OLTL Update Monday 4/1/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 4/1/02

By Beth

Jessica and Seth notice that someone is following them too closely. Suddenly Allison rams the back of their car, running them off the road and down a ravine. Sparks fly from the wreckage. Amid the smoke, Seth stirs and tries to wake up Jessica. He goes around to the passenger side, but the door won't open, and he has to pry it open with a crowbar. He then pulls Jessica out and carries her away from the car. When she wakes up, she complains that her head hurts. Seth explains what happened, and she sends him back to the car to look for her cell phone. He can't find it, and he wants to go get help, but she doesn't want him to leave her. Since the storm is getting closer, he needs to get her to shelter. Her ankle is bad, so he carries her to a cave. He'll get help in the daylight; for now, she should get some sleep.

Allison is visibly shaken. Surveying the situation; she can't see the car at first. When she does see it, she's shocked. It's a total wreck. She's convinced the kids must be dead. She drives away from the scene, calling Roxy with instructions to meet her immediately for the next part of the plan. Soon, Roxy is driving Allison's car; Allison claims she doesn't like storms. She notices Roxy's monogrammed scarf and gets an idea. She takes the scarf, and when they're near the accident scene, she tells Roxy to stop the car now so that she can get some fresh air. She surreptitiously drops the scarf down the ravine, right next to the wrecked car. Very pleased with herself, she tells Roxy to drive far away.

Natalie tells Ben that Viki didn't seem like herself. Ben wants his wife to take some time off. Natalie would appreciate getting to spend some time with her mother. Remembering Viki's confession, Ben thinks some mother-daughter time is a good idea. Just a few feet away, Niki congratulates herself on her performance; she does a better Viki than Viki does. As she starts to take a drink, Ben startles her, questioning why she would respond to this by drinking. This is a family problem, and they'll handle it together. He thinks she'll eventually have to tell Natalie the truth, and she protests that it would destroy Natalie, but Ben disagrees. She thinks his suggestion to spend time together is asking a lot, but he's convinced her feelings about Natalie won't last forever. When she turns her back to him, he yells at her not to turn away from him. They're in this together; they just need time to sort it out. Going to Rae instead of taking it out on Natalie shows how much she cares.

Asa stops by Llanfair; he came to see Al, but he's not there. He stops "Viki" from leaving, saying he wants to get together with her, Ben, and Jessica as a family. Ben promises to set it up, but right now they're in the middle of something. Concerned about Viki's strange actions, Asa privately asks Ben whether she has a problem. Ben says she's fine and promises to call after talking to Jessica.

Niki takes a drink, and Ben catches her trying to leave. She rolls her eyes as he tells her not to go. Being overly dramatic, she says she's no better than Roxy. She needs time away, alone. Ben doesn't understand why she's shutting him out. He tries to call Rae but "Viki" hangs up the phone. She tells him to go on upstairs; she'll be up soon. She endures his embrace, and he leaves her alone. She gets another drink and tells herself how hot Ben is. He could be a lot of fun, but for now she has to keep her hands off him. She has to keep working on her Viki. Step 1 has been accomplished. They would all die if they knew the real secret!

When Al and Jen arrive at Break Bar, Max asks whether they've set a date for the wedding. Al hedges; Jen is in charge of that and she has a lot going on in her life. Cristian takes Jen aside to work on their project for Keri's class. Max tells his son he isn't in favor of long engagements, but Al doesn't want to pressure Jen.

Jen accidentally touches Cristian's hand as they sit in front of the computer. Their assignment is about crimes of passion, also known as crimes of the heart. Cristian tells her this won't work. Natalie sees them, then approaches Chad to ask about Seth. Max tells her Seth is persona non grata. Natalie insists that Allison was the one who stole the money. For proof, she reports that Allison left town. She gives Max enough to cover the stolen money and asks him to give Seth his job back. He gives the money to Chad to count. Natalie then goes to Al and reports that things are looking up. Soon they'll both be with the people they belong with. Knowing about Allison's reputation, Max asks Chad what he thinks about Seth's predicament. Chad admits that Seth works hard, and if Max schedules them together, he'll make sure he doesn't get away with anything. With that in mind, Max tells Natalie that Seth can have his job back. Jen returns and tells Al she wants to leave. Natalie tells Cristian she wishes she could help, and he tells her to make Al walk.

Back at the carriage house, Al schedules the wedding for the twelfth of some unidentified month. Jen gets in bed with him and they cuddle.

Nora tells Troy she never should have told him about her feelings for him. That was completely irresponsible. She can't let her feelings overtake her, because she can't act on them. He asks whether it's because of his resemblance to Colin. She admits he's nothing like his dead twin; she knows his feelings for her are genuine, and he likes the real Nora, not some fantasy named Scarlett. She doesn't like that he slept with Lindsay, because that did remind her of Colin. It was cold, calculating, and cruel. She realizes Colin wasn't always bad. After all, he saved her from the train wreck. The problem is Sam. She still loves him. She has to let him move on, but she herself is unable to do that. Her feelings for him won't disappear overnight. She really hurt Sam by not being satisfied with their life together. Troy didn't set out to hurt anyone, but some things can't be helped. They have to move forward. Nora is afraid that would hurt Sam even more. She made a mistake, and she doesn't want to make another one right now. So much has happened, and she feels overwhelmed. Troy believes they were meant to be together. He knows it, and someday so will she. As she leaves, she admits that she feels confused, conflicted, and overwhelmed--and fine.

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