OLTL Update Tuesday 4/9/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/9/02

By Beth

Starr confronts "Viki" about being mean to Jack. She picks up the phone to let her parents know, but Niki talks her out of it. Acting much more like herself than like the person she's pretending to be, she tells Starr that if she and Jack are taken from Llanfair, they won't be returned to their parents. Instead, they'll have to live with total strangers, probably in the basement, and something really awful might happen to them. Starr agrees to stay but insists on telling Ben what a mean witch his wife really is. He hears this and makes her apologize. Starr still wants to be sure that Jack is being cared for. She wants her aunt to change his diaper while she has ice cream with Ben. Niki isn't at all happy about this; she has no intention of changing a diaper. She tries to leave, but Starr catches her and tells Ben. She claims she was going to buy diapers, but he reminds her they already did. Starr tells Ben that Viki shouldn't be left alone with Jack, so she's going to help take care of him. Niki makes a face at her. Starr gives her baby brother a bottle and tells him that even though she's been mean to him, that doesn't give anyone else the right to be mean. She won't let anything bad happen to him. Later, Niki tells herself she doesn't trust Starr. She wants to enjoy some peace and quiet. While adjusting Jack's blanket, she notices that the baby is very hot.

When Jen returns from shopping for the wedding, Al tells her to sit down so she can hear about his surprise. He bought two plane tickets to Europe for their honeymoon. He also called some of her old friends from boarding school, and a few of them agreed to meet them in Switzerland. She's clearly pleased. She doesn't really have many friends in Llanview. Turning the conversation to his condition, Jen says she does believe he'll walk someday. Al wants to do that for her but isn't sure what will happen after that. She promises to never leave him; she takes marriage vows seriously. She needs to go see someone before the wedding. Al is afraid it's Cristian, but it's Lindsay. With the wedding tomorrow, Jen wants to make peace with her mother.

Natalie and Cristian go to Roxy's, where Natalie finds a key and lets them inside. She's really worried about what Allison may have done to Seth and Jessica. They look around for clues, then sit down and look at a map. Jessica likes driving on country roads, so they'll start there. Natalie asks how Cristian managed to get over her sister, and he says it just takes time. He tells her that Jen is marrying Al tomorrow. She tells him she feels selfish asking him to help, but he doesn't mind. It actually helps take his mind off things. Natalie cuts herself and there is an awkward moment as he grabs her hand to take a look. They decide to head north to look for Seth and Jessica. They stop at a road that just reopened after flooding, because Cristian thought he saw something. He takes the flashlight and they both notice skid marks going down the ravine. Natalie panics; she can't even see the bottom. She wants to go down there to look.

In the cave, Jessica repeats that she really does love Seth. This makes him very happy. He wants to go for help, but it's still too wet to climb up to the road. He believes someone will find them by morning. Jessica doesn't want it to end; although she was afraid at first, now she's actually happy to be there, as long as they're together. They kiss. Soon, they're in a passionate embrace.

At the police station, Keri tells Antonio she's worried about her hearing with the dean tomorrow. She may never teach again, and that's all she's ever wanted to do. Antonio tries to reassure her, but she's convinced her career is essentially over. He takes her home and gives her a "miracle" from his grandmother. He's been praying on it for her, and he knows it will all work out. They go to bed.

Roxy demands to be allowed to call Allison. An officer informs Bo that she's the one who was picked up in the stolen vehicle, which Bo finds very interesting. Bo tells her about Allison's report, and she doesn't believe it, but he advises her to get a lawyer. As soon as he walks away, Max comes by looking for him. Roxy recognizes Max from Atlantic City, back during his gambling days. She blew on his dice for luck, and now he should return the favor by getting her out of the here. Bo returns and rescues Max, who came to let him know about Al's wedding at Asa's mansion tomorrow. He's here at Gabrielle's request; she asked him to invite Bo. Surprised, Bo asks how Max feels about that, and Max assures him his relationship with her is definitely over. When Max leaves, Roxy again demands her one phone call. Bo agrees; if she really trusts the woman who switched her baby with Viki's, she should go ahead and call her. She makes her call, telling Allison to get to the station immediately. Allison promises to do just that, but she's really planning to head straight for the state line.

Al is standing, wondering how to make it look like a miracle. Max stops by and tells him about his wedding present; he made an appointment for Al with a doctor in Switzerland. When Al agrees to go, Max is suspicious, but Al says he just doesn't want to be a burden to Jen, so he'll take any opportunity to walk again. After Max leaves, Al tells himself this is perfect; he'll start to walk again in Switzerland.

Lindsay arrives at Statesville, where she's supposed to spend the next twenty-eight years. Before she can be taken to her cell, Jen arrives, having received special permission from the warden. She tells her mother that she and Al are getting married tomorrow. Lindsay says it makes it all worth it, which Jen doesn't understand. Lindsay claims it will just make it more bearable for her to know that Jen is with Al. He loves her so much. She knows Jen loves Cristian more, but sometimes it's better to be the one who's loved than the one who loves. When their time is up, they give each other a hug, and Jen leaves. Lindsay is then escorted to her cell.

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