OLTL Update Wednesday 3/20/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/20/02

By Beth

Viki has a nightmare that Ben, Jessica, Seth, Allison, Roxy, and Niki are all laughing about what she doesn't know. They all know the secret, but when she confronts them, they vanish. Niki reappears; she won't tell because Viki won't let her out. When Viki wakes up, Ben asks her what's wrong, and she hedges, lying that she didn't have a bad dream. She just has a lot of things to do.

Seeing Jessica coming downstairs, Natalie pretends to leave a phone message for Chad regarding Seth. The sisters talk about Seth's character, and Natalie says Chad's sister must be lying. Natalie subtly casts more doubt by saying it was probably somebody else dressed like him. Jessica doesn't think anyone else has the same jacket and scarf. She decides to go ask him for herself. Before leaving Llanfair, Jessica asks Viki what she really thinks about Seth. Viki tells her to trust her instincts, no matter what they tell her.

Chad confronts Seth, who has no idea what he's talking about. He wasn't at Rodi's last night, and he didn't hit on Chad's sister. As Seth tries to defend himself, Max joins in on the accusations, telling him to take a few weeks off to think about it. Al, who has come to tell his father his good news, feels guilty about impersonating Seth the night before. Natalie comes in, happy that her plan is working.

Al defends Seth to Max, then announces that he's getting married. Max is very happy for him. Al wants to keep it between them for now and not tell Gabrielle. He really thinks that Jen loves him.

Angry, Seth accuses Chad of trying to get him fired. He wants to meet his sister to find out why she made these accusations. Chad refuses to bring her back from California, which is a big relief to Al and Natalie. They leave when Jessica arrives to confront Seth. She wants to know where he was. He insists he was at the library; the computer froze and he went to the stacks to get a book. She doesn't know whether to believe him or not.

Antonio gives Carlotta a bouquet of flowers to thank her for accepting his relationship with Keri. He and Cristian talk briefly about Jen before Antonio leaves. Cristian wants to move on, but Carlotta is convinced they belong together. Jen arrives to talk to Cristian, telling him she made a huge mistake. She should have been more clear that she intended to commit to Al. Cristian is devastated to hear that she accepted Al's marriage proposal. She has more news; her mother was arrested for her crime against Nora.

Rae informs Keri that a student is making allegations against her regarding Antonio and Cristian. Rae knows Keri is innocent, and although she warned the student to drop it, she doesn't know what will happen. Shawna comes in and walks past R.J., giving him a conspiratorial look. R.J. approaches Keri and Rae, asking his daughter if everything's all right. They tell him it's a matter of academic politics. When Antonio arrives, R.J. mentions Keri's job offer from Stanford, which is the first Antonio has heard of it. Keri didn't tell him because she's never going to leave him. He receives a cryptic call having to do with Lindsay, and he has to go to the station. R.J. hears this and tries unsuccessfully to reach Lindsay. Then he hears Antonio say she's been arrested.

Ben leaves to take care of a problem at Crossroads, and Viki, remembering her nightmare, calls Rae to schedule a session. When Rae arrives, she questions why Viki hasn't told her husband about seeing Niki. Viki is afraid it has something to do with her marriage. She tells Rae to hypnotize her so that Niki can come out.

At the carriage house, Al says he feels bad for Seth, but Natalie tells him it will all work out. They're both going to get what they want. Coming in the door, Jen hears this and asks what they want.


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