OLTL Update Wednesday 4/10/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/10/02

By Beth

Just before Keri's hearing, R.J. tells Shawna to withdraw her accusations, but she refuses. Hank and Carlotta arrive as R.J. is threatening her, and Hank strongly advises his brother to back off. It won't do Keri any good to have her father jailed for coercion. Rae joins them, informing them that they can't attend the actual hearing. When Carlotta expresses concern that they won't know whether the hearing is conducted fairly, Rae personally vouches for the impartiality of her colleagues. In the room where the hearing is to be held, Antonio tries to reassure Keri about her chances, but she doesn't hold out much hope. He's glad to see that she's wearing the "miracle" he gave her. She agrees she does need miracles, but he insists that what she really needs is justice.

The hearing begins. The charges are read, and Keri denies all charges. When specifically asked, she admits that she went to Antonio's apartment once to talk about his paper, but that was strictly business. Also, they went on a blind date. Since they didn't think there was any harm in getting something to eat, they kept the date. Keri hurts her case by admitting they danced while on that date. She claims she takes the university's rules very seriously and that they were not in a relationship until Antonio was no longer her student. It's time for the other side to be heard. Shawna enters, along with four other students. She claims Keri and Antonio were intimate on several occasions. When Rae asks for clarification, she says they were half naked on Keri's desk. She brought witnesses to prove it. There's even a rumor that Keri was the one who wrote Antonio's paper. Keri stands up to defend herself, accusing Shawna of lying. She's never even seen the witnesses before. Fuming, Antonio walks out. He tells his mother he's going to get the truth. When Dean Baker asks Keri for evidence to support her innocence, Antonio returns; he has plenty to say.

Natalie and Cristian have been out all night looking for Seth and Jessica. Finding Seth's banged-up license plate, Natalie panics and starts shouting for him, and Cristian tries to calm her down. He agrees that their friends may need more help than the two of them can provide. He goes for help while Natalie continues searching.

Having spent the night in the cave, Jessica and Seth wake up in each other's arms. They're happy to be together and in love. Seth has a plan for getting out of there today. In the meantime, they make love again. Afterward, Jessica wants to press the flower he gave her so she can keep it forever. Looking around right outside the cave, Natalie hears them talking. She's crushed to hear Seth say that what he had with her wasn't really love. She also learns that they made love in the cave. She thinks about both Al and Allison telling her that it's over with Seth. Finally, she goes into the cave. Seth and Jessica are surprised to see her. Natalie tells them that Cristian will be along soon with help. Jessica tells her that Roxy ran them off the road after Seth ruined her scam. She hugs her sister, and Cristian returns with two police officers, who insist on taking Seth and Jessica to the hospital. They also inform them that Roxy is being held at the station. When Jessica refers to Seth as her hero, Seth calls Natalie the real hero. Alone with Cristian, she cries. It's all over; she's lost Seth forever.

Lindsay is introduced to the other inmates assigned to the laundry room. She's scared, and they are all heckling her. Tillie is in charge, and Lindsay has to do whatever she says. Lindsay's news that her daughter is getting married today only serves to increase their taunting. Quinn, the guard, breaks it up and brands Lindsay a troublemaker. Lindsay tries to explain it wasn't her fault but Quinn stops her. Tillie tells her she's lucky that Quinn did that; they don't go for squealers. Lindsay keeps repeating to herself that she's going to survive this.

At the carriage house, Jen looks at her dress and imagines Cristian as her groom. Seeing her wistful look, Al says he knows who she's thinking about: her mother. She tells him he's right. Al says they'll put together a nice wedding album to show Lindsay. He'll do anything for Jen; whatever she wants, she gets. He leaves when his car arrives to take him to Asa's. Sam stops by to give his daughter some last-minute advice, but seeing her mood, he asks whether she's sure that marrying Al is the right thing to do. Knowing she loves Cristian, and having experienced the heartache of a failed marriage, he tries to talk some sense into her. Jen insists that her future is with Al, so Sam agrees to support her decision.

Renee is helping with the wedding preparations at Asa's mansion. Bo arrives two hours before the ceremony to ask Asa a question. Are there any two people he hates more than Max and Gabrielle? None living. In that case, Bo wants to know why he's doing them such a huge favor. What's he up to? Asa defends his act of kindness and points out that no one else is complaining. He swears he won't use today to take revenge on Al's parents. Gabrielle has been eavesdropping on their little talk. When Nigel and the carpenter take Asa aside, Gabrielle thanks Bo for looking out for Al. She also noticed that he didn't bring a guest, and asks him to be her escort. Since Bo replies that it depends on why she's asking, she insists it has nothing to do with making Max jealous. Bo excuses himself to take a call.

Al arrives at the mansion, and Gabrielle tries to get him to tell Jen the truth but he won't risk it. Asa and Al have a warm talk. Asa wishes he could help him walk again. Al confides that he has started to get a little feeling back in his legs, which genuinely pleases Asa. He shows Al what the caterers are doing, and Al sees the carpenter, whom he recognizes as the man who unlocked the closet for him at the university, when Al stashed his wheelchair there to impersonate Seth. Seeing Al's reaction, Asa knows something's up but doesn't push. He sends the carpenter to fix a warped door in the library. After his phone call, Bo tells Gabrielle he has to leave for Los Angeles right away for a case that just broke there. He won't be able to be her escort for the wedding after all. When he leaves, Asa tells Gabrielle to stay away from his son.

Jen arrives at the mansion and asks for Al. She has a gift for him. She walks into the library in time to hear the carpenter ask Al why he needed that ramp since they both know he can walk.


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