OLTL Update Thursday 3/14/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/14/02

By Laura

Bo visits Ben and they discuss their family; Asa, Vicki, Natalie. But Bo's visit is primarily to ask him if he knows of Troy's whereabouts. He informs Ben that Lindsay and Troy did not get married and Ben jokes that Lindsay should become a nun due to lack of luck in love. Bo gets a call on the cell phone and leaves Ben to his wife.

Lindsay screams for help from inside the trash compactor with Nora as Sam, in the gallery, picks up the phone to call the police. The compactor stops and then starts again, and Nora and Lindsay scream for help once again. Nora and Lindsay figure out how to unlock the door to the compactor and when Lindsay gets out first, Nora sees the tape and grabs it. At the gallery, the security guard stops Troy and Sam, takes their I.D.s, and leaves to call the police. Then Sam recognizes Nora's purse. As Nora gets out of the compactor, she drops the tape. Lindsay offers to make a deal; she'll tell Nora where Troy is if she gives her the tape. Nora is about to give the tape to Lindsay when Troy comes in and grabs her in order to stop her. She turns around and upon seeing him, jumps into his arms. Sam looks devastated. When Troy asks Lindsay why she's surprised to see him, she continues to play the roles of liar, victim, and accuser of Nora for cheating on Sam with Troy. Sam comments that he is the one who found Troy and that Lindsay can no longer lie to him. Then Troy plays the tape. Sam demands that she admit to what she's done, and she runs out, straight into Bo who tells her that she's under arrest.

Rae sees Cristian outside the classroom door and says hello. Jen and Al then know that he's there, but not before Cristian hears Jen telling Al that she'll consider his marriage proposal. Rae and Cristian enter the room so that she can loan him a book, and he congratulates Jen. Al asks to speak to him alone and although both Jen and Cristian initially protest, Jen leaves the room, allowing Al to ask Cristian if he is going to be a problem for the two of them. Cristian tells him that he's not going to interfere, and that he would never hurt Jen. Al explains that Jen is not just with Al because of the wheelchair, and that she told Al she loves him. Rae sees that Jen is upset and offers to be her confidant once again. Jen tells her that Al proposed and Rae asks her if she loves him. She gives a laundry list of Al's greatest qualities, but as Rae points out, she does not answer the question. Rae advises Jen to take her time and to listen to her heart.

Cristian sees Jen and proceeds to ask the only other woman in the room if he can buy her coffee. She talks about his art as he sneaks glances at Jen and loses focus.

Allison is on the telephone with Roxy when Seth enters, along with Jessica, to accuse her of stealing the money deposit from Break Bar. Allison congratulates Jessica on officially becoming Vicki's daughter, and tells Seth she did not steal the money. She lies and says that some rich woman is paying her to write her memoirs, and therefore does not need the money. Seth asks her if she's doing this to him for payback. Allison points out Seth as the liar and reminds Jessica of when and why. Seth threatens that she won't get away with it, and they leave to go back to Break Bar. Jessica tells Seth that she wishes there was proof implicating Allison.

Max asks Natalie if Seth is a thief and she defends him. She says that he has changed and that he shouldn't be blamed when things go missing, like the sculpture at the benefit in the gallery. She tells Max that Seth considers the job way too important to steal from his employer. Chad interrupts and when Max leaves, he asks her if she's busy that evening. She reminds him that she's not interested in dating him and he says that he won't give up, but that what he wants that night is for her to help him show his sister around town and around the college. When she informs him that she has plans he reminds her that Seth and Jessica have become really close.

Jessica tells Max that he's not being fair to Seth because Allison took the money, not Seth. Max reminds them that the money was Seth's responsibility and Seth offers to pay the debt out of his own pocket if the money doesn't show up. Max says that he intends to take out half of Seth's earnings until the debt is paid and that the only reason he isn't firing him is so that he'll get the money back. Jessica offers to give the money to Seth but he refuses to take it and asks her to understand that he isn't going to be able to take her anyplace special for a while. She tells him that anywhere she goes with him is special.

Chad tells Seth that he believes him about the money. Seth thanks him and then leaves to go to the library in order to work on a paper for school. Upon seeing Jessica and Seth's interaction, Natalie tells Chad that her plans have changed and that she is available to see him that night.

Al tells his father about his marriage proposal to Jen and asks him for his grandmother's wedding ring. Max points out that all of this is sudden and asks Al if he's sure. When he replies that he is, Max tells him the ring is his to do with whatever he pleases. After Max leaves, Natalie tells Al that Seth and Jessica suspect Allison. She says that the next step to their plan is to steal Seth's coat and scarf, because Al is 'going to be Seth'.

Nikki Smith taunts Vicki, telling her that she can't go away because Vicki invited her, and repeating that Vicki will 'never understand anything'. Vicki wakes up from a dream and is disturbed that Nikki Smith was laughing at her. Ben comes in and Vicki lies and says she needs to go to the Banner, and then goes to see Rae. Upon entering, Vicki sees Allison and wonders aloud what she's doing there instead of at a public library. Then she finds Rae, and once inside Rae's office, tells her that she's been having illusions of Nikki Smith again. Rae tells Vickie that the illusions are caused by stress in her personal life and Vicki disagrees, explaining that the better her life is, the more she sees Nikki. Then she sees Nikki again, standing in front of the chalkboard.

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