OLTL Update Thursday 4/18/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/18/02

By Laura

Nikki asks the private investigator to seduce Ben. The P.I. takes notes as Nikki tells him why she thinks Ben would cheat on her. The P.I. refuses to sleep with Ben but agrees to flirt and lead him on. Nikki urges to go to Crossroads right away and apply for the waitress job. Then Nikki imagines walking in on them at the bar. Vicki appears to promise her that its not going to work because she knows Ben, to ask for her life back, and to ask Nikki again to tell her the secret she’s keeping from her. Nikki leaves to watch Ben with a zoom lens at Crossroads. 

Sam comes into Crossroads with Matthew to see Ben. Ben gives Matthew a walkman with headphones so that he and Sam can talk. Sam explains why the wedding didn’t happen and then Ben brings up Nora and the fact that she still loves Sam. He replies that it isn’t as much as he loves her and isn’t enough to keep her away from Troy. Ben offers to quit the clinic but Sam declines. He admits that Matthew doesn’t know what’s going on because he and Nora need to tell him together an he doesn’t want to even see her at the moment. Sam calls Nora to ask her to meet him so that they can talk to Matthew. When she’s not home he assumes that she’s with Troy. When he asks Ben about Vicki, he says that she’s not herself lately because of Natalie. He says that Vicki has been strange and distant. Sam suggests that she just needs time, and then he suggests to Matthew that they have a father and son dinner at the Chinese restaurant.  

Natalie admits to Seth that she tried to break up him and Jessica and that Al helped in order for to keep Al’s secret from Jen. She admits that Al stole the money from Break Bar and also hit on Chad’s sister while pretending to be Seth. She also admits that she planted the statue in Seth’s pocket at the gallery. She apologizes and swears that it’ll never happen again. Jessica comes in and Seth refrains from telling her about Natalie’s actions. After Jessica leaves to go confront Roxy in jail about running her and Seth off the road, Seth tells Natalie that he kept it a secret so that she would do something for him in return. He asks her to finally get over him, move on, and leave him and Jessica alone. She promises that she will and adds that she knew it was over when she heard him tell Jessica in the cave that he never loved Natalie the way he loves her. After Seth leaves, Al comes to confront Natalie.  

Cristian yells at Al who tells him to back off. They fight but Jen and Cristian decide that Al isn’t worth the trouble. He calls Al pathetic and Al apologizes to Jen refusing to let her go off with Cristian whom he’s certain is bound to hurt her. Al begs her not to go with Cristian, who will cheat on Jen. She defends him and they leave together. In the park, Cristian and Jen overhear Nikki and agree that she’s acting strange and that it’s been a very strange day. Cristian takes Jen ‘home’. 

Nora arrives at Troy’s home for their date. She admits to being nervous because she hasn’t dated in a long time, but swears that she’s not having second thoughts. They drink wine and listen to jazz. Then Troy says he can’t do this. He wants them to get to know each other instead. She admits that she hates jazz. She also admits to being too hungry for the small portions of the French restaurant where he’s made reservations. They agree to go to a Chinese restaurant, which they both apparently consider their favorite. Troy orders ‘the usual’, which Nora incorrectly assumes is health food, and then he asks her to tell him something that no one else knows. She divulges that she failed her driver’s license test three times because of parallel parking and only passed the fourth time because she wore a short skirt. Sam comes in with Matthew and sees Troy and Nora together.

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