OLTL Update Monday 4/22/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 4/22/02

By Beth

Al bullies and screams at Natalie to never say Jen's name, but she taunts him with it, saying it's time for him to get over it. Enraged, he pushes her against the wall, refusing to let go of her. Jessica comes in and Al lets go of Natalie, who storms out, closing the doors behind her. She listens as Al tells Jessica he's going to get his things out of the carriage house. Appalled, Jessica thinks he should have a few more things to say, but he claims he's not in the mood to talk. As he heads out, she offers to let him continue staying at the carriage house, but he says it's not a good idea. After he leaves, Jessica tells Natalie that she and Seth went to the police station to see Roxy. She asks her sister's opinion as to whether Roxy is capable of running them off the road. The evidence points to her, but she claims that Allison set her up. Natalie warns her that Roxy's capable of anything. She says Jessica doesn't know half the stuff she's done, and she wouldn't want to know. Jessica goes to find Seth, and Natalie recalls what she told her sister about Roxy, while looking at her baby picture. She calls the Llanview police department to inquire about seeing the woman who raised her.

Nora and Troy kiss, and she tries to leave but lets him talk her into staying a little while longer. As he gets some wine, she accidentally knocks a book of some kind off the table, and he runs across the room to keep her from seeing what it is. She questions what he's hiding, then backs off. Troy reluctantly admits that it's a stamp collection. He's embarrassed and afraid it projects a nerdy image to her, but she's tickled at the revelation. It's certainly not how she pictured him. They sit down together and he shows her some of his stamps. As they share another kiss, his beeper goes off. Troy apologizes; he has to go to the hospital, but Nora says it was time for her to leave anyway.

Blair wants to know what Gabrielle is up to. Gabrielle says it isn't easy to explain. It's about a son and a huge, monstrous lie that could have tragic consequences. Blair thinks this is about Jack, but it isn't; it's about Al. They're both mothers. Can't they help each other? Blair wants nothing to do with the woman. She leaves to call Starr, and Gabrielle worries about how to keep her from finding out the truth about Jack's condition. When Dr. Shiller stops by looking for Blair, she claims to be her sister. Faking a southern drawl, she asks about Jack's condition. When the doctor won't comply, she reverts back to her normal voice. She knows all about Jack's aplastic anemia and the doctor's promise not to tell Blair. Blair returns and demands to know why Gabrielle is talking to the doctor about Jack. Gabrielle and the pediatrician exchange conspiratorial looks, and the doctor announces that Jack is ready to go home now. He does need some follow-up visits, though. Blair goes to get her baby. She's happy to be taking him home, but she's worried about Todd not being back from Philadelphia yet. Alone, Gabrielle is relieved; now she can take care of her own son's problems.

Seth reports to work at Break Bar. He tries to explain to Chad that he knows who set him up, but he won't reveal the person's identity. He doesn't want to get the guy in any trouble. Chad excuses himself and Max, who was listening, wants to know whom he's protecting. Al appears in the doorway and makes a confession. He was the one who impersonated Seth and stole the money. He hands his father the stolen money, and Max says he'll give it to Natalie since she already paid him. Max takes responsiblity for being a lousy role model, but Al insists on taking the blame. By the time Gabrielle arrives, Al is at the bar, wallowing in self pity. He lost Jen and he has nowhere to live. Chad mentions a vacancy upstairs, to Max's annoyance. Al just wants to be left alone, so Max and Gabrielle leave him to his misery. They both hope he won't move in upstairs; it would be terrible to put himself in the same path as Jen and Cristian on a daily basis. Jessica finds Seth and says that Natalie wasn't much help, although she does think Roxy could have done it. Jessica has come up with the perfect way to find out the truth.

At the airport in Santo Domingo, Allison tells Alex to leave her alone. Alex is persistent, trying to trade her earrings for Allison's plane ticket. Finally, Allison gets up to board the plane, and Alex grabs the ticket and runs--straight into Nigel. Both of them are knocked down, and Todd commends Nigel on a job well done. Alex is stunned to see them, and even more surprised to hear that they've come to take her back to Llanview. Todd claims they have a common goal of taking revenge on Asa. He has a plan, and she's a necessary part of that plan. Alex won't go, figuring it would be too easy for Jeb to find her there. She turns around to leave and runs straight into her husband.

Allison returns with security, wanting to have Alex arrested for stealing her ticket. When she sees Todd, she backs off and claims she made a mistake. She sits down, puts her disguise back on, and picks up a nearby copy of the "Banner." Roxy's arrest for attempted murder made the front page. Allison tells herself a night in an airport seat is better than prison. Soon she's going away and no one will ever find her.

Alex tells Jeb she has urgent business in the States, and he wants to go with her. Todd takes him aside, and soon the janitor is leaving the airport. Todd points out that unless Alex comes with him and Nigel back to Llanview, he'll find Jeb and let him know where to find his wife. Alex grabs her ticket and rushes to board the plane. Nigel inquires as to where Alex will be staying while in town, and Todd has the perfect place.

Niki takes Jordan, the private investigator, to Crossroads. She watches with glee as Jordan flirts with Ben, then boldly rubs legs with him. Ben is uncomfortable with the blatant come-on. He's only looking for a waitress. Jordan explains that sometimes people get more than what they're looking for. Outside, Asa catches "Viki." She tries to get rid of him, which only makes him more suspicious. He explains that he needs to talk to Ben to set a date for the family dinner they're been planning. When Niki claims they're too busy for that, he leaves. She tries to take a photo of the events unfolding inside the bar, but gives up on that. Jordan arranges to fall right into Ben's arms. Then she kisses him passionately, as he tries desperately to pull away. Finally succeeding, Ben tells Jordan that he's flattered but happily married. Asa returns; Renee will kill him if he doesn't set the dinner date. Niki tells him that Ben doesn't really want a reconciliation. Saying he should have known, Asa leaves again. Ben tells Jordan she'd better look for a job elsewhere, and Niki enters the bar as she leaves. Ben kisses her, and she goes back outside to settle up with Jordan. The P.I. says she should be happy, because Ben is true blue. After paying Jordan, Niki tells herself it's not over yet.

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