OLTL Update Wednesday 3/13/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/13/02

By Beth

As Lindsay tries to get away, Nora chases her down and grabs her. Lindsay tells Nora to her to take her hands off her, which Nora gladly does; she lets go, then punches her in the face. Lindsay is out cold, and Nora's hand hurts. Nora picks up the tape and heads for the phone. She calls the police station and asks for Bo, who is out. Lindsay gets up, grabs the phone and the tape, and runs, dropping the tape down the trash chute. She's happy; the tape is gone, so she can rest easy. Nora doesn't give up so easily. She runs out to locate the trash room, and when Lindsay realizes where she's going, she runs after her.

In the compactor room, Nora starts to dig through the trash, then decides to get inside the compactor bin. Bags of trash are falling on her head. Lindsay catches up to her and gets inside the bin, clumsily allowing the lid to slam shut. They both see a tape at the same time, and Lindsay gets to it first, but it's the wrong one. Nora insists she's going to find it; Troy went to a lot of trouble to get it for her and she's not going to let him down. When Lindsay replies that it doesn't matter because he won't know about it, Nora again demands to know what she's done. Suddenly, the compactor turns on. They frantically look around inside for a switch to turn it off, but there isn't one.

Bo goes to the diner for a light meal. Gabrielle sees him and comes inside, taking care not to let him see her--or so she thinks. He knows she's been following him all over town and wants to know why. Well, she wanted a friend. She realizes he doesn't exactly fit the bill--she doesn't have any friends at all--but she misses their talks and is hoping they can have a bite to eat together. Bo invites her to join him.

Carlotta tries to talk to Cristian about what's bothering him, but he wants to be left alone. If he won't talk about it, she will. She knows it has something to do with Jen. She also knows that he and Jen belong together and that he should fight for her. Cristian replies that it's not that simple.

Cristian talks to Bo about his future, and when Gabrielle hears him say he can't get over losing Jen, she tells him to stay away. Bo tells her to back off, but Cristian informs Gabrielle that he's already had this conversation with Max. He's going to leave Jen alone, but not because of anything either of Al's parents have said to him. She should just mind her own business. Gabrielle apologizes, and Cristian heads over to the campus, wanting to be alone. Bo advises Gabrielle to take care of her own life; parents can't protect their children from all of life's problems. They think maybe they're becoming friends after all. Bo asks about work, noting that Todd seems to have given her free reign in her columns. He thinks it's a mystery to be solved. Their light banter continues.

Al takes Jen's hand and asks what she meant when she said she was in this for the long haul. He admits it isn't a fair question but wants to know why she's doing all this for him. He's thrilled to hear her say that she loves him, but disheartened to learn that it's the love of a friend. If she loved him the way he loves her, he could walk again; he just knows he could. He'd have to, for her sake. Jen wants him to do it for himself, not for her. She's not going to leave him. Al nudges some more; if that's true, then there's no point in waiting. They should just get married and make the rumor come true. As Jen promises to think about it, Cristian is listening.

A kiss between Ben and Viki is interrupted by the doorbell, which announces the arrival of Todd, Blair, and Jack. The Davidsons are shocked to learn of Jack's near miss with a poisonous spider, and Starr's role in the crisis. Blair feels Starr is completely out of control and she doesn't know what to do. She thought Starr had learned her lesson after the lie about the man at the window, but now she's talking about a man strapped to a wheel at a funhouse. Ben wonders whether there's any possibility it's true.

Blair and Viki go off to talk privately, leaving Ben and Todd together. Todd doesn't want to make Starr go for therapy; he thinks that's a terrible idea. Sam's interference in their lives is also getting on his nerves. Ben thinks that if Sam is interfering, he must have a good reason.

Having had plenty of experience dealing with sibling rivalry, Viki explains that, to a child, negative attention can be better than no attention. Starr needs reminding that her parents love her; she needs a big dose of positive attention to make her feel secure. Viki hopes this philosophy will work with Jessica and Natalie.

Blair doesn't understand how a mother could not know her own baby, and Viki has often had the same thoughts. As Blair talks, Viki holds her head as if something is wrong. She finally says she isn't doing well, so Blair leaves. Viki berates herself again for not knowing that the babies were switched. After the Mannings leave, Ben finds Viki sleeping on the couch and decides to let her rest, putting a blanket on her before leaving her alone. Viki is having a nightmare or some type of internal struggle. Awakening with a jolt, she is alarmed to see Niki Smith looking at her.

Todd and Blair go to the diner, but when Todd sees Gabrielle and Bo together, he wants to leave. Blair convinces him to find out what they're talking about, so he tries ordering Gabrielle to go to the mall for a story. She refuses. Blair warns Todd not to push her. Bo keeps an eye on Todd, who's amused by whatever's going on between Gabrielle and the commissioner.

At the funhouse, Troy yells for Sam to get up. Sam comes to, but he's pinned underneath a beam that fell from the ceiling. Troy manages to get the crowbar, which he uses to free his other hand from the wheel of fortune. He then lifts the beam enough for Sam to get out from under it. They help each other out through the maze and out through the flames, falling to the ground when they finally make it outside. Sam wants to take Troy to the hospital, but Troy is adamant that there's no time; Nora could be in trouble. They go to the gallery, where they see signs of an altercation. Troy notices that the tape of Lindsay's confession is missing; one of the women obviously found it.


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