OLTL Update Thursday 3/21/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/21/02

By Laura

Jen walks in on Natalie telling Al that they are both getting exactly what they want and Jen inquires as to what exactly Natalie means. Natalie claims that she's happy about an A grade on a Sociology paper but Jen doubts that she's telling the truth. After she leaves, Al tells Jen that Natalie is his friend. But Jen can't understand why. She wants to know what secret Al is hiding and he tells her that Natalie is also friends with Cristian. He explains that Jessica walked in on Natalie with Cristian and then wants to know why Jen is getting upset. She says that she's not upset and goes off alone to visit her mother.

Seth defends himself to Jessica who doesn't understand what reason Chad's sister would have to lie about Seth. He tells Jessica that he was never at Rodi's that night. Seth apologizes to Jessica once again for his actions as a kid, but promises that he has been trying to turn his life around. He says that he's doing it for both Jessica and himself but that it doesn't mean much to him if she doesn't believe in him. Natalie eavesdrops and accuses Jessica of not believing in Seth. Natalie suggests that Allison is behind it and Seth begins to believe it too. He says he'll prove that Allison is involved even though Jessica continues to doubt her involvement. They fight and Seth is angry that Jessica thinks he is a liar and a thief. She reminds him that she never said that but he responds that she didn't need to actually say anything.

Vicki asks Rae to bring out Nikki so that they can find out what secrets Nikki is hiding. Vicki is afraid that Nikki will find a way out anyway and she would like to chose the time and place for it to happen. Rae suggests hypnosis; it might not work but it's worth a try. Vicki agrees but asks Rae not to tell Ben. When Rae tries to protest, Vicki says that Ben wants to be Vicki's protector, and that she'll tell him eventually but right now she doesn't want him to worry. Rae wonders if Vicki really wants to know whatever it is that Nikki knows because it may be too painful. She tells Rae that no information could be more painful than when she learned about her father sexually abusing her as a child. Ben comes home and Vicki tells Rae to go ahead and make the necessary arrangements for 'the fundraiser'.

Gabrielle comes in to ask Bo to breakfast and overhears him talking about Lindsay. Bo makes her promise not to let the info leak out. She immediately calls Todd with the story. When Bo hears her on the phone she claims she's talking to her manicurist because she has broken a nail. Bo wonders if it is her word rather than her nail that she has broken.

Sam visits Lindsay in jail. She mistakenly thinks he's there to be on her side, but he quickly sets her straight. He tells her that she's the reason he has lost everything. He's only there to let Lindsay known that he told Will and Lainie about Lindsay's arrest, so that they wouldn't have to read about in the tabloids first, and that neither one of them are coming to see her. He tells Lindsay that she'll finally pay, and for the next thirty years of her life. She says Nora needs to pay because she was there every time Sam and Lindsay made love. Sam once again defends Nora and Lindsay gets angry. She tells him that he's never going to have Nora and that he can blame Lindsay for a lot of things, but not for Nora wanting Troy. Sam leaves.

A 'lawyer' comes to see Lindsay and introduces herself as Susan Clipps. She presses Lindsay for details of what happened and Lindsay names Troy as the true guilty party for taping her confession after making her fall in love. When Susan begins to ask Lindsay how it all felt, Lindsay realizes that Susan is not a lawyer. Clipps admits to being a reporter for The Sun, there to get Lindsay's side, and Lindsay starts screaming for someone to get her out of the cell. She says to herself that she can't trust anyone, that all she wanted was someone to love, and that she'll go crazy if she has to stay in prison for thirty years.

Ben finds Sam and they discuss Nora. Sam tells him that they are finished and fills him in on the story of what happened with Troy. Bo comes to thank Sam for his testimony and compliments him on saving Troy's life. A surprised Ben advises Sam to at least try talking to Nora. Bo then sees Susan reluctantly giving the tape to Gabrielle. To Gabrielle, Bo accuses Susan of being fraudulent but Gabrielle uses the defense that Susan never claimed to be Lindsay's lawyer. An angry Bo tells her that he is very disappointed in her. On her way out, Gabrielle places the tape on Bo's desk. Then she sees Jen coming in and tries to comfort her by telling her that she and her mother will get through this. Jen informs Al's mother of his engagement and she immediately goes to see him.

Nora finds Troy unconscious on her doorstep. He tells he that he's been there since the previous night. She insists on getting medical treatment for him but he protests. She helps him inside and onto the couch and accidentally falls on top of him. Troy says he's fine and tells Nora that he ran into Sam the day before. She asks him how Sam's doing. Then Troy begins to tell Nora that his hallucinations about her saved his life and that she was like an angel to him. She touches his face and he looks up to see Sam standing in the room.

Max asks a sulking R.J. why he's so upset and he informs him of Lindsay's arrest. He daydreams about Lindsay's threats to him and his reminding her that, because of Carrie, he is now on the straight and narrow. Max asks him if he's down because he has a thing for Lindsay. When R.J. gets annoyed, Max asks him if he's upset instead because he was in on whatever it was that Lindsay did to land herself in jail. R.J. asks him to stay out of his business. Max obliges and leaves to find Jen and Al to make sure that they are okay. Gabrielle beats him to it and is in shock when she walks in on a standing Al.

Bo takes Jen into Lindsay's cell and announces her arrival. Lindsay slowly looks up and says, "I'm sorry; my mama said I should never talk to strangers."

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