OLTL Update Monday 3/25/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 3/25/02

By Beth

After hypnotizing Viki to bring Niki out, Rae is shocked at Niki's attitude. After all, she's supposed to be under Rae's control. Denying Niki's claim that Viki must be going nuts again, Rae asserts her authority. However, Niki won't listen. She doesn't take orders, and she gets what she wants. She can't be controlled. Rae points out that she put a signal into the hypnosis, and if she makes that signal, Niki will be under her control. As Niki tries to get out the door, Rae claps her hands, stopping her in her tracks. Confused, Niki sits down. Rae has some questions for her. She wants to know the secret she's keeping from Viki. Niki smiles and says Viki can't handle it. Rae presses for an answer, and Niki claims that Rae would never believe her. Against her will, she says it's about Natalie. When she still tries to hold out, Rae orders her to tell. Furious at being ordered around, Niki punches Rae out, then cackles in glee.

Allison is in her grungy hotel room with Roxy, and they are talking about how much money they should be getting from Jessica. Allison won't waste her time for $10,000. She plans to milk $100,000 from her target. Roxy hides when there is a knock at the door, which turns out to be Natalie. She wants Allison to pack up and leave town, and she's prepared to give her $5000 cash to do it. Allison laughs; whatever reason Natalie has for wanting her to leave is worth much more than a measly five grand. Allison insists she made Natalie who she is; she took her from poverty and made her rich, and Natalie owes her. Natalie disagrees; if it weren't for Allison, she never would have been raised by that horrible excuse for a mother. If Allison had just let her handle things her way, she wouldn't have lost Seth. Hearing this, Allison thinks Seth is the reason for the visit. She threatens to go to him and make sure he never looks at Natalie again. This infuriates Natalie, who warns Allison to stay away from him. Allison starts to put it all together, realizing it must have something to do with the missing money. Natalie denies this. Allison finally agrees to keep the money, so Natalie leaves. Roxy is furious about the way Natalie described her, but Allison laughs. Roxy also warns her not to cross Natalie, but Allison has no intentions of leaving town until she gets Jessica's money. She hands Roxy a brochure for Green Hill Sanitarium, but the brochure has been altered to reflect much higher prices. Roxy is to get Jessica to pay for her stay there.

Al insists that Gabrielle keep quiet about his ability to walk. Max walks in and notices that something's up. Gabrielle desperately wants to tell him, but finally says that she's not wild about the idea of Al marrying Jen. Max tells her to lay off, but Al defends his mother. In a pointed remark, she says she only wants to be certain that Jen's feelings are completely genuine. Before leaving, Max advises Gabrielle to support their son's decisions. Al is thankful that she didn't reveal his secret, but she's upset at lying to Max. Al whines that he had to lie; Jen would leave him if she knew the truth. Gabrielle points out that if that's all it would take, he's going to lose her anyway. From experience, she warns her son of what it's like to not be loved back. She's afraid he's turning into the same schemer she did. He claims it's temporary; after they're married a little while, he'll start walking. By that time, they'll be so close she would never leave him. Al gets a call from Natalie saying that she took care of Allison. Gabrielle recognizes it as a conspiratorial phone call and doesn't believe his story. She is sad because he'll never know whether Jen already loves him enough to stay with him.

Sam is drunk and flirtatious, and Blair insists on driving him home, defying Todd's order to stay away from him. She doesn't know that Todd and Starr never made it to the spa. The social worker, Ms. Janet Major, is charging the Mannings with child endangerment. She hands Starr a teddy bear to play with while she talks to Todd. Starr is insulted and disgusted, but Todd warns her to go along and play with it. He tells "Ms. Minor" that no one endangers Starr; Starr endangers people. As for the article, it was just a bunch of lies. He tries to find Blair to confirm this, but she isn't around, another point against them in the social worker's eyes. As she hands him a summons to appear in family court, Starr returns the teddy bear, which is now headless. As she leaves, the social worker advises him to contact a good attorney. Todd reluctantly agree to drop Starr off for her facial, but warns her not to let that woman see her there by herself. After he drops her off at the spa, he's going to get a lawyer.

Renee stops by Llanfair and is puzzled when Ben tells her that Viki is at a fundraising meeting with Rae. After all, Renee is the recording secretary and should have been informed of the meeting. As she leaves, Natalie arrives home, and she and Ben bond a little. She admits she now thinks of Viki as her mother, and she's grateful for the second chance she got with her. When Ben mentions how Viki reacts to people to betray her trust, Natalie tells herself she can't let her mother find out about the situation with Seth.

Blair gets Sam home. He's still drunk and feeling sorry for himself. Seeing Nora's photo makes him want another drink. Blair tells him it takes time to get over someone. He has to allow it to happen one day at a time. He wants her to help him forget. He manages to pull her down on top of him and kiss her. Unfortunately, Todd witnesses this.

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