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One Life to Live Update Friday 4/12/01

By Laura

Hearing the loud argument between Max and Al, everyone gathers to find out what's going on. Max refuses to let Al get away with marrying Jen under false pretenses. He tells everyone he hoped Al would grow up to be a better man than Max is, but unfortunately, he's worse. Gabrielle defends her son and tries to get Max to let it go. Al pleads with him not to do this now, but Max wants to know when would be a good time. After the wedding, when it's too late? Just arriving, Sam demands an explanation. Under duress, Al admits he's been lying to Jen, and Gabrielle warns him he doesn't have to do this, but Max tells her to stay out of it. Al says he's been lying about his legs. He was going to tell her about it in Switzerland. He thought it would change the way she feels about him, making her disappointed in him. She assures him that wouldn't happen, so he admits he's been lying about the honeymoon. Although he had told her they were going to Switzerland for the honeymoon and to see her friends, that's not the only reason. There's a specialist there who might be able to help Al walk again. Jen thinks that's great but doesn't understand why he and Max were fighting about it. Al says his dad just didn't want him keeping a secret from her. Jen assures him that he means just as much to her as she does to him, and it won't make any difference whether or not he can walk. Max is disgusted by his son's lie. Jen goes to get dressed for the wedding.

Al thanks his dad for covering for him, but Max says he didn't do him any favors. Al is ending up just like him, which isn't a good thing. Max warns Al not to use people to get what he wants. He used Asa and ended up hurting a lot of people he loved. Al refuses to see it that way. All he can see is Jen, and how happy he'll be to marry the girl of his dreams. He'll also make her happier than anyone else ever could. That's why what he's doing isn't wrong. It's the only lie he'll ever tell, and he'll make it up to her. Max tries to convince him he can have Jen without lying to her, but that's not a chance Al's willing to take. Renee intrudes, trying to see to last-minute details, and Max walks away from his son in disgust.

Nigel gives Jen her bouquet. She thinks about Cristian and starts to weep. When Gabrielle stops by her room, she assures her future mother-in-law that Al's little lie isn't a problem. Gabrielle agrees it isn't, when the real problem is being in love with someone else. Gabrielle knows what it's like to believe in a soulmate; she thought that about Max for years and only recently got over him. Now she doesn't believe there's any such thing as a soulmate. She assures Jen that her decision to marry Al was the right one, because she'll have a much happier life than she would with Cristian. She leaves when Sam drops by to talk to his daughter. He insists she doesn't have to go through with the wedding and asks her again whether she's sure she wants to marry Al. No, she's not sure at all. She doesn't know how anyone can ever be sure about something like that. Sam agrees but points out that some things are just a bad idea. Jen says even though she doesn't know whether she wants to marry him, she does know that she has to. She has to be able to live with herself. She's not doing penance for Al's accident; she's trying to be happy. Being with Al and taking care of him for the rest of her life will make her happy. She doesn't love him the same way she loves Cristian, but it's enough. Matthew joins them and gives her a locket containing a photo of Jen, Will, and himself. He and Sam leave her alone to finish getting ready.

To celebrate Starr's homecoming, Blair has planned a surprise for her. Holding a sign saying, "Lil' Reptile Roundup," she guides her daughter to the living room. Starr is thrilled to see a garter snake, a gila monster, and a gecko. She also receives her very own little Starr doll, and there are balloons all around. She throws her arms around her mother, then asks where Todd is. Blair notices that she's less than enthusiastic to hear that he's at Llanfair picking up Jack, and she asks whether Starr still has a problem with her little brother. Starr says she just misses Jack, and adds that Viki was mean to him. Blair finds this hard to believe but says Viki is just more strict than she and Todd are. She calls Todd to find out what's keeping him.

Finding that Jack has a fever, Todd asks Ben what he and Viki did to let him get sick. Ben claims Viki would have noticed, so Jack must not have had the fever for long. In any case, they have to get him to the hospital immediately. Todd refuses to call Blair until they know what's going on.

At the hospital, Niki is reapplying her makeup and trying to look like Viki. She ogles a passing man and warns herself to keep it down. Jessica finds her, and Larry reports that she has a sprained ankle and a little bruise on the back of her head, but other than that, she's fine. It's a good thing Seth was with her. Seth announces that Natalie is the real hero, and Jessica agrees that if she hadn't been looking, nobody would have found them. She tells "Viki" she's lucky to have her as her mother; they were run off the road, and they think Roxy did it. But they're okay, and now they can get to the wedding on time. Seth tells her they have to hurry, and goes off to get their things. Niki eyes Seth's rear end as he walks away. Not noticing that, Jessica tells her they're together again, and it's kind of like when Viki found Crossroads. She was totally unattached and just started living her life instead of worrying about having a relationship. From this, Niki gets the idea to dump Ben so that she can do as she pleases. She reassure Jessica that she did the right thing by giving Seth another chance. Seth returns and they leave for the wedding.

Ben tells Larry that Jack has respiratory distress, high fever, and lethargy. Larry goes to get the staff pediatrician, whom Ben assures Todd is the best. Niki hears them and tries to hide, but Todd sees her and demands to know what she did to his kid. She apologizes and says she didn't know anything was wrong, while remembering that she wondered why he was so hot. Dr. Shiller, the pediatrician, finds Todd and says that Jack's fever is down and his breathing has improved.

Taking Todd to see his son, the doctor reports some bad news; he looked up their medical history and thinks Jack has aplastic anemia. Remembering back to when Starr was a baby and was diagnosed with the same condition, Todd is upset that this could be happening again.

Niki tells Ben she'll never forgive herself; she was responsible for that poor child. Ben tells her it's not her fault. He sends her home and says he'll stay for Jack. He answers Todd's phone when Blair calls trying to reach him.

At Llanfair, Niki types out what is probably a Dear John note for Ben.

At the carriage house, Natalie admits to hurting a lot of people just to be with Seth. She confesses to framing Seth for the theft at the Break Bar to make Jessica stop trusting him. Then she got a friend to impersonate him and tell Chad's sister a bunch of lies. It almost worked, and Seth talked to her about it and it was just like before. She's convinced he would have come back to her. That's why when he didn't call, she knew something was wrong. She's appalled when Cristian asks whether she's the one who ran them off the road. He apologizes, but she admits it makes sense. After all the terrible things she did, it's no wonder Seth loves Jessica instead of her. She doesn't deserve to be loved. Even her own mother hates her. Cristian tells her to stop thinking that, but she knows what she heard. And even if Viki did say that, Natalie still deserves to be loved. She's the only one who was worried about Seth and Jessica, and she probably saved their lives. Natalie doesn't want him to say nice things about her after what she did to keep Jen away from him. Cristian doesn't understand.

Jessica and Seth arrive at the wedding. Max remarks that it was nice of Seth to show up, especially since he didn't bother to show up for work. Gabrielle drags Max away and asks what the argument with Al was really about. Max doesn't say, but assures her it's not over.

Jen appears, dressed in her wedding gown. With a sick look on her face, Jen is ready to walk down the aisle.

As the wedding is about to begin, Natalie confesses her role in keeping Jen and Cristian apart. She kept a secret from him; Al can walk.

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