front page item. Beside a photo of Roxy and Jessica, the headline reads: "ATTEMPTED MURDER NETS $100,000 FOR MOTHER OF AMERICAN HEIRESS." Allison can't believe her eyes. That money should have been hers!

Jessica, Seth, Hank, and Antonio gather at Llanfair to discuss the plan to catch Allison. They planted a fake news item that hit the wire services and should be all over the world by now. With luck, it will lure Allison back to Llanview to collect the money she thinks Roxy just received. Hank gives her a chance to back out, but she wants to go through with it. She's convinced that Allison was the mastermind; Roxy isn't smart enough. It's risky, but the police will be looking out for Jessica's safety. Hank calls to have Roxy released from jail, and now he needs to get an order for a wiretap. After Hank and Antonio leave, Jessica tells Seth they can't ever let anyone come between them again. She believes that Allison was the one who framed Seth for theft, and Seth doesn't tell her any different.

Natalie visits Roxy in jail and asks whether she tried to kill Seth and Jessica. Roxy claims Allison set the whole thing up. Sure, she was a lousy mother, but this time she was framed. She wants Natalie to tell Jessica she didn't do it, but Natalie refuses. She claims that Roxy has done plenty of bad things that Jessica doesn't know about. She reminds her of a certain spring afternoon when she was seven years old. Roxy doesn't want to hear it. She yells for the guard, and Natalie leaves on her own. The guard arrives and tells Roxy she's free to go. Someone must have paid her bail.

Roxy arrives home and sees the newspaper outside her door. In disbelief, Roxy picks it up and starts reading. In the article, Jessica says it's not Roxy's fault that she's the way she is. She's not a killer. She needs money for medical care, and that's why Jessica is going to give it to her. It will allow her to have a fresh start. As Roxy reads, Jessica comes up behind her and calls her "Mom." They go inside, and Roxy talks about getting treatment at the sanatorium. It's obvious to Jessica that she keeps talking about the money involved. The phone rings, and Roxy is unhappy to hear Allison saying she told her the plan would work. She's ready for her money. Roxy tells her she's not getting a thing, and warns her not to call there ever again. At the airport, Allison tells herself she's going back to Llanview. At the police station, Hank and Antonio replay the tape made from the phone call to Roxy's house.

Natalie comes home very upset. Looking at a photo of Viki and Jessica, she thinks about the hateful words Roxy said to her. A memory comes to her: Roxy passed out on the couch, while a seven-year-old Natalie begs a woman to take her away. The woman is unsympathetic, leaving Natalie alone with her drunken mother. Remembering that day, Natalie cries. The woman should have taken her too. She doesn't want to think about that. Realizing she has a class to attend, she starts to leave but stops when she see the front page of the "Banner." Upset at what she reads, she rushes out.

Todd tries to stash Alex at Bo's place, with Gabrielle and Nigel as babysitters. Todd takes Gabrielle aside and explains that without Alex, his marriage is over. So is Gabrielle's job and her cushy setup with Bo. He needs her to keep an eye on Alex. She donated bone marrow to Starr, so she should be a good match for Jack as well. The thing is that Alex doesn't know about this. She thinks they're all going to run a big con on Asa. Alex stops him as he tries to leave, but he promises to explain everything when he gets back. Nigel and Gabrielle argue about who's staying with Alex, who sees all the mail for Bo and wonders what it's doing there. Gabrielle explains that it's Bo's apartment and that they're just friends. Nigel manages to slip out. Seeing him leave, Alex tackles Gabrielle, demanding to know all about Todd's plan. She makes a lot of threats but Gabrielle insists she doesn't know. However, she herself is living proof that Todd is very generous to those who cooperate with him. Alex eventually lets her up and makes a demand; she wants tea with lemon, mint, and a bendy straw. As Gabrielle goes to get the tea, Alex ponders all the secrecy. She doesn't believe it has anything to do with Asa. Gabrielle returns with the requested tea, minus the mint and with a straight straw. Alex's next demand pushes her too far, and she takes the phone to the balcony to call Nigel. He returns immediately, and while they argue, Alex sneaks out the door.

Blair learns that Jack's latest blood test was fine. She has all kinds of questions for the doctor, but he insists on waiting until Todd is there. Blair doesn't even know where he is. Suddenly Todd arrives at the hospital, and Blair demands the truth about where he's been. Since Gabrielle mentioned hearing him talk about flying somewhere, he says that Blair is ruining his surprise. He planned a family trip to Houston to see Kelly and Kevin. Starr, who has been sitting quietly by herself, gets excited. The problem is that the tickets are for two different flights. Blair and Starr will go this morning, and he and Jack will take a later flight. Blair doesn't like this at all. Jack's just been so sick. Seeing a look from Todd, the doctor says Jack is fine to travel. Blair still insists that Starr should go with Todd so that she can take Jack. Starr is insulted; nobody wants to go with her. Blair explains that the baby should be with his mother. Todd offers his own logic. Blair and Starr both like Kelly; he doesn't. So they should go on the earlier flight, and they'll have more time with Kelly, and he'll have less. Blair reluctantly agrees to his plan, so she and Starr leave to catch their flight. Dr. Shiller stresses that Jack needs treatment now. Todd says it's all set; he found the perfect donor.

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