OLTL Update Monday 4/8/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 4/8/02

By Beth

Still in the cave, Jessica is afraid they won't be found, but Seth promises to get them out. With her permission, he searches her purse for something useful and finds a lighter she took away from Roxy. He has to round up some firewood, and asks her to sing for him while he's gone. He returns with some dry sticks and twigs as well as a blanket he found. Jessica is touched to see that he also brought her a flower. The singing took her mind off being cold and afraid, and she's grateful for that. Seth makes a fire and promises to take care of her. He tells her he loves her, and she returns the sentiment.

Allison reports to Bo's office at his request. He doesn't believe her story about having her car stolen, and he wants the truth. She lets it slip that a woman took her car, then denies actually knowing that for a fact. She excuses herself to take a call, which turns out to be from Roxy. Roxy says the steering on Allison's car is getting worse and thinks Allison must have had an accident to mess up the front end that much. Allison denies this and tells her to keep driving, but Roxy refuses and wants to come back. Telling her to stay put, Allison finally promises to call AAA. Instead, she gives her location to Bo, claiming she just got a tip on her car's whereabouts. Bo is incredulous but sends a patrol car out to investigate. Then he leaves the station.

Natalie and Cristian rush to Llanfair. When Natalie learns from the maid that there's been no word from Jessica, she becomes even more worried. She's afraid that Allison may have done something to Seth. She tells Cristian about how Allison involved Roxy in a scam to bilk money out of Jessica, and how Seth exposed them. Now she thinks Allison's out for revenge. She even caught her hiding at Roxy's house. Cristian agrees to help, and they go to the police station to look for Antonio. At the police station, Natalie sees Allison and demands to know what she did with Seth, but Allison just makes fun of her and tries to leave. Allison is stunned when Natalie asks why she was searching Seth's apartment, but she won't admit to anything. Natalie tells a policeman that she wants to file a missing persons report, stating that both she and one of the missing persons are the commissioner's nieces. The officer can't do anything since they haven't been missing long enough, but he'll mention it to Bo just the same. Allison laughs, then walks away. Cristian wants to know how Natalie knew about Allison being in Seth's apartment, but she claims she was guessing and ended up being right. She knows Allison is guilty, and she can't wait around. Since Antonio isn't at the station, they leave for Roxy's place. Allison starts to follow them, then hears Roxy being brought into the station, under arrest for driving a stolen car. Roxy demands to be allowed to call Allison, unaware that her "friend" is hiding right around the corner.

Jen, Al, and Gabrielle are finishing up their business at the Silver Moon boutique. Jen hears Gabrielle talking about Natalie's potential to ruin the wedding, and she doesn't understand. Al claims he and his mother were arguing about whether to invite Natalie, and Jen tells him it's all right to invite her if he wants. She has her dress picked out but they need to see to the other details, so the three of them go to the Palace, where Renee is on the phone trying to change the date of a convention to clear the schedule for Jen and Al's wedding. Asa, who has an injured hand from being thrown off his horse, overhears and is surprised that Al is marrying a Rappaport.

When Max tells him he's not invited, Gabrielle, Al, and Jen arrive and break up the argument. Renee is sorry to report that she was unsuccessful in changing the convention date, and she doesn't have any openings until June. In fact, there are no openings anywhere in town. Jen thinks they'll just have to postpone the wedding, but Al says they can always get married at City Hall. Asa generously offers the use of his mansion, no strings attached. Max and Gabrielle try to dissuade the couple from taking him up on his offer. Asa explains that although he can't stand Al's parents, he has always liked Al. He hates seeing him in that wheelchair. He has a hunch that getting married will make Al very, very happy, and if Asa can help that happen, that's what he wants to do. Al happily accepts his offer and invites him to the wedding after all. Asa calls Nigel to advise him of the situation. Max and Gabrielle are not happy about this. As they huddle to discuss their feelings and their support of Al, Bo watches them suspiciously. On the phone with an unidentified person, Bo says he's supposed to meet with "the guy" and will report back when he knows something.

When "Viki" refuses to take Starr and Jack home, Ben wants to know why, and Todd bawls her out. The social worker and Sam argue while the others try to sort it all out. Knowing that Viki would never refuse to help out in this way, Niki tries to cover for her outburst, saying that what the state is doing is positively criminal. She defends Todd and Blair but is told to tell it to the judge. When she finally agrees to let the kids stay at Llanfair, Todd whispers that he'll come get them soon, and is immediately warned by the social worker. Niki surreptitiously makes faces at the thought of having the kids around. Blair hands Jack to Todd while she talks to Starr. They both cry; Starr doesn't want to go. Todd gives Jack to Blair, wanting a moment with Starr. They have to pull together. She shouldn't forget who she is; she's the Great One, who singlehandedly rescued the man on the wheel. Now she needs to look after Jack, while Todd looks after Blair. She agrees, and she and Jack leave with Ben and "Viki." Sam and Todd argue about Sam's role in getting the kids back, and Blair stops them. She doesn't care who gets them back as long as somebody does. She lectures Todd, telling him to let Sam do what he needs to do. Sam leaves and immediately calls information to get the number for Nellie Cameron, the person Todd hired to play the part of Jack's birth mother. Inside, Blair looks at the family portrait and breaks down again. Todd sits down with her and swears he'll fix this.

At Llanfair, Niki is annoyed. When Ben takes Starr upstairs to look for toys, she props Jack up on the couch with throw pillows. She needs a drink; she's not happy about this at all. As she discovers Viki doesn't even have any cherries, Jack starts crying. She can't even pretend to be able to tolerate noise, so she yells at Jack to shut up. Hearing this, Starr asks why she's being so mean to Jack.

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