OLTL Update Friday 3/22/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/22/01

By Laura

Al stands up and Gabrielle walks in. Both are shocked to see one another. She Starrts to cry with joy because her son can use his legs again. She asks him when it happened. He tells her that he hasn't told anyone, especially Jen. She asks if Max knows and when he repeats that no one knows, she picks up the phone to call him. Al hangs it up and insists that no one can know. She asks why and he explains that it's not exactly good news. He admits that he has been walking for weeks. She says she knows about the engagement because Jen told her. He tells his mother that if Jen finds out that he can walk, the wedding will be off and he'll lose her forever. Al tells his mother that Jen still loves Cristian and that Cristian went running straight to Natalie after the break-up. Al insists that Jen feels something for him, that its getting stronger, and that she'll move on, with him, but he needs time. He asks his mother to help him by giving him that time. Al thinks that his mother is saying Al isn't good enough for Jen. She argues and says that she just doesn't want Al to get hurt. She says she knows what it's like to do anything to hold onto a man because she did it with Max, and that Al was too young at the time to even know the half of it. She tells him that she has pretended to be suicidal, to be pregnant, to miscarry the baby. But she explains that the relationship didn't last because it was built on a lie. She says she lost Max but more importantly she lost herself. She begs him not to lose himself by holding onto someone who doesn't really love him. She urges him to stand up and be himself. Al says he can't run the risk of losing Jen. Then Max comes in and asks what's going on.

Rae arranges a private room with security for a session with Vicki and then asks her if she's ready. She responds that she's as ready as she'll ever be. She asks Vicki if the security guards upset her, and explains that it's just a precaution, and Vicki answers that Niki cannot be trusted. Rae asks if Niki is really that volatile and Vicki confirms it, adding that Niki is the most devious of all her alters. She reminds Rae that they can't tell Ben until she finds out what the secret is, just in case it is a threat to their marriage. She asks Vicki if she wants to wait and Vicki says she needs to move on, with her family, with Jessica and Natalie. Rae points out that she didn't mention her sons. Vickie tells Rae that Niki was taunting her about which daughter she loves more and adds that there is probably a connection since Niki appeared about the time that Allison did. Rae hypnotizes Vicki and asks a calm, controlled Niki Smith to come out and answer all Rae's questions. Niki comes out, looks around, and insults Rae's hair.

Lindsay refuses to speak to Jen because her mom told her to never talk to strangers and she doesn't know Jen. Lindsay insists that her parents are coming to take her home soon. Bo tells Lindsay to drop the act because no one's buying it. Lindsay tells Jen that she's pretty and that she wishes she had a sister who looks like her. Jen begs her to admit to making all this up. Lindsay's lawyer arrives and requests a full psychiatric evaluation and a transfer to St. Anne's. Bo says no one is getting admitted and asks for Rae specifically. He's told that Rae is busy. Jen asks Bo what will happen if Lindsay gets worse. He responds that he'll let her know, but that she won't get worse because she faking it. Hank tells Bo to play it by the book so Lindsay doesn't serve her entire sentence at St. Anne's.

Todd and Blair take Starr out for dinner. Starr orders Renee to get something and Todd seconds the gesture. Blair tries to discipline Starr but she argues that it is her special day, especially without Jack. Todd shows Starr the day's newspaper, which has a picture of Starr and the words "Oh great one." Todd sends back a drink that Starr doesn't like and asks Renee if she read the Sun. She replies that she reads the Banner instead and he says that he does too, when he wants to fall asleep. Todd tells Renee about Starr saving Troy. Starr asks why Troy isn't in the picture and says they should go visit him and make sure he's alright. Todd asks Blair why she's giving him a hard time and she says it's because he tried to order her who not to be friends with, meaning Sam. She says she is grateful for Jack but doesn't want to lose him. She asks Todd to call Sam and allow him to help. Another 'Starr cartoon' has Hank and Bo talking to Starr and each other about her being a hero and saving Troy's life. Hank declares the day Starr Manning day in Llanview. Blair yells at Todd for not letting her talk to Sam. Starr demands that they take her to get a manicure and a facial. Todd agrees to take her and Blair says she'll meet them there because she has an errand to run. A woman asks Starr for her autograph and questions if everything in the newspaper is true. Then she says that she's been looking for Todd for a while and introduces herself as someone from child services. She explains that she's there because Starr was unsupervised, ran out at night, and even almost got bit by a poisonous spider. She informs him that both he and his wife are being investigated for child endangerment.

Nora sees Sam and says that she didn't know he was there. Troy interjects that it is not what it looks like. Sam says that it's exactly what it looks like. Nora says she was up all night thinking about him. Sam doesn't believe her. She tells Sam about Troy collapsing at her doorstep. He tells her she can do whatever she wants as log as it doesn't effect Matthew. She assures him that Matthew is out at a friend's house and then asks him why he came. He says he thought he had forgotten something there but apparently didn't. She wants to talk to him but Sam makes a snide comment about Troy and then leaves. Troy apologizes for what happened with Sam and says he should have never come. Nora agrees when he says he should just leave. She goes off on him when he says he never meant to-- and can't finish the sentence. She tries to finish it for him, "Wreck my marriage? Go after Lindsay when I repeatedly asked you not to?" Troy apologizes again and Nora says she doesn't believe him. She says he always seems to get what he wants. He insists that he didn't want to almost die and asks her to look him in the eye and tell him she didn't want him to do it. She admits that he's right and that she did want it, and even encouraged it. She said she knew what he was doing and she kept her mouth shut, and that's why she lost Sam. She apologizes to Troy for snapping at him, and he agrees to have himself checked out at the hospital. Jen comes over, looking for her father. She tells Nora about Lindsay's nervous breakdown. Lindsay asks her lawyer to play with her. Then she whispers to herself that she's fighting for her life.

Sam asks for a double with the intention of getting drunk. Blair meets up with him at the bar. He tells her to go home to her husband and family and be happy. He says that he wants to get drunk because he saw Nora and Troy all over each other. Blair talks to Sam about her fight with Todd over Jacks' adoption. She refuses to leave him there because he needs a friend. He repeats that she should go home to Jack. She takes his drink away. He tells her she's beautiful when she's angry, beautiful in general, and makes a pass at her.

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