OLTL Update Monday 4/15/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 4/15/02

By Beth

Natalie's news that Al can walk doesn't faze Cristian, who thinks she must have believed the rumor Shawna started. She protests that it isn't a rumor; she's seen him walk. In fact, he's been able to walk since February. Cristian doesn't understand. If he can walk, why is he still in his wheelchair? Natalie explains; Al knows that if Jen finds out he can walk, he'll lose her, because she'll go back to Cristian. He's furious that she didn't tell him before, and she admits she made a deal with Al. She believes that even though Jen is marrying Al right now, he can change that. Even if they're already married, all Cristian has to do is tell Jen the truth and she'll divorce Al. Cristian explains that she won't do that because she doesn't want to end up like her parents. He runs out to find her.

Replacing the sick look on her face with a resigned and hopeful smile, Jen walks down the aisle to meet her groom. As the officiant speaks, Jen daydreams about Cristian's proposal. She's lost in thought as the officiant tries to get her attention. Realizing what's happening, she claims it's just a case of the jitters and asks him to proceed. When the officiant asks whether anyone knows why they shouldn't be married, Max stands up to object, but Gabrielle stops him, to Al's relief. Al and Jen have written their own vows. Jen speaks of how lucky she is to be with Al, who has never disappointed her, hurt her, or lied to her. She promises to try every day to make him happy. Al says that he fell in love with her at first sight, and getting to know her deepened his love for her. He'll never be unfaithful to her, and he'll never hurt her or leave her.

After running all over town, Cristian finally goes to Asa's mansion. As Jen is about to say, "I do," he bursts into the room and tells Jen not to do it. Al looks ready to cry.

Todd doesn't want to believe that Jack could have aplastic anemia, and Dr. Shiller assures him it's just a preliminary diagnosis. They won't know until the test results come back. Todd finds Ben on the phone with Blair and hangs up the phone. Ben demands to know why he doesn't want her to know that Jack is sick. Todd agrees she should know but says there's no news yet. In any case, Jack probably just has the flu. Ben insists she'd still want to know, but Todd says she'd just get all hysterical about it. He'll tell her, but not yet. The phone rings again; it's Blair calling back. Assuming they're still at Llanfair, she asks him to send Todd home. After hanging up, Ben warns Todd to tell Blair as soon as the test results come back, or else he'll do it himself. He leaves for the clinic, and Dr. Shiller returns. The test results aren't in yet, but he put a rush on them so it shouldn't be much longer. He didn't notice before that Jack is adopted; that would make his chances of having this disease much less likely. Alone, Todd lets his imagination runs wild as he thinks about telling Blair the truth about Jack's parentage to save his life. As he tries to convince himself that Jack just has the flu, the doctor returns. The test results confirm that Jack has aplastic anemia. He needs a bone marrow transplant, and a sibling would be the best match. Todd explains that Starr is his full sibling, but the doctor doesn't understand. In any case, she can't be a donor because she's had the disease. He's going to put Jack on a waiting list for a donor, but the longer it takes, the worse his chances are. Alone again, Todd talks to himself about telling Blair the truth. Back from the clinic, Ben knocks at the door, and Todd claims the test results aren't in yet. Ben has to go home now but says to let him know if he can do anything.

Antonio takes Keri to the diner, where a surprise party awaits her. R.J. arrives in time to join the festivities. Keri makes a little speech about how much everyone's support means to her. She has no idea why the charges were made against her but she's grateful that no one here believed them. Rae tells her she can't stay, but she did want to stop by. Hank congratulates his niece and says he'd like to get to know her better. She asks whether he also wants to get to know his brother, who really has changed. Hank admits he still has doubts about R.J., but Keri insists he's wrong.

Convinced that R.J. is behind Shawna's attempt to discredit Keri, Antonio asks his opinion on why Shawna and the others told those lies. He thinks R.J. put her up to it in an attempt to run Keri out of town and away from Antonio. Annoyed with Antonio's allegations, R.J. joins Hank and Keri, but Hank excuses himself. Carlotta announces the end of the party, and the guests leave. On the way out, Hank tells R.J. he just might end up with a cop for a son-in-law, and R.J. says that will be over his dead body. Carlotta gives Antonio the keys with instructions to lock up after he and Keri spend some time alone. He puts on some music, and they dance.

Chad makes a delivery from Break Bar for Blair's party. Misinterpreting her friendliness and happy mood, he thinks she's coming on to him. Instead of asking Chad to tape the streamers she can't reach, she asks him to pick her up so that she can do it. Chad thoroughly enjoys his helpful act and asks whether there's anything else he can do. When he goes to check, he tells himself that things are really looking up. Blair returns with news that there is one more thing, and Chad says he has to get back to work but he could come back tonight. Blair hesitates, then Starr joins them. Chad is stunned to learn that Blair is her mother. Blair realizes the effect she's had on Chad and is both embarrassed and flattered. She didn't mean to give him the wrong impression. She laughs at the thought of him being attracted to an old married woman like her, and he counters that she's beautiful and hot. She thanks him, but he's embarrassed that he said too much. Rae sneaks up behind Chad and startles him. Totally flustered, he leaves.

Blair is relieved to know that Rae's visit has nothing to do with child services, because she can't take any more bad news about her children. Starr isn't pleased to see Rae and is glad she isn't staying. When Rae leaves, Starr talks Blair into starting the party without Todd and Jack. As they celebrate with noisemakers and popping balloons, Blair hears the phone. Larry is calling to ask her to bring Jack's immunization records to the hospital when she comes. He thought she'd be there by now. Alarmed, Blair wants to know what's wrong.

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