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One Life to Live Update Monday 3/1/02

By Beth

Starr sits on the steps, upset over the brutal murder of her poisonous spider. The spider wasn't just her friend; it was her proof that she's been telling the truth about the man on the wheel, but her father stepped on it. Intrigued, Sam wants her to tell him everything she can about the man. Starr says that the spider was the same one that bit the man, who is strapped to a big wheel with handcuffs. Remembering an argument with Troy about handcuffs, Sam asks Starr to tell him more. She's happy that someone finally believes her, and she agrees tell him everything as long as he'll help the man and get her off the hook with her parents. The man is at the funhouse, and he wanted her to call Nora Buchanan, but she lost her phone number. Why did the man want her call Nora? Because the blonde-haired lady was going to do something bad. Worried, Sam leaves an urgent message for Nora, then tells Starr to wait there. If he needs help rescuing the man, she's the only one who knows where he is. Before he leaves, she tells him how to find Troy once he gets inside the funhouse.

As sparks fly from the breaker box, Lindsay holds Starr's note up to Troy and demands to know who was there. Troy says only that someone found him and is bringing help. Soon everyone will know what she did to Nora. Lindsay isn't impressed. Never mind Nora. What about what Troy did to her? She gave him her heart and soul! She believed in him, and he was just using her! Troy tells her to face it; she's going to go to prison. He hopes she'll still be there when help arrives so that she'll be caught right there with him. She claims it will be his word against hers, since he already told Nora she was completely innocent. Looking at the note, she keys in on the reference to Ramali and remembers Troy mentioning the artist in his phone message to Nora.

By this time, the sparks have ignited a fire. The lights go out. Lindsay slaps Troy; she now realizes the tape is at her own gallery. As she tries to leave, he protests. He smells smoke, but his words fall on deaf ears; she's not falling for any more of his lies. Oblivious to the fire that is spreading, she heads out to the gallery.

While listening to Troy's message, Nora suspects that he's trying to leave her a clue of some kind. She replays "Ramali at the gallery" several times and decides to go to the gallery to check it out for herself. Once there, she is stopped by the security guard, but she waves around a sheet of paper--calling it a court order--and mentions her connection to the police commissioner. If the guard doesn't want to be hauled in on obstruction of justice, he'll let her search the gallery.

Alone now, Nora isn't quite sure what's she's looking for. When she finds the Ramali, she looks around, then behind it; the tape is there, inside the recorder. She plays the tape, happy and relieved to finally hear the truth. She puts the in her purse and starts to leave, but Lindsay is standing in the doorway.

Troy struggles and yells for help as the fire rages. Outside the funhouse, Sam sees the smoke and breaks down the door.

Natalie intercepts Max, who has arrived at Break Bar just as Al is trying to frame Seth for theft by removing some money from the envelope Seth plans to deposit at the bank. After getting the money, Al lies down beside his wheelchair, pretending to have fallen. Max sees him and helps him up. Seth returns with a box full of liquor bottles, and Max wants to know where he was when his son needed help. Al downplays what happened, and Seth says he was checking on things after the fire alarm went off, then took a liquor delivery. As Al and Natalie leave for class, Al reiterates that he doesn't like framing Seth.

Seeing Antonio and Keri kiss, Shawna has a few snide remarks for her professor. Keri then asks to see her student alone, returning her term paper marked with an "F." She agrees to let Shawna rewrite the paper, admonishing her to put some effort into it this time.

Jen waits in the classroom alone and is joined by Mollie, who wants all the details on her imminent marriage to Al. Surprised by the question, Jen says it's just a rumor, but Mollie doesn't believe her. Just outside the room, Cristian hears Mollie's question and becomes furious. Antonio tells him to get a grip. He doesn't even know whether it's true, and either way, it's time to move on.

Shawna takes Mollie's place taunting Jen about her relationships. Al and Natalie arrive just as class is about to start. Keri hands back the term papers, and Shawna doesn't like Cristian's good grade, attributing it to his brother's relationship with the professor. The students draw numbers to be paired off for the next assignment; Al and Natalie will be partners, as will Jen and Cristian.

Cristian declines Keri's offer to reassign him to a new partner. Meanwhile, Jen tells Al she's going to ask for a change, but he convinces her to leave things the way they are. She talks to Cristian about the assignment, and he asks her whether she and Al are really getting married. Alone with Al, Natalie tells him they have to focus on getting Seth into as much trouble as possible so that Jessica will break up with him. Al is tired of doing what Natalie says; he stands up and gets right up in her face. She tries to leave and he pulls her to him.

Antonio asks Keri to get away from work for an hour; he has a lunch surprise that will make her feel better about things. As Mollie and Shawna watch them, Shawna decides it's time to tell someone that Keri and Antonio began dating when they still had a student/teacher relationship.

Max wants the deposit made now. Chad offers to do it but Seth insists he can handle it. He starts counting the money again as he walks out, and he and Allison run into each other. The collision causes him to drop some of the money. Allison laughs about the money and Seth's need to work for a living. He tells her to leave, but she starts to turn on a computer anyway. When Chad tells her to leave, she claims she got permission from Seth, but Chad doesn't care; Break Bar is not open for business. As Seth returns from making the deposit, Max gets a call from the bank saying that the deposit was $992 short.

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