OLTL Update Tuesday 4/2/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/2/02

By Beth

At Serenity Springs, Cristian is taking out his problems on a punching bag. Soon Antonio joins him, punching just as hard. He tells his brother about the accusations against Keri and shows him that it made the front page of the Sun. Nearby, Mollie and Shawna talk about Keri. Cristian confronts Shawna, assuming correctly that she's behind the false accusations. While he insists that Keri did nothing wrong, Antonio tells him to just let it go, because Keri has the situation under control. Cristian then talks about Jen's engagement to Al. If only Al could walk, she wouldn't feel obligated to be with him anymore, and they could get back together. Angry at being confronted by Cristian, Shawna gets an idea and orders Mollie to help her. Making sure that Cristian can hear, they say that Al was seen walking.

Al tells a sleeping Jen that he doesn't care when they get married. When he touches her, she says Cristian's name, causing him to rethink what he just said. When she wakes up, he tells her he wants to get married as soon as they can. His mother will help with the arrangements. Jen agrees, then gets ready for her mother's hearing. Before she is ready to leave, Cristian comes to the door, saying he heard that Al can walk; somebody saw him. Al is alarmed by this and asks who supposedly saw him. When Cristian reveals only that it was some girls, Jen guesses that it was Shawna and Mollie and questions why he would ever believe a word they say. He apologizes and walks out. Jen leaves for the courthouse, and Al says he'll be there later. Cristian is still hanging around outside the carriage house, and stops Jen as she comes out the door. He wants to know what will happen if Al walks someday, even after they're married. Jen is offended by his question; she'll be Al's wife and she wouldn't just leave him. Cristian remarks that he still has some time before they get married, and anything could happen in that time. When she tells him they're getting married as soon as possible, he storms off.

Keri is at the Silver Moon when she sees the Sun. Running out of the dress shop, she goes straight to the spa to see Antonio. They share a kiss to give Shawna something to talk about. Keri refuses to be intimidated. Antonio's furious about the whole situation but thinks Keri's innocence is enough. Unfortunately, she says it's only the beginning. Academic circles aren't like a courtroom; once an accusation is out there, the teacher's reputation is almost always ruined. He still refuses to believe it will get that far. As they leave to get ready for court, Mollie comments on how happy they seem, but Shawna insists it won't last long. Cristian returns and demands to know why they said what they did about Al. Shawna asks what difference it makes to him whether Al can walk or not. After all, Cristian lost Jen to him. They walk out, and he starts punching the bag again.

Blair gives Starr some last-minute instructions for the visit from the social worker. Starr puts her mind at ease by telling her the social worker will think they're the perfect family. She even put Ichabod's head back on! Blair tells her to go upstairs and play with her doll, knowing it won't be as much fun now that the doll has her head. Todd calls from the Sun and tells Blair that the nanny isn't there. He's ready to take Jack home, but Blair is adamant that he find someone to watch the baby. Gabrielle enters Todd's office to discuss a layout, and he insists that she watch the baby just for a couple of hours. He explains the situation and Gabrielle is sympathetic. Todd almost talks himself into confessing everything to Blair, thinking she'd understand, but Gabrielle tells him that, if she were in Blair's shoes, she would never want to see him again or let him see the children. Todd then leaves her with the baby.

Todd runs into the house, yelling for Blair. He stops at the closet and brings out the old family portrait--the one without Jack--and lays it in front of the newer one. Blair can't believe he left Jack with Gabrielle. They are arguing loudly about Jack's adoption and all the lies when the doorbell rings, and Starr lets the social worker inside. Todd tries to cover for the argument, and they all sit down to talk. The social worker, Ms. Major, asks Starr about her interests. Eventually Starr is asked to leave. They're too perfect. If they're not going to be honest, she will recommend that Starr be removed from their home. She knows when people are putting on a performance. She has records of their visits to the principal's office and their many custody battles. Todd and Blair are indignant, and Starr returns, yelling at the woman. It scares her to think of living with anyone except her parents. They're the best parents in the world, and before she can tell the woman where to go, Todd and Blair stop her, and the social worker again dismisses her from the room. She's ready to make her recommendation. She'll file a report recommending that Starr remain with her parents. Relieved, they thank her and show her out.

Gabrielle talks to Jack about Al, saying that the last time anyone truly loved her was when Al was Jack's size. Bo, who has stopped by to see her, hears this admission. Gabrielle is embarrassed. Bo stopped by to get her signature on some paperwork pertaining to her dress-stealing caper at the Silver Moon. Seeing Jack, he questions why she would agree to watch Todd's baby. He wishes he had seen Drew at that age. Gabrielle says he might be able to help with her grandchildren, which surprises Bo. He thought Al's paralysis would prevent him from having children. Did something change? Although she knows the truth about Al, Gabrielle claims she just doesn't want to give up hope. She gets a call from Todd saying to take the baby home. Bo is on his way to Lindsay's sentencing. If Gabrielle promises to play by the rules this time, she can go to his office afterward and he'll give her an exclusive.

Gabrielle returns Jack but isn't invited inside. Blair holds Jack and tells him how much she loves him, and when the doorbell rings again, they assume it's Gabrielle. Instead, the social worker has returned for some papers she left behind. She has no record of any other child. Although Todd at first denies that Jack is theirs, Blair finally admits that he is. Ms. Major has to report this. There will be more questions, and they could lose both children.

Al calls Gabrielle, informing her that he and Jen are getting married as soon as possible. She's relieved, because she doesn't like lying about his condition. When Al stands up to get ready to go to the courthouse, Jen walks in and see him standing.

Bored, Niki is reading a romance novel aloud, albeit badly. Ben comes downstairs and asks why she didn't go to bed last night. She claims she fell asleep on the couch and then didn't want to wake him by going to bed so late. She rants again about how what a terrible person she is for hating her own daughter. Ben suggests taking Natalie with her for some counseling with Rae, but "Viki" says she can handle the situation since these feelings can't last forever. When Ben kisses her, he sees the book, which amuses him. Laughing it off, "Viki" claims it belongs to Natalie but that she herself was reading it. When Ben leaves for the clinic, Niki again tells herself she has to keep her hands off Ben. As much as she'd like to sleep with him, she can't risk it, because he'd know she wasn't Viki. Cackling, she realizes that at least she can have some fun. She goes to the Silver Moon, where she tells the owner to raise her hem a little higher. Bo comes into the shop, surprised at "Viki's" behavior.

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