OLTL Update Tuesday 3/26/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/26/02

By Beth

Todd sees Sam pull Blair down on top of him and kiss her. Enraged, Todd pulls Blair away and grabs Sam around the neck. Blair in turn pulls at Todd and screams at him to stop. Sam finally realizes what he did and apologizes, which isn't good enough for Todd. Blair is mad at her husband and wants to know why he's there. Did he follow her? No, he came to get legal advice but Sam's just a worthless drunk who steals other people's wives. He should have seen it coming; first it was Bo's wife, and now his. The Mannings leave.

Todd gets home later than Blair expected and explains that he had to take care of something. He shows her the summons he received earlier, which scares her. Todd says not to worry; he took care of it on the way home. He bribed the judge to throw the case out of court. Blair is afraid this will backfire and make the social worker try harder. What if she finds out Jack's adoption isn't legal? Blair insists in calling Sam in on it, but Todd is adamant. It's over, and without any help from "Slobbering Sam." There's nothing else to find. Blair won't give up, which angers Todd even more. She tries to explain that Sam was too drunk to drive, so she took him home. She is alarmed to learn that Starr is alone at the spa. Todd goes to get her, saying, "Love you," as he goes out the door. Stunned, Blair calls after him; he never says that!

Matthew and his babysitter stop by to see Sam, who promises that he and Nora will be at the school for Parents' Day. Shortly thereafter, Todd returns to Sam's with a threat. He'd better stay away from Blair and the adoption. They are dead to him or else Sam will be dead to everyone else.

In Keri's office, R.J. expresses concern that his daughter might hear something disconcerting from his past. He's also been looking for Nora; he's worried about her. Keri hasn't seen her, but she knows there's been trouble between Nora and Sam. As far as Nora's ordeal is concerned, she knows that Lindsay admitted to kidnapping and drugging her. Keri is fascinated with the case and would like to write about it for one of the journals. When she wonders what Lindsay must be capable of, R.J. admits she's capable of almost anything. Antonio hears this and says R.J. would know, referring to rumors of his involvement with Lindsay. R.J. hopes she'll get what's coming to her, but Antonio says she may not. She's being moved to St. Anne's for evaluation of her mental condition. R.J. leaves, happy that Lindsay is out of the way. Antonio gives Keri a key to his apartment, along with a card. She has an appointment with a student, as well as papers to grade, so she can't steal away with him right now.

Shawna joins R.J., who is celebrating. She doesn't understand why he wants to ruin his daughter's career. He doesn't; he's just protecting her. He gives Shawna some money, promising much more if she's willing to do some work. Shawna then goes to Keri's office for their appointment. When Keri tries to discuss the paper her student is supposed to rewrite, Shawna explains that she's been too busy with something else: a complaint of unethical behavior.

Al goes to Llanfair, where he tells Natalie that his mother caught him walking. She won't tell anyone, but he's tired of lying to Jen. A miracle recovery won't work; he wants to be completely honest and tell her everything. Natalie strongly protests; he'll lose her. She's also worried that Seth will find out they framed him for theft. Al stresses his desire for a real marriage, not one based on lies, but Natalie says he won't have a marriage at all if he confesses. He just has to hang in there a little longer. As they talk, Jessica gets a call from Roxy, who wants to see her. She heads out the door and runs into Seth. She reluctantly invites him in, explaining that she has to go somewhere. She admits she's been avoiding him. Seth is convinced that someone impersonated him to Chad's sister, and he believes Allison is behind it. Jessica still doesn't know what to believe. She can't forget about the sculpture that was in his pocket at the gallery fundraiser. Natalie and Al worry as they eavesdrop on the conversation. Natalie tells Al to sneak out the back while she does some damage control, but instead, he hangs around and listens. When Jessica leaves, Natalie tells Seth that she believes him, insisting that her sister will never understand people like them--people who grew up with nothing. Seth admits that maybe he made a mistake with both sisters.

When Jessica arrives at Roxy's house, Allison runs out the back. Roxy, dressed in a ratty old robe, claims she just can't do it on her own. It's so hard to give up booze, cigarettes, and junk food. Jessica tries to encourage her, saying really wants her to get better so they can get to know each other. Roxy again says she can't do it on her own. She shows her the brochure from Greenhills Sanatorium--a brochure Allison has altered to reflect much higher prices. Roxy thinks the place might help, but it's just so expensive. Struggling with this, Jessica finally agrees to bring her a cashier's check for the full amount, made out to the sanatorium. When Roxy asks her to make it out to her instead, Jessica asks why they should complicate things.

Rae orders Niki to tell her the secret about Natalie. Furious, Niki decks her, steals her money, and tries to leave, but she's stopped by a nun and two attendants standing guard outside the door. When Niki tells them that Rae had a seizure, the nun and one guard go to help her. One guard remains at the door, and Niki tries to talk her way past him. He won't budge until the nun calls him inside. Just as Niki leaves, Rae awakens and tells them to stop her. The two guards go after her and bring her back, kicking and screaming. Rae claps her hands twice to regain control, then has the others leave the room. While a dazed Niki sits down, Rae points out that she still doesn't know the secret. What is it about Natalie that Viki is afraid to know? Niki says Rae won't like it, and neither will Viki. Thinking it through, she finally agrees to reveal the secret. After all, if Rae screws up and Viki freaks, Niki will get to stay out for good. She tells Rae the secret, which we're not privy to. Stunned, Rae subdues Niki and brings Viki back. She and Viki are both scared as Viki asks what she knows.

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