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One Life to Live Update Friday 4/5/01

By Laura

Viki talks to Niki through the mirror in order to promise her that she will be caught. Cristian comes to the house, worried about Seth, and Niki basically flirts with him. She tells him that he has nice…‘eyes’, while looking at his back, and comments that Jessica never should have let him go. He checks Jessica’s date book, with Niki’s permission, and heads to the dress shop where Jessica has had an appointment to be fitted. Viki, though the mirror image once again, tells Niki that she’ll never get away with the charade. She notes that flirting with Cristian could have gotten her caught, that she’ll never be able to feign motherly concern, and that Ben will notice either in bed or in the evasion of bed. Ben comes home and suggests that Viki see Rae again about Natalie. She replies that at the dress shop earlier she felt affection for Natalie and suspects that the issue may be fading.

Todd tries to close the door on the social worker and the police officers. The police officers cuff him when he protests. Mrs. Major, the social worker, assures that she will return later for the children’s belongings but that she needs to take them now. Sam arrives and although Todd still refuses his help, he explains that he has persuaded the judge to allow the children to reside with relatives instead of in foster care. He calls ‘Viki’ and Ben and asks them to come over. Niki answers the call and in an effort to avoid Ben’s desire to make love, she agrees to immediately come over. Blair blames Todd for their situation and he agrees that it’s his fault. Then she cries on his shoulder and wants to know when things will get easier for them.  After Niki and Ben arrive, Todd tells “Viki” about their problem and she does not seem very concerned. Then when she does show concern, it does not seem sincere. Ben agrees to take the children and Niki responds, “Over my dead body.”

Natalie orders Roxy to tell her the truth about Seth’s whereabouts, and she replies that he’s with Jessica. Natalie offers Roxy $100.00 for every truth she divulges. She admits that Seth found out her plan to scam Jessica for money, but lies about Allison’s involvement.

She leaves to meet Al at Seth’s apartment.

At Seth’s apartment, Al hides when he hears Allison come in, and listens and watches. She plays back the answering machine and looks around, but finally leaves having found no clues. Natalie arrives and Al informs her that “some crazy lady” was just there. Natalie begs Al to go to the police but refuses to because the apartment is a walk-up but mainly because he thinks that Natalie is overreacting. They accuse each other of living in a fantasy world thinking that they can actually be with the one they want. He threatens that if she divulges a secret to Jen then he’ll do the same with Seth and mention Natalie’s attempts to break up he and Jessica. He leaves to meet Jen.

Allison returns to Roxy’s home to tell her to leave town. She hands her a map to Vegas, makes up a meeting place, swears that she’ll meet her there in a week or two, then hands her the keys to Allison’s car. After Roxy leaves, Allison calls the police and reports her car stolen.

Gabriel takes Jen to the dress store to look for a wedding dress. They discuss both the wedding and Jen’s mother. The sales woman asks her to leave, remembering the stolen dress, but Gabriel uses her job at the Sun as well as the Rappaport name to get permission to stay. Jen promises to be good to Al no matter what and Gabriel asks Jen to call her ‘Mom’. Cristian arrives and sees Jen in the dress. The sales woman comments to a curious Cristian that Jessica never showed up for her appointment. He assures a frustrated Gabriel that he is there looking for Jessica, but still asks to speak to Jen. Once alone with her he tells her that he is happy for her and insists that all he has ever wanted was her happiness. When Al arrives, Cristian congratulates him.

While alone, Gabriel asks Al who else knows about his being able to walk, and guesses that it’s Natalie. As Gabriel is worrying that Natalie will ruin the wedding, Jen overhears and wants to know how that will happen.

Jessica suspects that Roxy caused the car crash but Seth sticks to his story that Natalie must have left the scarf in the car. Jessica and Seth agree that Roxy may be thoughtless and careless, but not that heartless. Jessica begins to panic that they will never be found. She apologizes again for not trusting Seth. They hear a helicopter and Seth attempts to get it to stop. When it doesn’t work, Jessica worries that they’ll die there. 

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