OLTL Update Tuesday 3/12/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/12/02

By Beth

R.J. leaves a message for Lindsay; he had no luck finding the tape, but he'll call her at the gallery.

Relieved and happy that she finally has proof that Lindsay was the one who injected her with the mind-erasing drug, Nora kisses the tape and puts it inside her purse. As she turns around to leave the gallery, she sees Lindsay standing in the doorway. Lindsay questions her presence there, and when she accuses her of breaking and entering, Nora encourages her to call the police. Seeing that the Ramali has been moved, Lindsay knows that Nora must have the tape. She grabs for her purse but is unsuccessful. Nora removes the tape and flaunts it. Is this what Lindsay's looking for? Gloating, she plays an excerpt from the tape. Lindsay claims it's all a lie; Troy lied to her, tricked her into making a false confession, and disappeared.

The gallery phone rings and Nora answers it. It is R.J., who is shocked to hear her voice on the other end and doesn't say anything before hanging up. Nora is convinced it was Troy and demands to know where he is. Despite Lindsay's claims to the contrary, Nora knows that the confession is real. Troy felt the need to sneak a clue to her in his phone message, so Lindsay must have been right there when he made the call. What has she done to him? Nora grabs Lindsay, and a struggle ensues. In the struggle, the tape flies across the floor. Lindsay tries to go for it but Nora grabs her leg to trip her, then pins her to the floor. If Lindsay doesn't tell Nora where Troy is, she'll break every bone in her body and enjoy doing it. Lindsay decks her, then grabs the tape and runs out. Nora runs after her, grabs her, and punches her in the face. Lindsay is out! Nora picks up the tape.

Shawna is still fuming over the "F" she received on her term paper, and she's going to make Keri sorry for giving her a failing grade. She approaches Rae and tells her that Keri was dating Antonio when he was her student, and now she's also showing favoritism to his brother. Rae warns her to be sure of her facts, because Keri is a well-respected faculty member with an impeccable reputation. Shawna could find herself in a courtroom defending a slander suit. R.J. has been listening to their conversation. After Rae leaves, he approaches Shawna and offers to buy her a cup of coffee.

Antonio takes Keri to lunch at his mother's diner. Keri is convinced Carlotta won't be happy to see her, and she's right. Carlotta starts out trying to maintain some semblance of civility but that breaks down when she tries to dictate Keri's choice from the menu. She wants her to have arroz con pollo, presumably to show her how much better hers is than Keri's. When Keri orders something else, Carlotta insists it's too hot for her. Keri remains firm on her choice, so when Carlotta sees them kissing, she shakes a lot of red pepper on Keri's food. When Keri tries to eat it, it's just too hot for her. Antonio suspects his mother of tampering with the food and takes her aside to confront her. Preferring to fight her own battles, Keri joins them, telling Carlotta she can't do anything about their relationship. As far as the hot food is concerned, it was a cheap stunt and she should just take it and throw it away. Carlotta asks Antonio in Spanish whether he's going to let Keri talk to his mother that way, but Antonio replies that he doesn't object to anything Keri said. Afterward, Keri feels embarrassed at offending Carlotta, but Antonio tells her not to worry.

Cristian asks Jen whether it's true that she and Al are getting married. When she doesn't answer right away, he leaves, but she follows him. Although she insists it's just a rumor, he thinks it must have some basis in fact.

Al and Natalie almost kiss, but she stops it by telling him to sit down. There is an awkward moment; Al apologizes but Natalie doesn't blame him. Al explains that he's still upset over what they're doing to Seth; after all, it could ruin the guy's life. Natalie tells him not to worry. Besides, they have a deal. As long as he helps break up Seth and Jessica, she'll keep quiet about his ability to walk. Al thinks it might not be a bad idea to just go ahead and tell Jen. He doesn't stand a chance with her, so he should just walk out there and tell her the truth. He starts to walk out, but Natalie pleads with him. She needs him to help her get Seth back. Al doesn't get it; she's beautiful, smart, and funny. Why is she so stuck on Seth? She could have any guy in the world. She explains that all her life, Roxy told her she was worthless. Then Seth came along and really loved her. She needs him back, and she'll do whatever's necessary to make that happen. As far as Jen is concerned, Natalie thinks she really does have feelings for Al, but he needs to spend more time with her to give the feelings a chance. She tells him about the rumor and urges him to make it come true.

Natalie finds Jen and Cristian sitting in stony silence outside the classroom. Cristian leaves, and Natalie tells Jen to go to Al. She sits down in one of the vacated chairs and congratulates herself.

Jen and Al talk about the rumor, and Al asks why they don't just go ahead and get married for real.

When Seth returns to Break Bar, Max confronts him with the news that the bank just called and said the deposit was short almost $1000. Seth has no idea how that could be possible. Jessica defends Seth and tells him to reason it out. Who was there when he was counting the money? Thinking back to the events surrounding the deposit, Seth thinks he knows who took it. He relays the story about when he and Allison slammed into each other and the money went flying. Max doesn't know Allison, but Chad remembers seeing her there earlier. She was a "little woman" who was acting weird. Jessica confirms that Allison is trouble. Seth vows to get Max's money back, but Max points out that he'll be docking his paycheck until it's paid back. As Seth and Jessica run out to find Allison, they run into Natalie, telling her that Allison stole money from Seth. Upset that her plan backfired, Natalie doesn't know what to do next.

As Sam approaches the funhouse, he sees smoke coming from inside. He throws his weight against the door and goes inside, where the smoke is almost overwhelming. Seeing the mirrors Starr told him to look for, he tries to go through them, but the raging fire stops him. Hearing Troy call out for help, he responds, surprising Troy. Unable to go through the mirrors, Sam enters the maze and follows the sound of Troy's voice. When he finds him, Troy tells him that Lindsay put him there. Sam hesitates as he remember Nora's confession regarding Troy, but Troy pulls him back to reality. Sam grabs the crowbar and pries one of the handcuffs away from the wheel; Troy's left hand is now loose, but Sam has trouble freeing the other one. As he tries to free Troy's right hand, the fire rages on. He wants to know what Troy did to Lindsay that would cause her to do this to him. The fire is spreading too fast, and Troy tries to get Sam to get out of there and save himself. Sam insists he's getting Troy out, and as he persists in his efforts, the ceiling caves in and knocks him to the floor.

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