OLTL Update Wednesday 3/27/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/27/02

By Beth

At St. Anne's, Lindsay looks around, then tells herself it beats going to prison. She gets into an argument with Sandy, a patient who insists that Lindsay isn't seven years old, as she claims, and that the clay giraffe she made looks like a dinosaur. Sister Teresa breaks up the argument as Bo and Antonio look on. The nun isn't happy to see the police there; she wants no interference. Bo is convinced Lindsay is faking her breakdown and has a court order for an additional examination. His doctor is very good, and he's here now. When Troy enters the room, Lindsay holds out her giraffe to him and pretends not to know him. The nun doesn't like this at all, but Bo stands firm. He privately tells Antonio that Troy has a better chance than anyone of proving that Lindsay is faking.

Troy tells Lindsay that he's not buying her act, and neither is Bo. She'll eventually slip up, and when she does, even more charges will be brought against her. She should just admit it's a scam. He urges her to tell him how much she hates him. She beckons for him to come closer, and when he's very close, she tells him he's handsome. He leaves her alone to speak to Bo right outside the door. He tells Bo that he thinks it's for real after all, and he really feels guilty, because he's probably the one who pushed her over the edge. He has to find a way to help her. Lindsay is eavesdropping, and they are counting on that. Bo and Troy step aside and quietly confirm their belief that she fell for their act. Back in front of the door, Troy says there's an experimental drug he can use to help her. Unfortunately, if she's faking, she could wind up brain dead. However, he knows she's not faking. He'd stake his reputatation on it. They enter the room where Lindsay is waiting, and Troy explains that he's going to give her a shot. She protests as a little girl would, but it isn't working. Troy says his shots never hurt. Lindsay's protests sound like those of a little girl at first, but her last "no" is clearly made by an adult.

Seth admits he may have been wrong about both Jessica and Natalie. He followed his heart, which was obviously a bad idea. Jessica thinks he's a thief and a liar. Natalie assures him that even though her sister doesn't believe him, she does. Jessica will always look at him as an outsider, just like Natalie, whose family will never really accept her. Seth tells her it's their loss. Natalie tells Seth she will always love him, and they hug. He thanks her and says he could really use a friend now. Natalie tells him she got rid of Allison for him, but this doesn't make him happy. With her gone, he'll never be able to prove he didn't steal that money. He lost his job and his reputation over this. He realizes she thought she was helping, but now he has to find another way to clear his name.

Viki wants to know what Niki told Rae. When Rae tells her there's no guarantee that Niki was telling the truth, she panics. Is it that bad? Rae assures her it isn't, but she wants to talk to her at Llanfair, where Viki feels safe. Viki protests but eventually relents.

After Seth leaves, Natalie looks at the photo of Jessica. She's going to get her mother and boyfriend back and her sister will end up with nothing. When Viki and Rae arrive at Llanfair, Viki asks for some privacy, and Rae finally tells her what Niki said. According to Niki, Viki wishes that Natalie weren't her daughter. In fact, she secretly hates her. Viki says that's ridiculous, but Rae continues. Niki explained that Natalie's arrival ruined Viki's perfect life. Viki wonders whether it's possible. Rae reminds her of the problem she herself had accepting Skye as her daughter. She hated her, and she had to work through it. Rae also thinks Niki won't be making a reappearance. As she talks about Niki, she rubs her injured jaw but tells Viki there's nothing wrong. She says that only Viki could know whether what Niki said is true. When Rae leaves, Viki wants to be alone.

Roxy doesn't like Jessica's plan to have a cashier's check made out to the sanatorium. She gives several excuses, all of which Jessica brushes off. Becoming suspicious, Jessica asks whether she's planning to use the money for something other than the sanatorium after all. Roxy is indignant, then laughs it off, saying Jessica must be kidding. She finally agrees to the terms and hugs her, saying she wants her daughter to be proud of her. Jessica tells her to start by packing a bag; she's going to class but she'll be back later with the cashier's check made out to Greenhills Sanatorium.

Allison is dancing for joy and singing her own lyrics to the tune of a Christmas carol: "I am going to be so rich, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. And it's thanks to that blonde witch, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la." A call from Roxy brings her down to earth; they have a big problem with the money. She orders Roxy to come to her room immediately. Allison tries to order room service and learns that there is none, so she goes to get some snacks from the vending machines. Seth, who has been lurking outside, uses his credit card to break into her room. He finds the brochure on the bed and wonders what that's about. Hearing Allison returning, he hides in the closet. As soon as she gets back, Roxy arrives in a tizzy. When Roxy explains the problem, Allison laughs and laughs. She explains that she filed a DBA as Greenhills Sanatorium. The original brochure was for the sanitarium; the two names are close enough that no one should notice. Therefore, the cashier's check from Jessica will really be made out to them after all! Roxy is angry that Allison let her panic instead of filling her in on this detail. Inside the closet, Seth is fuming.

Jessica returns to Roxy's earlier than expected, since her class was cancelled. She is concerned when Roxy doesn't answer the door.

Keri accuses Shawna of bringing false charges against her. Antonio and Cristian both earned their grades. When R.J. arrives, Keri says her student is trying to destroy her career and she wants to know why. Shawna claims she's just trying to do the right thing. R.J. drags her out, quietly telling her she did a good job. Keri is upset; she could be fired over this. Even though it's not true, the accusation will follow her around for the rest of her career. R.J. reminds her of the job offer from Stanford. If she goes ahead and resigns, no one will find out about the charges. He would gladly move to Palo Alto with her. Keri doesn't want to leave Antonio, and he would never leave his relatives. Besides, his ex-wife lives in Palo Alto, so that would be awkward. When Antonio arrives, R.J. offers to leave, but Keri asks him to stay. She explains the situation to Antonio and says that her father offered to move to California with her. She just can't leave Antonio, though, so she's going to stay and fight the charges.


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