OLTL Update Tuesday 3/19/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/19/02

By Beth

Antonio goes to the diner to talk to his mother about her hostility toward Keri. Carlotta still refuses to accept their relationship, prompting Antonio to tell her that he won't be back to the diner for any reason. He'll take his business to a diner that respects its customers, and try to remember when he had a mother who respected her son. R.J., who has been listening, confronts Carlotta about the red pepper incident but claims he actually came to try to make peace, which Carlotta doesn't believe for a minute. He points out that he doesn't want Keri seeing Antonio either but he's going to have to live with it. When Antonio takes a phone call, R.J. tells Carlotta that if things work out, she'll be part of his family. This infuriates her and she storms out to put an end to it once and for all, which is exactly what he wanted.

Jen isn't quite ready to talk yet but asks Al to hold her, a request he happily obliges. Cristian sees them and storms off, running into Keri. They go to her office to talk. Cristian knows Jen loves him even though she's with Al. Keri admits that love is easy but relationships are hard. If it's right, nothing and no one can come between two people. Cristian apologizes for his mother, but Keri understands Carlotta's position. She hopes for half of Carlotta's strength and love when she is a mother. Out in the hall, Carlotta hears this and starts crying. Antonio arrives and starts to tell her off, but Carlotta stops him. She's ashamed of the way she's been treating Keri. She asks for Keri's forgiveness, and the two agree to start over. R.J. is in the background, displeased.

Jen tells Al about her mother's arrest. She admits that she has known about Lindsay's crime for a long time but that she decided to keep quiet about it. Now her mother will probably go to prison, and she deserves it. Al promises to stick by Jen no matter what happens, and tells her to give herself a break. She chose love over justice, and he would have done the same thing. Jen still feels she made the wrong choice. She should have known the truth would come out eventually; it always does. Al insists that sometimes it's necessary to hide the truth. Nothing Jen has said could change his mind about her; he still wants to marry her. Showing her his grandmother's ring, he repeats his proposal, then puts the ring back in his pocket. After Al gives even more reassurances of his love for her, Jen accepts his proposal.

Ben greets Viki when she gets home. They're all alone in the house and he thinks they should take advantage of it. Unfortunately, Viki doesn't feel that she's really alone with her husband, because she sees and hears Niki Smith. As Niki taunts her, the doorbell rings. Rae has come on the pretense of discussing a fundraiser with Viki, but Ben seems suspicious. Alone, Rae asks why Viki hasn't told Ben about seeing Niki, and Viki says he's been very happy and she doesn't want to worry him. She doesn't understand how Niki could have information she herself doesn't have. She went through therapy and she's fully integrated, so she's supposed to know everything her alters know. Rae replies that maybe Viki doesn't want to know; she's probably suppressing something. Viki is upset at Rae's suggestion to let Niki come out, which would give Rae a chance to question her. Ben hears his wife yelling and comes in to see what's wrong. Rae covers for her, then leaves. Ben and Viki start to go upstairs but Niki is back, saying she knows something Viki doesn't.

Todd and Blair continue their argument about legalizing Jack's adoption. Blair is afraid that Nellie will try to take him away, but Todd tries to convince her that all Nellie wants is more money. Blair doesn't believe that. She just wants to be rid of Nellie. Todd promises to take care of it. However, he refuses to consider going to court to make it legal and orders her to stay away from Sam.

Outside Todd's house, Troy tells Sam he came to thank Starr, who is an amazing little girl. He also thanks Sam. Then he and Sam have it out. Sam doesn't like the way Troy treated Lindsay in the name of justice. Troy isn't proud of what he did but sees no reason to apologize. Sam accuses him of being vicious and deceitful, adding that it comes easily for Troy. He knows all about the New Year's Eve kiss and Troy's role in making sure Sam wasn't with Nora at midnight. He's ten times worse than his twin brother ever was. Sam accuses Troy of setting out to take Nora away from him. Troy disputes this. He cared about her; she needed truth and peace of mind, which Sam was unable or unwilling to give her. Sam's reaction is to throw Troy against the door.

When Starr tells her mother she's ready for her apology, Todd wishes Blair luck. As he heads upstairs, he hears noises outside and opens the door to Troy and Sam's scuffle. When Troy introduces himself and asks to see Starr, Todd invites him inside.

Todd tells Sam to mind his own business. For his part, Sam is fed up with secrets. What is Todd afraid he'll find out? Todd says he's just happy; he wants Blair to be happy too. Sam says he's Blair's attorney until she says otherwise, and Todd tells him to butt out. Sam laughs and says threats just won't work today.

As Starr makes Blair swear to always believe her, Troy walks in. Starr is thrilled when he thanks her and says they'll be best friends forever. Everyone is alarmed when he feels weak and achy from the spider bite. Troy accepts Starr's invitation to look at spiders in the garden but has to leave right afterward to visit another friend.

Starr is on Cloud Nine while thinking about Troy, then becomes jealous as she wonders who his other friend is.

Troy arrives at Nora's house and collapses on her porch.

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