OLTL Update Friday 3/29/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/29/01

By Laura

Nora chases Lindsay across the room and pushes her onto the ground. Lindsay rolls them over and begins choking Nora. At the jail, Bo regrets that he once almost married Lindsay. Hank assures him that Lindsay must have had a good side that Bo was attracted to. Troy comes in and pulls Lindsay off of Nora then Bo enters and cuffs Lindsay. Nora thanks Troy profusely as she holds him closely. She tells Hank that she’s not going to press charges because the price of justice is sometimes too high. Troy takes an unwilling but yielding Nora to his office at the hospital to get checked out. She asks him why he had come back and calls him her guardian angel, there whenever she needs him. He says he came back because he had accidentally left his hospital I.D. there. Lindsay is angry with Bo for tricking her and he assures her that it was necessary. Bo offers Lindsay one phone call, as he places her in a jail cell, but she says no one would take a call from her.

Once at Troy’s office, he examines Nora and asks her to unbutton her blouse. He plays back his answering machine and hears that Nora left most of the messages. After the clean bill of health she is about to walk out but can’t, or rather, ‘doesn’t want to’. She admits to being “confused and conflicted” and to having stronger feelings for him than she wants to admit to.

Natalie tells Ben that she is worried about Vicki because she has been acting differently. She believes that her mother is depressed for some reason and that there is reason to worry about her. Ben verbalizes his observations that Natalie is improving in both mood as well as attitude, and that she is even starting to be like her mother. Natalie catches Rae on her way out and tells of her worries that whatever is bothering Vicki is about her. Rae reminds Natalie that Vicki is strong and that it is all very difficult to deal with, but that Natalie has no reason to worry. Meanwhile, Vicki admits to Ben that she has been seeing Rae for therapy sessions instead of meeting for the fundraiser. She calls herself a horrible person and mother but Ben argues. She says that she can’t accept Natalie and that her dreams are buried feelings of guilt for hating her own child. She wants to know if Ben now hates her for despising her own child. When Natalie gets home, Ben assures her that everything is alright with her mother. But once out of the room, Niki shouts, “It worked” and pats herself on the back for deceiving everyone.

Rae reminds Vicki that Niki could always be lying, just to torment her. But Vicki starts to entertain the idea that maybe she really does hate Natalie. Rae suggests counseling for the two of them, but Vicki insists that she could never tell Natalie how she feels. She begs Rae not to tell Ben, who has just walked in and overheard. Vicki asks to be alone and Natalie says she’s going to go find Al, but that she is there for her mother if she needs anything. Ben refuses to leave. He has figured out that there really is no fundraiser. 

Seth tells Jessica that Allison and Roxy are scamming her and she agonizes over whom to believe. At first she refuses to believe Seth but he admits to sneaking into Allison’s motel room in order to steal proof. Every one points the finger at every one else. Seth has legal records and papers regarding Green Hills. He calls the number on the brochure and Allison’s purse rings. Seth pulls out the cell phone and hands it to Jessica to answer. It’s Seth on the line. She is very angry with Roxy and is upset that every moment was a lie. After an angry and hurt Seth and Jessica leave, Roxy points out that its Allison’s name that is all over the documents that could land one in jail. In the car, Jessica tells Seth that she trusts him, completely, and that she wants to spend the night with him. She calls Ben to relay a message to Vicki that she won’t be home that evening and not to worry about her. Seth notices the car behind him. It’s Allison and she’s on a mission to make Seth and Jessica pay, even if that includes running them off of the road.

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