OLTL Update Thursday 4/4/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/4/02

By Laura

Blair and Todd argue over the possibility of losing their kids. Todd wants to leave the country under a couple of aliases but Blair doesn’t. Blair wants to call Sam and get him to legalize Jack’s adoption but Todd doesn’t. Blair tells Todd that he can go but she and the kids are staying. He asks Starr where would she go if she could go anywhere in the world. After Pluto is ruled out as an option, she says she would stay there. Todd agrees to stay and says that his plan B is already in motion, to hire a prestigious attorney. Blair wants Sam to help the attorney and Todd says he’ll call him, but after Blair leaves he remembers seeing Blair and Sam together and refuses to make the call. He tells Blair that he called and left a message. As they are about to leave to take Starr for ice cream, the social worker arrives, escorted by two police officers, and informs them that she is there to take the children into foster care.

Natalie goes to Roxy’s home because she’s worried about Seth and Jessica and sees Allison hiding. Roxy fakes fainting but Natalie tricks her into getting up. She then grills Roxy as to why Allison is there, while putting it all together and realizing that the two are working together against Jessica. Roxy and Allison stick to the story that they haven’t seen one another in twenty years until now. Natalie asks why Roxy faked fainting if there is nothing to hide and Roxy admits that she feared Natalie’s knocking on the door being the police. Allison assures Natalie that Seth and Jessica aren’t missing but rather shacking up at some motel together. After Natalie leaves, Roxy asks Allison where they really are.   Allison assures her that it will be okay and heads to Seth’s home to see what kind of evidence he has on them.

Seth finds Roxy’s scarf and Jessica recognizes it. He suggests that it must have been in his car in order to find it on the ground near the car. He leaves to try to get up the hill again. As Jessica begins to suspect Roxy, Natalie goes to confront her once again. And this time Roxy is without Allison to assist her.

Lindsay asks to speak, takes the stand, and protests that what was done to Nora may have been horrible, but it was not all her fault. R.J. is worried that Lindsay will divulge the source of the drug. Nora shouts out from the crowd that Lindsay needs to take responsibility for her actions. She replies that she is, and asks if Nora can do the same. The judge reprimands Nora for the outburst. Lindsay talks about the men she’s loved unrequitedly and singles Bo out who responds aloud. She apologizes for hurting her children and regrets that she won’t be at Al and Jen’s wedding. The court asks to hear from the victims. Once on the stand, Troy claims that Lindsay pushed his twin over the edge. Nora admits to being obsessed with making Lindsay pay, is thankful that it is all finally over, and admits that she neglected certain things and people in the name of her obsession. She is glad the truth is out and can begin to forgive, even feel sorry for, Lindsay. Nora observes that her own sentence is ending because Lindsay’s is finally beginning. Lindsay faints and Troy helps her up.

Lindsay’s sentence is twenty-eight years, two years off the maximum thirty for showing remorse. Gabrielle assures her that she is strong and will get through this. She promises that both Jen and her wedding plans will be well taken care of by Gabrielle and her family. Lindsay cries on her daughter’s shoulder, and Jen promises that she’ll visit her in prison. On her way out, she assures them all that “it’s not over.”

R.J. offers a quote, “Anytime the right people go to prison and the wrong people don’t, I call that justice.” Then Antonio confronts him and accuses him of being an accomplice, which Carrie overhears. Antonio offers to let it go. A reporter confronts Carrie regarding the rumors about her. Antonio escorts the guy out, not so kindly. The Carrie tells her father that she is going to stay and fight and has no intentions of leaving. In fact, she has already turned down the job offer in California.

Natalie calls Al and tells him to check out Seth’s place for clues as to his whereabouts. When he refuses because it’s a walk-up apartment, she threatens him. He calls her bluff and tells her to spill everything to Jen because he’s about to anyway. She apologizes, says she’s just worried about Seth, and suggests that he should be worried about his friend Jessica. He agrees to go to Seth’s place.

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