OLTL Update Thursday 4/11/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/11/02

By Laura

Natalie doesn’t want to discuss Seth with Cristian but winds up talking. She admits that she has pulled some horrible tricks in an attempt to get Seth back. When he prods, she names throwing herself at Seth and arranging Jessica to find him in her bed, albeit passed out from drinking too much, as two of the dirty tricks she’s pulled. Then Natalie leaves to find her mother.   

Nikki tells Ben to go to Jen’s wedding without her, while she watches Jack. Nikki goes on an emotional rant about what a horrible mother she is and Natalie walks in just in time to hear her say that she hates Natalie. She gets emotional and tells her mother that Jessica is in the ER before she runs out and straight back to Cristian. Ben offers to watch Jack while Nikki attends to Jessica at the ER. Natalie convinces Cristian that her mother really did admit to hating her, and then swears to him that she deserves everything she gets. When he tries to convince her that she is a wonderful person, she replies that she has done horrible things to Seth, to Jessica, and to him.  

Antonio brings evidence to the meeting that Shawna and her friends are lying. Two of them came to Llanview after the proposed ‘witnessing’, one after drug rehabilitation. One has an extensive arrest record. And the last has a history of making false accusations against teachers, and she admits that Shawna paid her $50 to lie about Keri. The dean asks why they would lie and Antonio has no answer, but what he does have, in order to seal the deal, is four drafts of unacceptable papers previously turned in and graded by Keri.  The dean founds the allegations unfounded and apologizes to Keri. Hank compliments Antonio who explains how he pulled together so much evidence so quickly. They celebrate as Shawna and R.J talk outside, threatening each other. Antonio walks in.  

Gabriel assures Asa, once confronted, that she and Bo are only friends. He suspects that she has ulterior motives and threatens her not to try to mess with Bo. He comments that Bo can’t stand her and that he only took her in as a roommate to spite Asa. She explains that she understands that Bo is too good for her and would never be romantically interested in her. Max walks in and when Gabriel leaves to finalize some plans at the wedding, Asa fills him in on his conversation with Gabriel. Then Max leaves to find the groom.  

Jen overhears Al talking to Tony, the maintenance guy from school. Al assures that Tony did see him walking, but that it was before the accident. He adds that he was surprised to see him in the chair then ‘leaves’ and hides, waiting for Al to be alone. Jen gives Al a pen with their names and wedding date etched into it as a wedding present to sign the license with. After Jen leaves, Al pays Tony. And Max walks in to see it.  

Al begs Max not to worry and not to lecture him on his wedding day. He tries lying to his father and then finally tells him the truth. When Max doesn’t believe it, he stand up and does jumping jacks. He swears he did it for Jen, to get her over Cristian who isn’t good for her. Max is extremely upset at Al’s lies and is completely shocked. He asks how Al could cause him such heartache and Al says that they’re even for the pain he endured as a child after his father abandoned him. He explains his plan to have the specialist in Europe be his miracle worker. Max says he can’t and won’t allow Al to make the same mistakes that his father made. Gabriel, Asa, René, and Jen hear Al and max arguing and come rushing in. Max asks Al which one of them is going to tell.

Todd insults the judge and the social worker in an emotional rage to get his children back. He defends his children, yells at the judge, and admits that he has hurt people and gone to prison for it. He says he would lie again as to not lose his children and upon request, shows the adoption papers to the judge who sees no problems with them. Sam comes in but allows Todd to finish before he again vouches for Todd and adds that the social worker was going to recommend closing the case before she learned about Jack. The judge orders the children back into the custody of their parents with on-going in- home supervision. Once outside the courtroom, Sam informs Todd that he is going to legalize the adoption for Blair’s sake whether or not Todd wants his help. Blair thanks Sam while Todd goes to pick up his children from Vicki’s house. He yells at Ben when he notices that Jack is sick.

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