OLTL Update Thursday 3/28/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/28/02

By Laura

Lindsay, still pretending to have the mentality of a seven year-old, strongly protests Troy’s plans to stick her with a needle supposedly filled with a drug that will cause brain damage. Lindsay says she doesn’t want to be brain dead and Bo informs her that he has never bought her act and that he is going to get a court order transferring her to jail. After he leaves, she fights with Troy and sticks him with the needle. He explains that there is no drug causing brain damage but instead only a saline solution. She assures him that Nora will do him in eventually. He and Bo reconvene to congratulate each other on their success with exposing Lindsay. Then Troy leaves, but runs into Nora on the way out. 

Todd assures Blair that he has bribed the judge so that everything will be fine. But Blair notices the sign that indicates that a different judge is presiding over the case instead. She panics and insists on calling Sam but Todd won’t allow it. He enters the courtroom to try to defend he and Blair as parents to the social worker, and then attempts to bribe her. Blair sneaks off to call Sam and leaves a message on his machine, stating their whereabouts. She returns to tell Todd that she has been in the restroom all that time. Todd asks the judge to recall the case at a later date because his lawyer is not present. The judge agrees but states that in the meantime Starr and any siblings she may have must reside in foster care. Blair begs and pleads. Todd threatens. Sam walks in and takes over. 

Sam presents the judge with documentation proving that Todd and Blair are good parents. He has notes from Starr’s teachers and parents of her friends. He explains that Todd was merely bragging about his child, in a newspaper known for its fabrications, because she was so cleaver and brave as to actually save a man’s life. He informs the judge, who is surprised that such a prestigious attorney is defending parents in child dependency court, that he witnessed first-hand Starr’s reprimand for bringing home the poisonous spider. The judge changes his order to in-home observation. Todd is less than grateful and refuses to pay Sam who offers his services in exchange for the horrible way in which he behaved with Blair earlier. Then he, once again, advises Todd to legalize Jack’s adoption. 

Nora is at Sam‘s door asking about Jen’s well being after all that has happened with Lindsay. He accuses her of only being there to enlist his help with Lindsay’s downfall and becomes angry and offended that she asks about Lindsay before she even asks about him. Sam explains to Nora that it hurts to look at her knowing that he is not the right man for her and that apparently Troy is. She pleads with him, stating repeatedly that she loves him and apologizes for hurting him. He says he’s putting her things together and will call her when he’s finished. She leaves and goes to St. Anne’s to see Lindsay. Instead she sees Troy. 

Troy explains to Nora that the only way to expose Lindsay was to play her games. He insists that she stay away from a very angry and therefore dangerous Lindsay. She thanks him for everything and he observes that she’s unhappy. He knows that Nora is upset because Troy was the one, instead of Sam, to expose Lindsay. He understands that she doesn’t want things to be over between she and Sam, but that she also has feelings for Troy. She responds by saying that she doesn’t want to discuss Sam and then leaves.

Lindsay, trying to escape, asks Sandy for help. In order to oblige, she throws sand in the police officer’s face. Lindsay escapes into a closet and dresses up as a nun. Nora yanks the hood off of a nun, mistakenly thinking that she’s Lindsay. But on her way out, she comes face to face with the woman she’s been searching for. 

Seth, outside the door, eavesdrops on a conversation between Allison and Roxy regarding their plans to get Jessica’s money. Jessica calls Roxy, who is still with Allison, and tells her that she’ll come pick her up. When Roxy argues, Jessica says that she’s at Roxy’s home waiting for her and that if she isn’t there within the next fifteen minutes, she’s coming to get her. Roxy and Allison leave and Seth sneaks in to find proof of their collaboration. Seth calls Jessica and tells her that Allison has an accomplice. Jessica replies that they’ll talk later but that right now she needs to be with Roxy and hangs up. 

Jessica offers to help Roxy by spending the night, or packing her bags, and then finally driving her to Green Hills in the morning. Roxy says that she’s scared to go to Green Hills, although she knows she needs to go, and doesn’t want Jessica to go with her. Seth barges in, dragging Allison with him, and warns Jessica not to give the check to Roxy. 

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