OLTL Update Thursday 3/7/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/7/02

By Laura

Nelly demands to see her baby. She tells Blair that she still has a few months left in which to change her mind. Todd takes her outside and gives her more money but threatens that if she comes back and asks for more she will be playing the role of her own corpse. Todd tells Blair that Nelly needs money for drugs, by her own admission, and Blair worries that Nelly was doing drugs while she was pregnant. Todd informs Blair that Nelly assured Todd she was not using drugs while she was pregnant. Blair fears that Nelly could be lying and that the medical records could have been forged. Todd reassures her that forging medical records would be very difficult to do. Jack cries and his father gives him a bottle and tells him that no one will hurt him.

Natalie tells Al that she wants a progress report. He responds that he spoke to Jessica about Seth the day before. Natalie tells him that he should have already talked to her again that morning. She explains to Al that it's a full time job. He says it will take a miracle to break them up and she compares it to a paralyzed man suddenly walking. Natalie suggests that they frame Seth for stealing and that Al could always talk his father into not pressing charges. She tells Al that Seth still loves her and Al says that maybe he once did but that now Seth loves Jessica. Natalie responds that she loves Seth more than Jessica ever could, just like Al loves Jen more than Cristian ever could, and that if Jen goes back to Cristian he'll only hurt her again. Natalie tells Al that he had better do whatever she wants him to. Max overhears them.

Natalie asks to speak to Max alone and with Al's permission, Max agrees. Natalie tells Max that she's just giving Al advice. She says that Al needs advice from a woman and that she's been telling Al that Jen just wants to spend time with him and that the things he can't do aren't important to a woman. Max asks for Natalie's help in getting Al to agree to see the specialist. Natalie says that she can't tell Al what to do and that it's complicated. Natalie adds that Al won't believe her because he saw her talking to Max and it would look like a conspiracy. She tells Max that Al wants to get closer to his father but that Max can't push. He agrees but tells her to encourage it if Al mentions the specialist.

Roxy argues with Jessica, telling her that she doesn't like people telling her what to do and that she doesn't want to change. She tells Jessica that the money was spent on horseracing and lottery tickets. Roxy's excuse to Jessica is that medicine is whatever makes you feel better, and therefore she did spend the money on medicine. Roxy asks Jessica if she learned to nag from Victoria, and Jessica informs her that her mother does not nag. Jessica tells Roxy that she's worried about her and that she cares about her and asks if it bothers her at all that she's lying to Jessica. Roxy says that the ponies will bring in money for medicine and Jessica informs her that it had better, because she's not giving her another penny. Roxy says that she doesn't need her money, or anyone trying to change her and tells her that she's become a drag. Jessica leaves. Roxy tells Allison about her argument with Jessica. Allison tells her to just go along with whatever Jessica says and to buy whatever she wants but not to let Jessica find out about it. Allison warns Roxy not to double cross her.

Sam asks Lindsay to tell him whatever she couldn't say earlier about Troy and to tell him where Troy is. Lindsay tells him that Troy pretended to be Colin in an attempt to trick her into a false confession and gets annoyed that Sam always thinks she is the villain instead of the victim. Sam tells her that he doesn't believe her and that she never stays the victim for long. She admits that she wanted to get revenge but says that she never got a chance because he left town upon the realization that he failed his precious Nora. Sam asks Lindsay why he saw Troy with handcuffs since he knows it isn't her style. Lindsay tells Sam that Troy probably had them so that Nora could kidnap her. She says that Nora has been in on it too and Sam defends her. Lindsay advises him not to believe someone who's cheating on him. Sam doesn't believe Lindsay and she in return insists that Troy and Nora are the liars.

When Sam leaves to attend to Blair, Lindsay immediately calls R.J. She tells him that Troy taped her confession about giving Nora the memory drug. She threatens to give the police R.J.'s name if she's caught unless he helps her find the tape. He reminds her that he is now on the straight and narrow and Lindsay mentions Carrie. At the thought of his daughter visiting him behind bars, R.J. agrees to help Lindsay. Lindsay tells him to start by checking the health club and the clinic.

Troy sees a poisonous spider on Star and tells her not to move. Try points out the spider to Star and she thinks its cool. Troy walks Star step by step though getting the spider into a jar. She's upset that she can't keep it but Troy tells her that when she leaves she needs to get rid of it immediately. He tells her to look in her backpack and when she finds a pen and some paper he tells her to write down Nora's full name and phone number along with the words 'Ramali at the gallery'. Troy tells Star to mention him if she sees the police, even though she doesn't think they will believe her. He calls her a pretty cool kid and she returns the compliment. She asks if they can be friends when he gets out and he agrees with a smile. On her way out, Star accidentally leaves the paper on the ground. When she gets home, she reaches for the phone. Her mother reminds her that she's not allowed to use the phone because she's grounded for lying. Once upstairs, she empties her backpack, looking for the note. The jar falls over, the spider gets out, and it starts crawling toward Jack. Lindsay goes to the funhouse to see Troy and once again threatens Nora's life if he doesn't tell her where the tape is. He says that she's won and that he'll give her the tape.

Blair calls Sam and tells him that she needs to speak to him. When Todd asks who was on the phone, Blair lies. Sam comes over to the house and Blair says that they should meet at his office instead. He guesses that the adoption was illegal and she confirms it. Star goes upstairs and tells her father that she got out of school early because of 'some teacher thing' and also that Sam is downstairs talking to Blair. Blair tells Sam that Nelly is on drugs. He believes that if she takes it to court, she could win, but that if she doesn't, the child could be placed in foster care. Todd enters and asks Sam what he's doing there.

Max sees Seth's credit card bill and asks Max if he can work extra hours. Max tells him he can work whenever he wants to. Jessica comes in and asks Seth if he can take a break. He says he can't because Max is there. Then she walks up to Natalie and tells her that she needs her help.

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