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One Life to Live Update Friday 3/8/01

By Laura

Lindsay thinks that Troy is going to tell her where the tape is in order to protect Nora from her. Troy wants to call Nora to convince her he's discovered Lindsay's innocence in her kidnapping. Lindsay admits that it sounds like a good idea, but is afraid that he will try to drop a clue. She tells Troy that she sent the e-mail and next she'll tape record a good-bye message from Troy and put it on Nora's answering machine. When Troy leaves the message, he mentions proposing to Lindsay while standing in front of the Ramali at the gallery. Troy tells Lindsay that Nora will stop looking for him when she hears the message and that Lindsay does not need to hurt her. She replies that she still needs the tape. Troy tells her that the tape is locked in the supply closet next to his office. On the way out, she finds Star's note and turns on the breaker switch in order to get enough light to see what is says. She asks Troy what it is as sparks start to fly from the switch.

Nora asks Hank to come over. She tells him that she's looking for Bo because of Troy and Lindsay. Nora reminds Hank that Troy would never abandon his patients or the clinic. Hank asks about Sam and she tells him that Sam walked out on her. He says to worry about Sam and allow him to worry about Troy. Nora gives him the e-mail to read and insists that Lindsay sent it, not Troy. She says he couldn't have sent it from Paris because her friends in immigration at the airport say he was never there. Hank tells Nora that he can't build a case on a hunch and a questionable e-mail and in agreement but disappointment, she tells him not to waste Bo's time either. After Hank leaves, Nora plays the message on her answering machine and suspects that the Ramali reference is a clue.

Jessica asks Natalie for help. At first she thinks that Jessica is asking for help with Seth but Jessica starts talking about Roxy and her bad habits. Jessica asks Natalie to at least try to be friends. Natalie tells Jessica that Roxy can't and won't change. Natalie has already tried to change Roxy, for most of her life, and although she admits to feeling sorry for her adoptive mother, Natalie insists that it's a waste of time and effort. Jessica swears that she'll help her anyway. Natalie tells Jessica that there is only one way to tell if Roxy is lying, if her lips are moving. When Jessica accuses Natalie of being too hard on Roxy, she replies that its not as hard as Roxy has been on her all these years. Jessica agrees with Natalie that begging and pleading won't work and decides to give Roxy something she really needs.

Blair reminds Todd that Sam is his only friend but Todd disagrees, claiming that Sam is no friend. He wants to know what Sam is doing there, and Sam tells him its to set up trust funds for the kids. Meanwhile, upstairs, Star remembers Nora's name and tries to call information. Blair and Todd start to think that something must be wrong with Star because she was acting sweet and cheerful. Todd goes upstairs to see if she's okay and Blair thanks Sam for covering about his reason for being there. They agree that Todd would rather take a hands-on approach, but that going to court might be best. Sam reminds her that judges tend to side with biological parents and that Todd needs to be careful. Blair tells Sam that she and Todd really had decided on him for Jack's godfather. Sam says that Ben will make a great godfather and that it will make him happy just to make sure that Blair keeps her baby.

Star notices that the spider is crawling toward Jack and tries to get it back into the jar when Todd comes in. Star doesn't want to see anything bad happen to her friend the spider, even if it is poisonous, but upon hearing that word, her father steps on the spider and kills it. When Blair comes upstairs, Todd tells her that Star put the spider in the crib. Star says it was an accident and that it was supposed to be proof for the funhouse. No one believes her and Sam agrees to watch Star while her parents bring Jack to the pediatrician. Star cries over the spider's death and starts to tell Sam about the man on the wheel.

Al comments to Seth that he's watched him count the money several times. Seth explains that he is trying to earn Max's trust. Seth asks Max if he can pay him today and Max tells him that they'll figure something out. Natalie tells Al that Jen and Cristian deserve to know about Al walking. She says that Cristian has been a good friend to her, but not good enough to blow a chance to break up Seth and Jessica. Natalie distracts Seth while Al pulls the fire alarm. Seth leaves to check on the alarm, and Al stands up to grab the bag of money behind the bar. Natalie sees Max outside the door, about to walk in.

Allison informs Roxy that she is not like Jessica; she doesn't ask, she orders, and Roxy obeys. She tells Roxy that if they pull this off, there could be at least $50,000 at the end of the road. Allison warns Roxy that she better show concern for her health and act less greedy. She tells her just to think like she could drop dead if she's not careful and leaves to go research whether or not that is even possible. Jessica goes to see Roxy again. She tells Jessica that she used to be a waitress but that no one would hire her now because of her hair and clothes and broken-down car. Jessica offers her ten thousand dollars to stop drinking, smoking, and gambling and Roxy says she can do it.

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