OLTL Update Tuesday 4/16/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/16/02

By Beth

Alex is approached in a bar by a man claiming to know her. Although she denies it, he insists her name is Alex Olanov and she's from Llanview.

At Statesville, Lindsay is harrassed by the other inmates on laundry duty. Tillie, the leader, has a copy of the "Sun," which contains an article about Jen's wedding. Tillie will give her the paper for two packs of cigarettes, but Lindsay doesn't smoke and didn't realize that cigarettes are basic currency in prison. She tries to grab the article, and Tillie tears it up and tosses it onto the floor. Lindsay goes for it and gets her hair pulled, then she's pushed down. As she pieces the article back together, Tillie tells the others that "Goldilocks" is the nutcase who chained that doctor to a wheel in an old funhouse. As the taunting continues, Lindsay attacks Tillie. By the time the guards come to break it up, Tillie is on top of Lindsay, beating her up. Tillie threatens Lindsay, and the guard tells her what a fool she is for making an enemy of Tillie. She was also an idiot for letting that doctor trick her into making a confession. They lock her in her cell and talk about how the whole world must be laughing at her. Lindsay imagines Troy, Nora, and Sam mocking her from the other side of the bars. She tells herself she can't let prison get to her. She has to survive it so she can pay Nora, Troy, and Sam back for what they did to her.

Nora leaves a message on Sam's machine and immediately regrets it. Troy stops by to invite her to dinner tonight, and she declines, saying it's not a good idea and she doesn't have to elaborate on that. Troy reminds her that Lindsay is the one in prison. Why is Nora punishing herself? Nora says she just needs a little more time. Troy agrees but says he won't wait in limbo forever. He tends to go after what he wants. Nora retorts that she hurt Sam very deeply by letting him go after what he wanted. Keri comes in and hears Troy's reply. If Nora and Sam were really so committed to each other, nothing could have torn them apart. He leaves. Keri tells Nora she's sorry about what happened with Sam. She realizes that Troy is the man Nora said she had feelings for. Has that changed? Nora says it hasn't, but it doesn't matter. She can't act on them, because that would hurt Sam even more. Keri disagrees, saying that in her opinion, Troy was right. If they were really meant to be together, they would be. People can't just ignore their feelings. Sam moved on, and she should too.

After receiving Larry's call, Blair rushes to the hospital and asks Larry what's wrong with Jack. Remembering that Alex was the one who donated bone marrow for Starr, Todd runs out to track her down. Blair stops him and demands to know what's wrong. Todd puts her off and says he's going to find Dr. Shiller. Starr arrives, saying she got Suzanne to bring her to the hospital. She doesn't believe Blair's assurances that there's nothing wrong with Jack. Blair yells at her, which adds to Starr's belief that she prefers Jack. Blair insists that's not true, and takes her to find Suzanne.

Claiming that his wife's mental condition is extremely fragile, Todd tells Dr. Shiller not to say anything to Blair about Jack's condition. The pediatrician thinks Todd must be exaggerating, but when Blair joins them, Todd twirls his finger to remind the doctor of Blair's condition. Dr. Shiller simply says that Jack had a high fever, but it's down now, and he's resting. When he goes to check on Jack, Blair tells Todd that the doctor is obviously hiding something. Todd accuses her of getting all worked up over nothing. Blair is worried that Jack might have aplastic anemia, but Todd insists that the odds of that are astronomical. He claims the doctor mentioned something about an allergy, so he needs to bring Jack's toys in for testing. Todd then finds the doctor and says he's going to bring the donor in without Blair's knowledge. He insists that nobody in the hospital can know about this. After all, he can't look after Jack very well if he's dealing with Blair being at St. Anne's. He leaves, and soon Dr. Shiller asks Larry about Blair's mental stability. Larry informs him that she's perfectly sane. Blair comes along and asks the doctor for more information on Jack's condition, and he agrees she should know exactly what's going on.

Claire runs into Troy's office when she sees that he's returned to work. He tries to get rid of her but she won't leave. Calling him a real-life hero, she says she knew he would never be interested in Lindsay. She invites him over to her place for a drink. Troy is very uncomfortable. Saving the day, Starr appears in the doorway and makes a demand: "Hey, weird red-haired lady! Leave my Dr. Troy alone!" Starr wants to talk to him alone and insists that Claire leave. Troy thanks Starr for saving his life again by getting rid of the weird red-headed lady. Starr invites him over to see her new iguana, then asks him for advice. Her parents obviously love Jack more than they love her, and she doesn't know what to do. Wearing his stethoscope, she asks whether her heart should be beating this fast. He checks her out and says it's just fine. He warns her that not liking her brother could get her into a real mess. He should know; it happened to him. Starr admits she likes Jack but her parents do favor him. Troy tells her they love both of them. They're lucky to have her as a daughter, and he's lucky to have her as a friend. She should just be herself, and anyone who doesn't like that is losing out. She gives him a hug and says he's very smart. From the doorway, Nora agrees. She informs Starr that Suzanne is looking for her, so Starr has to leave. Troy tells Nora he doesn't know why she's here, but he has a lot of work to do. She surprises him by accepting his invitation to dinner. Cristian runs into the mansion, begging Jen not to complete her wedding vows. Al yells at him to get out, but Cristian won't leave until Jen knows what a liar Al is. Sam asks Cristian what this is all about, and Renee takes Matthew to the kitchen. Cristian announces that Al can walk. Gabrielle is upset, and Al is furious. Jen turns around and looks at her husband-to-be. Seth and Jessica try to take Cristian outside to talk about it, but he won't go. He says that Natalie told him Al's been walking for months. Gabrielle bawls Cristian out, and Jen tells her to shut up. She asks Al for the truth. He says he loves her and would never hurt her, and he insists he can't walk. Max gives his son a disgusted look. Jen reminds Al that he's asked her several times what she would do if he did start walking again. There must be a reason he kept asking. When Al continues to lie, Cristian pulls him out of his wheelchair. Max and Sam pull them apart, and Asa sends Nigel for security. When Nigel goes outside, Todd grabs him and demands to know where to find Alex.

Max orders Cristian to leave, and Asa adds that if he doesn't, he'll be arrested for trespassing. Cristian agrees to leave, but only if Jen goes with him. He wants her to talk to Natalie. Al strongly protests, telling her not to listen to him. Jen assures Al that she believes him, and they'll continue with the wedding. However, they'll have to do that when she gets back. She's going to find Natalie first. Since Cristian believes her, Jen needs to speak to Natalie for herself. Al tries to stop her, but she's intent on leaving. In one last attempt, Al tells her to wait. Instinctively knowing what's about to happen, Max nods his approval while Gabrielle tries to dissuade him. Al stands and takes a few steps forward. Asa, Renee, Seth, and Jessica are shocked. Sam is furious. Jen is stunned and hurt.

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