OLTL Update Friday 4/19/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 4/19/01

By Laura

Todd calls Gabrielle from the plane. He tells her that Jack has aplastic anemia and that Blair knows he is sick but thinks it’s an iron deficiency. He asks her to keep Blair away from Jack and although she refuses at first because she feels that a mother has a right to know, he threatens her job and she agrees to help. He brings Nigel to Santa Domingo with him to search for Alex. Nigel begins to suspect that Jack is Todd and Blair’s biological son and Todd warns him to shut up.  Then he changes this mind and converses about kharma and divine retribution, blaming himself for Jack’s illness. Nigel tries to explain that it’s nobody’s fault and that things happen because that’s just how life is.  

Gabrielle attempts to comfort Blair while Blair responds by insulting her. She inadvertently tells Blair that Todd is on an airplane. Blair demands to know Gabrielle’s agenda, and gets her to admit that she’s lying.   

Alex tries to buy a ticket to leave but the flight is booked so she tries to buy Allison’s ticket from her instead. Allison insists on being left alone and eventually threatens Alex.  Alex grabs Allison’s ticket and runs, right into Nigel.  

Matthew darts toward Nora in the Chinese restaurant and wants to stay with her and Troy. He asks if Daddy is going to sleep over and when Nora informs him that he’s not, Matthew asks if Dr. Troy is going to sleep over instead. Troy says goodbye to Matthew and makes a clean getaway so that Nora can apologize to Sam and suggest that they explain to Matthew the changes in their lives. Matthew takes it well and Nora leaves them to their father and son evening. She goes to Troy’s home to thank him and to apologize. They kiss.  

Roxy swears that she didn’t run Jessica and Seth off the road. She realizes that Allison has set her up and attempts to explain the details of how it must have occurred. She begs Jessica to believe that she is not a killer.

 Al confronts Natalie about her “stabbing him in the back” and although she apologizes,

she excuses herself by insisting that she couldn’t keep hurting Jessica, Seth, Jen, and Cristian. She calls Al self-involved and reminds him that Jen never even loved him. She continues to taunt him until he grabs and shoves her. 

Jen is upset, but when she finds her robe in Cristian’s bathroom she recognizes that she is where she belongs. She is apologetic that she lied and tried to convince herself that she could love Al instead of Cristian. They make love.

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