OLTL Update Wednesday 3/6/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/6/02

By Beth

Determined to save "the wheel man," Starr calls a cab. She already asked for an extra sandwich in her lunch. Blair and Todd come in to talk to her, believing they really made progress with her last night. They haven't been good examples but they're going to do better. They make a pact to tell the truth all the time. Starr's friend comes to pick her up for school, but Starr claims to be sick. When the coast is clear, she leaves for the funhouse.

Lindsay taunts Troy with coffee and threats against Nora. He'd really better think seriously about telling her where that tape is. Despite her threats, Troy won't reveal its location. He doesn't believe she'd really hurt Nora, but Lindsay insists otherwise. Troy took her dreams but he won't take her freedom; there's no way she's ever going to prison. He'd better tell her or else she'll do much worse to Nora than what she did before. When Troy points out that she'll be the first suspect if anything happens to Nora, Lindsay disagrees. She's already planted the idea that he and Nora are having an affair, so if she disappears, people will just assume they ran off together.

Troy tells Lindsay she'll have to spend her life looking over her shoulder, wondering whether this is the day she gets caught. By this time, Starr has arrived and is watching and listening. After Lindsay leaves, Starr comes out of hiding, referring to Lindsay as "Cruella De Vil." Thinking he's finally going to be rescued, Troy is surprised and delighted to see Starr, who treats him to some orange juice from her lunchbox. She admits that she told her parents about him, but they didn't believe her. Nobody knows she's here. She sprays cheese food into his mouth. Troy isn't giving up. If she gets him out of there, he'll tell everyone what a big hero she is. He wants her to go outside and find someone to tell, but she refuses, saying that no one would believe her. Then he tries to get her to call Nora, but she can't remember the number and doesn't have a pencil in her backpack. She does have a hammer, though. Troy thinks it will work. She has to aim for the handcuffs and hit as hard as she can. Unfortunately, she ends up hitting his hand, so he gets her to use the hammer as a crowbar to try to pry the handcuffs away from the wheel. As she pries with all her might, she doesn't notice that the black widow that bit Troy is right next to her hands.

After playing a phone message from Nora, Sam hurls the answering machine across the room. Nora is standing in the doorway. Sam wouldn't return her calls, so she came to see him in person. Nora can't justify what she did; she got in too deep. It all started with Lindsay. Troy sincerely wanted to help Nora, and she felt grateful because someone actually wanted to help her find out the truth. She didn't tell Sam about what was going on between them because she was ashamed and afraid of losing him; she never stopped loving him. When she asks his forgiveness, he won't answer until she answers a question from him. Does she still have feelings for Troy? She hedges; she's worried about Troy. Lindsay is obviously hiding something, and Nora has a bad feeling about it. She wants to go look for him. When she finally admits that she does have feelings for Troy, Sam orders her to get out. Nora insists that Troy would never just leave; Lindsay must have done something. In Sam's opinion, whatever Lindsay did to Troy was well deserved.

Ben informs Roxy that her hypoglycemia is worse than he thought, so she'd better start taking care of herself. He gives her some prescriptions, but she says she's going to let nature take its course; she can't afford any medication or special food. Jessica tells her to do whatever it takes, and she'll help. Ben watches their interaction, then takes Jessica aside for a word in private, but Roxy is listening. Ben warns his stepdaughter that Roxy is clearly looking for a handout, but Jessica is firm. She is going to help her birth mother. She's only going to help with the prescriptions for now, but she's prepared to do more if Roxy takes care of herself. Ben again warns her to be careful, then leaves. Jessica takes out her checkbook and writes out a check for Roxy, insisting that she stop drinking.

Having been summoned by Todd, Nellie arrives with the doctored medical records and guesses that Blair is Jack's birth mother. She just doesn't know who the father is. Blair appears and questions this. Who is Jack's biological father? Nellie claims she doesn't know; she was sleeping around quite a bit at the time. She feigns interest in Jack, begging Blair to tell him she gave him up because she wanted him to have a better life than she could have given him. When Blair goes to check on the baby, Nellie asks Todd for more money. She isn't satisfied with what he gives her, so she gets an idea. When Blair returns, she asks to see her baby.

Lindsay goes back to Troy's loft and sends Nora an e-mail from his laptop. In the e-mail, "Troy" says he's at the airport in Paris. Lindsay found out what he was doing and left him. The worst part is that they were wrong about her. Lindsay is completely innocent. She didn't inject Nora with that drug; Colin did. Troy just can't face Nora now, so he's going back to Africa.

Allison goes to Roxy's house and finds her with her bookie. She warns her co-conspirator not to drink; Roxy is really sick after all and has to be careful. Allison is ecstatic to hear that Jessica forked over some big bucks, but is furious to learn that it's only $1000. She was expecting several times that amount. Roxy isn't worried; she knows that as long as she appears to be taking care of herself, Jessica will be handing out more money. Allison warns her to do everything Jessica says, then leaves with her half of the money. Ready to party, Roxy turns on some music and calls the lecherous Greevey to invite him over for some fun. He is to bring the tequila and ribs--she has plenty of money. When she hears a knock at the door, she assumes it's Allison coming back. With a bottle in her hand, she answers the door and sees Jessica. When Jessica reminds her that Ben told her not to drink, Roxy says that absolutely no one tells her what to do.

As Nora checks her e-mail, Sam is waiting for Lindsay outside Troy's loft. Catching her as she leaves, he wants to know exactly what's going on.


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