OLTL Update Friday 3/15/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/15/01

By Laura

Bo arrests Lindsay. She claims there's no real evidence, and begs Sam for help. Sam tells Bo to make sure the cuffs are on tight. Troy refuses to go to the doctor and instead goes to the police station to make a statement, after first thanking Sam for saving his life. Alone, Nora tells Sam that she can't believe it's finally over. Sam agrees, but it is evident from his facial expression and tone of voice that he is referring to something else being 'over'. He tells Nora all about how he found Troy and how they saved each other. Nora tells him about being locked in the trash compactor with Lindsay. Then she starts to feel guilty that her search for the confession put everyone in danger.

Sam apologies to Nora because he didn't realize that it isn't in her nature to just let things go. He explains that it's not in his nature to do the awful, sick things that Troy did to Lindsay either. Nora says she didn't want Troy to do those things but Sam reminds her that she allowed him to do it in order to get what she wanted. She begs for his forgiveness. Sam is upset because it wasn't just the confession Nora wanted, but Troy as well. She denies it at first but when Sam mentions the look on her face when she saw Troy was okay, and the fact that she was going to give up the confession tape to save his life, Nora apologizes again. They tell each other that they love one another, and hug, but Sam comments about it all being just a dream and walks out.

In the police station, Troy tells Bo and Hank that Lindsay thought she was confessing to Colin. They in turn tell him that the tape may not be enough to convict her because it is a coerced confession, and that Starr Manning, being a child, is not a reliable witness. Troy remembers something and asks them to play back the tape. Outside Bo's office, Lindsay tells her story, that her only crime was loving Troy and saying anything to save his life. Bo comes out and tells her to rethink her story and asks her why she would have told her children all about something that had never happened. She tells Bo that her children don't know anything, and he leaves to go call Jen for a statement.

Lindsay tells Troy that her daughter will never turn on her but he is quite adamant that she will. He threatens to tell Jen about her mother breaking up she and Cristian, about her changing the pregnancy tests results and asking him for a drug to stop Jen's periods. She says that Troy must really hate her, starts to cry, and insists that Jen won't believe him. He informs her that he's been taping her for a long time, and that Jen doesn't need to believe him because he can simply press a button and Lindsay will be telling Jen herself. He tells Lindsay that he doesn't want to do this, but that he will if he has to. He warns her that if he doesn't confess everything to Bo, he'll let Jen in on the whole thing.

Cristian continues to try to flirt with Lena, while allowing Jen's presence to distract him. Lena picks up on it and walks away, and when Cristian goes after her, she tells him to give her a call if he ever really gets over Jen. Jen walks up to him and tells him that she didn't lie about the marriage proposal, but he still gets angry. She says she made a big mistake by ever sleeping with Al in the first place and Cristian asks her if she's going to marry Al if he never walks again. He tells her that none of this is fair and that she should be marrying him, not Al. Jen says that maybe the two of them just weren't meant to be together.

Jessica finds Seth in order to drop off a notebook and then promises not to bother him. He asks her to go somewhere with him and she refuses and encourages him to finish his paper, promising a celebration when he's finished. She reads what he has written so far and compliments him on it, then tells him that he's already started it, which is the hardest part, and leaves so that he can finish it.

Al is afraid of getting caught. He says he also doesn't want to do it because he likes Jessica and Seth. Natalie reminds him that she likes Cristian. He goes along with the plan, and takes Seth's scarf and jacket. Natalie is introduced to Chad's sister, Katie, and takes her outside when she asks for a beer. While outside, Al approaches her, wearing Seth's scarf and jacket. He asks her if she's there with a boyfriend and proceeds to tell her that he has a girlfriend, but only because she's rich. He says that he can break up with her soon because he found a new way to make money; he works as a bartender and he's the only one who counts the money, so he just takes some. He tells her that the boss believes him when he says someone else did it, because the boss is stupid. Inside Break Bar, Natalie tells Chad not to worry, although overprotective brother is a really cute side of him, because Katie only went to the ladies' room, nowhere else. Al tells Katie that he has to go because his girlfriend thinks he's in the library, but introduces himself to her as Seth Anderson. Cristian comes to the library, looking for Seth, just as Al is trying to put back the scarf and jacket. Al hides. Katie tells Chad that she just met a guy named Seth Anderson outside.

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