OLTL Update Wednesday 4/17/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/17/02

By Beth

Al stands up, to the astonishment of most of the wedding guests. He walks over to Jen, who is shocked and hurt by this revelation. Trying to protect her son, Gabrielle runs over to him, calling it a miracle, but he stops her, and Jen tells her to shut up. Then Jen clears the room; she wants to talk to Al alone. Al says he didn't want his news to come out this way, and claims he planned to tell her soon. She demands to know when. After they were married? He knew exactly what he was doing. She guesses that he was planning a miracle cure in Switzerland. Al claims he had no choice but to keep this from her. He loves her; everything he did was out of love for her. Disgusted, Jen questions whether he ever was really paralyzed. Al is stunned that she would even think that. Of course he was paralyzed. Thinking that she'd be with him is what made him better. He believed that she really loved him and wanted to take care of him. He also knew that she'd leave him if she ever thought he didn't need her. That's why he didn't tell her about this.

Sam confronts Al's parents, and Gabrielle defends her son. Sam leaves in disgust. Gabrielle admits to Max that she knew, but he'd already figured that out. She also wanted to object at the wedding, but Al begged her to keep his secret. They both should have spoken up earlier. Asa and Renee join them, and Asa says they owe him $10,000. He paid for a wedding, not a three-ring circus. Renee chastizes him and tells Max and Gabrielle she's glad Al's okay now. She drags Asa out to help her donate the leftovers to charity. Gabrielle wants to check on Al and Jen, but Max stops her. Jessica tells Seth that she thought she knew Al. How could he do this? She doesn't know whether to be happy that he can walk or angry that he deceived everyone. She can't imagine what Jen must be going through right now. Cristian joins them, revealing that it was Natalie who told him about Al's ability to walk. Jessica wonders why Natalie kept it a secret, and Cristian says she felt it was up to Al. Seth adds that she probably figured he'd say something before the wedding. He and Jessica have to go to the police station to make an official statement about Roxy.

Al still believes he can make Jen happy. When she calls him on his lies, he becomes more belligerent. He says she lied to him when she said it was over with Cristian. She maintains that it was, because it had to be. She was prepared to be with Al for the rest of her life and help him get better. It wasn't pity. Al believes he can still be a good husband. There's still a chance for them. After all, they're best friends, and they can be more. Jen is firm; Al ruined any chance they had by lying to her to protect himself. He also lied when he said he'd never hurt her. He was the one person she trusted to always tell her the truth. That was the biggest lie of all. She opens the door and runs straight into Cristian's arms. She never stopped loving him, and he still loves her. While they kiss, Al stands in the doorway looking very hostile.

Nigel doesn't understand why Todd would want to find Alex; that woman is poison for Asa. Feeling no need to explain, Todd grabs him again. Nigel says he wouldn't tell him even if he did know; there is such a thing as integrity, loyalty, and honor. Having anticipated a problem, Todd shows Nigel some photos--incriminating photos of Nigel, taken at the Cherryvale Inn last week. They're prime material for the front page of the "Sun." Defeated, Nigel reveals that Alex is in Santo Domingo.

Blair confronts Dr. Shiller; she wants to know about Jack's condition right now. He agrees it's time for her to know everything. Jack came in with a high fever, but he's stable now. His beeper goes off and he has to attend to something, but he tells Blair to wait for him. She finds Jack's file, but it's only his admitting file. The doctor returns with Jack's medical file. When Blair mentions the possibility of allergies, the doctor says they're not the problem. Listening outside the door, Todd arranges for Blair to be called away. Then he interrupts their conversation, just as Blair is called to the nurses' station. Dr. Shiller insists that he will tell Blair the truth, but Todd won't let him. He's aware that the doctor wants to start a pediatric research project, and he'll fund the entire thing if the doctor will keep his mouth shut about Jack's condition. Blair returns and again asks what's going on. The pediatrician explains that Jack simply has an iron deficiency, but it's treatable. He's just keeping the baby in the hospital until his iron levels get back up to normal. Relieved, Blair goes to see her son. Todd places a call for a ticket to Santo Domingo.

Alex is still denying her true identity, but the man is convinced she's lying. He's vindicated when a courier arrives with papers for Alex Olanov Stuart and says her name loudly. She admits he's right but says he can't tell anyone. He concludes that she's on the run, trying to get a divorce. She relates the story of how she ended up marrying a poor janitor named Jeb Stuart instead of Asa, who used that name in St. Blazes. She feels so trapped. Just as the man offers the use of his solid gold pen, they hear her husband calling to her. He followed her all the way to Santo Domingo. Seeing the divorce papers, he grabs them, vowing to never let her go. The man tries to get rid of him, but Jeb "puts up his dukes" to fight, only to be punched out. Alex checks on her husband and finds he's out cold. She signs the papers, kisses the man's cheek, and announces that she's leaving town.

Natalie tells Ben that this is the worst day of her life, and although she wishes she could talk to her mother, the woman can't stand her. Ben insists that's not true; what she heard was out of context. Natalie challenges him to explain it. Ben says Viki's worried about not being a good mother to her. She thinks she failed her when she was a baby and can never make it up to her. Natalie still believes she meant every word. She must be unlovable.

Niki is on the computer researching ways to get rid of Ben. Finding what she wants, she makes a phone call and arranges a meeting with Jordan Whitney. Ben and Natalie join her, and "Viki" tries to explain to Natalie that she misunderstood what she said. Not taking time to talk, she says she has to run. Upset, Natalie walks out. Ben tells her she's not acting like herself. She's too preoccupied with her unconscious feelings. She needs to start forgiving herself and focus on the positive. If she does that, she'll be back to her old self soon. After she leaves for her appointment, Ben invites Natalie to accompany him to Crossroads to interview potential waitresses, but she declines, wanting to be alone. She appreciates his attempt to include her, though. He leaves, and Jessica and Seth come in, announcing that the wedding didn't happen. they wonder how Natalie knew about Al. When Jessica goes upstairs to change, Natalie tells Seth to forget about Al, Jen, and Cristian. She wants to confess what she did to him and Jessica.

Niki meets Jordan Whitney, a private investigator, in the park. Jordan assures her she's more than competent; nine out of ten of her cases are about unfaithful husbands. Under her breath, Niki says that this one isn't about that yet, but it will be.


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