OLTL Update Monday 3/18/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 3/18/02

By Beth

In Bo's office, Troy advises Lindsay to confess. If she doesn't admit to everything she did to Nora, he'll tell Jen that she's behind her breakup with Cristian. Does she really want Jen to know that she altered her pregnancy test? Lindsay is adamant that she did it for Jen, who's now with a wonderful boy who loves her. Furthermore, she's not going to confess a thing. Troy points out that if she doesn't, he'll tell Jen, which will in turn force Jen to testify against her. Lindsay doesn't want to lose Jen; she's all she has in the world.

Worried, Jen rushes in and hugs her mother. As Lindsay instructs her not to answer any questions, Bo and Hank enter and tell Jen to wait outside. Jen insists on knowing what's going on, so Nora provides sketchy information about Troy's kidnapping. Jen asks whether this had to do with what happened after the train wreck, and Nora stops her from saying another word without Sam's presence.

Lindsay wants to make a deal. She'll provide a full confession if they agree to give Jen total immunity. The deal is approved. Alone with Lindsay, Troy promises not to tell Jen about the pregnancy test. As tears stream down her face, she tells him he'll be sorry for what he did.

Lindsay won't say a word until Jen leaves the police station, so Hank charges Nora with getting her out of there. The tape is ready, and Lindsay wants both Troy and Nora present for her confession. She starts by pointing out that every man in the room has been in love with Nora at one time or another. She launches into a tirade against Nora, who she claims is responsible for everything that happened. Everything Lindsay did was because of Nora. The months in which Nora was "dead" were the happiest times of her life. Nora took away everything she's ever loved or dreamed about. Sick of listening to this, Nora tries to leave but stops when Lindsay says she'll stop the confession. She continues her rant about how Nora ruined her life, finally confessing that she did indeed inject her with the memory-erasing drug and that Colin tried to stop her. Hank and Bo lead her out of the office, but not before Lindsay tells Troy that he really should have loved her. Alone with Troy, Nora admits that the tape itself was on shaky ground but that without it, they never would have gotten the confession. He offers to take her home, but she wants to be alone for a while.

After handcuffing Lindsay, Bo orders an officer to book her and lock her up. Several officers line up to watch as Lindsay is taken away.

Todd and Blair tell Starr they've had enough of her lies. As if her wild stories weren't enough, she brought a poisonous spider into the house and put it inside Jack's crib. The only thing they can do is send to her to Rae for therapy. As Starr pleads with her parents and insists she wasn't lying about the man on the wheel, Sam walks in and confirms it. There really was a man on a wheel, and Starr saved his life. He explains what happened, and Todd is amused that Lindsay finally went off the deep end. Starr is indignant at having been doubted, and Sam continues to defend her. She's shocked to learn of the fire and is relieved that Troy is safe. Sam tells her parents she's a hero, not a liar. Todd and Blair are stunned, and Blair apologizes, but it's not good enough. Starr walks out.

Alone with Blair, Sam explains what happened to Troy, adding that the doctor loves Nora. Blair insists that Nora still loves Sam, but Sam argues that he wasn't willing to stoop to the levels that Troy was, just to make Nora happy. He could never have humiliated Lindsay the way Troy did. It's really over with Nora. Blair repeats that she's sorry they didn't believe Starr's story about the man on the wheel. She still wants to legalize Jack's adoption, so she hires Sam to help.

Todd sits on the stairs with Starr, who objects to being called "Shorty." She wants a more heroic nickname, suggesting "O Great One Who Never Lies." Finding that to be too much of an exaggeration, Todd agrees to simply "O Great One." When he asks how to get their relationship back on track, she unrolls a very long list of demands.

As Sam starts to leave, Todd announces that a third of Starr's demands have to do with a pony. Sam again defends the little girl, then leaves, running into Troy outside the door.

Blair admits that she lied about why Sam was there before. Todd knows it's about making Jack's adoption legal, and he is very much opposed. Although Blair insists, Todd says it will happen over his dead body.

At Rodi's, Chad's younger sister tells him and Natalie about her meeting with Seth. Natalie pretends not to believe any of it. Furious with Seth, Chad takes his sister to the airport. Pleased that her plan is working, Natalie makes sure a book belonging to Jessica gets to the bartender.

At the library, Cristian calls out for Seth, and Jessica shows up looking for him as well. Al is hiding not far from where they are standing. As Cristian and Jessica talk about Jen's relationship with Al, Jessica gets a call from the bartender at Rodi's, who has one of her books. She insists she didn't have it there but agrees to pick it up. She and Cristian leave, and Cristian comes close to catching Al. Finished with his impersonation of Seth, Al returns his clothes just before Seth returns from the stacks. Seth is happy to see that the computer is working again. Al goes to get his wheelchair but finds that the closet where he stashed it is now locked. He finds a custodian to unlock the door and pays the man to keep quiet.

Worried about the situation at the police station, Jen leaves a frantic message for her father. When Al comes along, she throws herself on him for comfort, an action witnessed by Cristian.

Chad returns to Rodi's and Natalie continues her pretense of defending Seth. Jessica, who has come to get her book, hears them arguing about Seth and wants to know what it's about. She is stunned when Chad tells her that Seth is cheating on her and that he's only interested in her money.

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