OLTL Update Wednesday 4/3/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/3/02

By Beth

Bo is surprised to see "Viki" at the Silver Moon wearing an outfit he thinks belongs on a hooker. She claims it's for a costume party. Bo goes off to speak to the owner of the shop, and Niki is annoyed at running into one of Viki's relatives. She is even more annoyed to see Natalie come in the shop. Natalie saw her car and wanted to ask her mother whether she'd seen Jessica and Seth. She's been trying to reach Seth ever since last night. "Viki" says that Jessica called last night and told Ben she wouldn't be coming home. Obviously not interested, she doesn't pay any attention to Natalie, who then leaves, running into Rae on the way out. Bo leaves for court, and Rae approaches "Viki." She knows it's hard for her to face the possibility that she hates her own daughter. "Viki" says Rae's experience with Skye is helpful. Rae adds that it's a good thing she doesn't have to see Niki anymore, and "Viki" agrees that she's gone. She declines Rae's offer of family counseling.

Jen is excited to see Al standing, but then he falls down. He claims he wasn't really standing; he was just propped up on the couch and fell when he let go. When Cristian told them he'd heard he could walk, Al wanted it to be true. He at least wanted to be able to stand up at the altar, but that won't happen. Jen encourages him, stressing the importance of keeping a positive outlook. She tells him how happy she was to see him standing. Suddenly Gabrielle, who is standing in the doorway, happily exclaims, "You told her!" Jen wants to know what she's talking about, and Al signals his mother to keep quiet, so she plays along. He says he just had a crazy plan to try to walk, but now he knows he won't walk or even stand in time for the wedding. Gabrielle turns away as Al tells Jen how she looked at him earlier. When she saw him standing, she was happy, but she was obviously disappointed when he fell. He doesn't want her to marry him just because she thinks he might walk someday; he might not. Jen explains she was disappointed for him, not with him. She's not going to leave him. Privately, Al tells his mother that he had to give Jen a choice. He almost told her the truth but couldn't do it. He will soon, though, after they're married.

R.J., Keri, and Antonio are at the courthouse to support Nora. R.J. tells Nora she finally has everything she wants, but Nora disagrees and excuses herself. She finds Sam inside the courtroom, and he has some official papers for her. She questions why they need to have a binding visitation schedule in writing, because she would never deny him access to Matthew, but Sam doesn't want to take any chances. Hank visits Lindsay's cell to ask where she got the drug she used on Nora. Lindsay won't tell unless she gets something in return. Hank promises to ask the judge for leniency. When he brings Lindsay up for the hearing, she and R.J. exchange a look. She tells Nora she thought she'd look happier, then sits down. R.J. asks her what the look was about, and she tells him she was offered a deal and she intends to take it. He assures her it's not going to be worth much, and he's worth more to her on the outside than in prison. He has connections that could make life at Statesville much easier for her. He walks away, then Jen arrives and approaches her mother. She wants to know how Lindsay could have pretended to be seven years old. She doesn't believe Lindsay's line that she never meant to hurt her. She tells her about her engagement to Al, indicating that the wedding will take place soon. Lindsay's attorney arrives, and Jen walks away. The lawyer, Mark, tells Lindsay that the hearing is just a formality since she already pled guilty. Judge Fitzwater enters the courtroom, and Hank asks for the maximum sentence of thirty years. Lindsay whispers to Mark, who announces that his client wishes to speak. As Lindsay is sworn in, Nora wonders what she's up to now.

Jessica and Seth wake up in the cave. Her head still hurts, and she's too dizzy to stand up. She regrets not believing him and says she doesn't deserve his forgiveness, but he insists that all that matters is that she believes him now. They need to get out of there so that Roxy and Allison get what they deserve. He wants to climb the hill to get to the road, which is admittedly deserted, but he has to try. He limps off, then returns shortly with a scarf. He couldn't get up the hill, but he found the scarf on the ground. He doesn't think it's important, but Jessica, who says she isn't as dizzy as before, recognizes it.

Home at last, Roxy doesn't understand why she and Allison took a long drive instead of going straight to her house, but Allison claims she was thinking about what to do next. She stopped Seth and Jessica from going to the police, but there's more to be done. She says she simply explained how pointless it would be to go to the police since they didn't get any money, and reminded Jessica that her mother would go to prison. Roxy wonders whether her daughter hates her. Allison announces that it's time for Roxy to disappear. The kids may change their minds, and she and Roxy did conspire to commit fraud, which is a felony. Allison doesn't need to go with her. As Roxy runs to pack, Allison calls out that she won't be going to prison for fraud. Under her breath, she says it will actually be for running Seth and Jessica over a cliff in a fit of road rage. She watches impatiently out the window, then tries to make a call. When Roxy catches her, she claims she's trying to call Jessica. Roxy's ready to leave town; she has two garbage bags stuffed with her belongings. They panic when there's a knock at the door. Finally, Allison hides and Roxy opens the door. She is surprised to see Natalie, who is looking for Jessica and Seth. When Natalie pressures her for answers, she falls to the floor, but Natalie isn't buying it; she's pulled that trick plenty of other times. She walks into the other room and finds Allison.

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